Quantiloop Looper App Now Universal
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Built for Live performance and hands free use, Quantiloop recreates the simplicity of a hardware loop pedal in an iOS app. Attach a MIDI foot controller and control it the way you want. No MIDI controller at hand; just preset your loop length, enable auto–record or a count–in and your loops will automatically close, no hands or feet required. Big onscreen controls allow for easy configuration and tactile control by vocalists or beat boxers. Focus on your performance instead of fiddling with dip switches or complex menu’s.

What’s New in Version 2.7
iPhone Version (Universal)


• Free, Synced and Paralel,Serial, Mixed Playing Styles
• Multiple Quantise Modes
• Multiple Stop Modes
• Unique Dub Mode and Mute Mode
• Unlimited Overdubs
• Overdub Decay
• Undo / Redo
• Auto Record
• High quality stereo audio
• Clear loop status display
• Rhythm guide with optional auto-start, auto-stop and count-in
• Audible and Visual Metronome
• Send start, stop and host sync to hosted rhythm apps.
• Sync to host when embedded in an Inter-App-Audio host
• Real-time Tempo Control
• Extensive MIDI control
• Multiple Assignments per MIDI controller (tap, hold, double tap)
• MIDI Program Change support for changing presets
• Supports Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio and Audio Units (AUv3)
• Individual outputs for each track and rhythm
• Synchronise to other apps and devices with Ableton Link
• MIDI clock sync (both slave and master)
• 4 physical/iaa/au/audiobus inputs routable to any track
• 8 outputs (main, monitor, track 1-4, rhythm, input out)
• 3 assignable input Fx, including transpose, reverb and IAA, AUv3
• 3 assignable track Fx, including transpose, reverse, tape stop, fade and IAA, AUv3
• Cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Audioshare …) import / export
• AudioCopy/Paste
• Open In
• Store Phrase Presets in unlimited banks with 100 presets each
• Individual Volume and panning controls for each track

Get Quantiloop Pro

Using Blocs Wave As An Eight Track Looper
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Novation Blocs Wave iOS

Blocs Wave is an eight track loop recorder and loop mixer. Easily combine original professional sounds across a wide array of genres. Tweak your sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, and make your ideas even more unique. Record your vocals and instruments, and bring your ideas to life within minutes.

The following video is a quick demonstration showing how you can use Blocs Wave as an eight track loop recorder.

Get it now at a special introductory price.

• Start new music – Quickly tap sounds to combine and make new original musical ideas.
• Make every sound unique – Tweak sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms.
• Record new sounds – Effortlessly capture your own sounds, vocals and instruments.
• Explore and combine your sounds from a huge library – Explore amazing sounds across genres from EDM to dubstep, indie to songwriting and tons more.
• Expand your collection – Download even more sounds from an ever expanding pro library

Advanced Features
• Real-time stretch – Change pitch AND bpm while playing, and blocs will adapt.
• Record with Low-Latency
• Export & Import – Bring in your own sounds from other apps, or export to them.
• Key aware – All library sounds are ‘key aware’ and can stay in-key.
• Works well with others – Audiobus, AudioCopy, AudioShare, and hardware input and outputs supported.

Compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Pro

Supports iOS 8 and iOS 9.

Blocs Wave

Sound Sampler For iPhone
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Sound Sampler For iPhone

iSample is a very powerful sample based music production tool. iSample ships with over 50 MBs of samples created by Mutato Muzika (founded and run by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh) that provide a great starting place to create your own jams, and also to get started with iSample.

* 6 separate sampler engines that can record and playback and loop samples up to 30 seconds in length.
* WiFi Sharing that allow you to upload and download samples using a clean and powerful web browser based interface.
* Easily accessible tempo management with a Tap feature.
* Sample trimming with pinch to zoom, two finger scrolling and scrubbing.
* Tempo based sample length quantization.
* Graphical Looper screen that allow you to position samples dynamically while looping.
* 6-channel Mixer.
* Delay and Reverb effects.
* Pattern sequencer with 12 stored patterns.
* Song mode that allows you to chain patterns together to create songs.
* Ergonomically designed for the iPhone or iPod touch screen.
* Even large fingers can play easily.
* Unique multi-touch recording makes for very fast and accurate mutiple sample captures and accurate slicing of sounds.
* Record lock feature allows you to create longer recordings without touching the pads.
* 6 sample pads with direct to file recording.
* Very fast response to pad touches.
* Up to 6 samples can be played at the same time.
* Banks of pads can be saved and loaded.

iSample is a great tool for singer/song writers to capture song ideas because it lets you create up to 6 separate parts on the pads allowing you to play with your songs order or just to preserve ideas for later use.

iSample is a very responsive sampler/looper that lets you create 6 samples in a bank. You can load and save your sample banks to create a library of sounds. When using the built-in speaker as audio output, iSample allows you to overdub by allowing you to play sample pads while recording.

Note: We have submitted an update to Apple to correct an issue with iPod Touch devices that causes iSample to make no sound. In the mean time, if an iPhone style headset (with mic) is used on your iPod Touch or an external mic is connected, iSample will work correctly.

We suggest getting Sir Sampleton instead as iSample is no longer available

ProLoop for iPad iPod and iPhone
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Proloop Looping App For iPhone

ProLoop is a powerful and flexible loop instrument for professional musicians as well as hobbyists. Use it as a live electronic instrument by itself or as an addition to your other gear, or just play around with it and explore the possibilities.

What’s New in Version 1.2.1
– added support for Retina Display
– plays audio in “handsfree” speaker
– app now exits properly

Playing Around with ProLoop by Trapcode from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.

It can play up to 6 loops simultaneously and besides changing the volume each loop can also be pitched/transposed, reversed, muted, panned, ring/frequency/phase-modulated by any other loop, and
synchronized to a masterloop.

Pitch can be smoothly adjusted or quantized to a musical unit such as octaves, semitones or a custom division of an octave. Or put it in sync-mode to automagically fit the length of the choosen masterloop.

The sync offset can be adjusted to have loops sync at other positions than their start, and the sync can be turned off individually to allow the loops to have different lengths to create ever-changing layers of soundtextures.

There is also a Freeze FX that lets you temporarily “freeze” a loop with adjustable grain size and position.

You can control all the loops in real-time, and multi-touch will let you adjust several parameters simultaneously, for example crossfading by changing the volume of two loops at the same time.

ProLoop comes bundled with many loops by professional musicians that you can use and play around with, and demo sessions to get you started, but the real power comes by the fact that you can record your own loops straight into ProLoop or upload your own professionally recorded soundfiles to ProLoop through your web-browser! You can also paste
audio from other music apps into ProLoop.

ProLoop is available for $5.99


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