Everest : Audio Looper For iOS
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Record, play, and remix audio loops in real-time from the audio input of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Designed for both live and studio use, Everest puts the power of four road-worthy, independently controlled, self-synchronizing samplers in the palm of your hand.


• Ultimate Control: Over 10 different operations and functions can be performed on each loop, including:

~Undo/Redo – Up to 16 levels of Undo per loop; jump to older loops all while staying in sync.
~Overdub – Add new audio on top of a loop, just like those old tape machines from the 70’s.
~Multiply – Overdub longer loops over shorter loops, or shorten a longer loop.
~Bounce – Merge many loops into one, even while making real-time changes.
~Insert – Splice new audio in the middle, beginning or end of any loop.
~Windowing – Change the start point and length of the loop in real time.
~Scrub – Perform manual granular synthesis: drag short loop windows across the waveform.
~Reverse – Play loops backwards without losing synchronization.
~Bookmark – Save your position in the undo history for future recall.
~Multi-Mute – Toggle playback of loops, going back and forth between two different sets.
~Rewind – Restart loops for stutter type effects, or temporarily wrangle asynchronous loops.
~Feedback – Fade loops to silence at any time, even while adding new audio.
~Volume – Dedicated output level faders. Good for bringing loops in and out of the mix.
~Replace – Punch-In record any segment of the loop with new audio, while keeping the rest.

• Sample-Accurate Sync : No time-stretching here. Loops of different lengths can perfectly synchronize to each other, allowing for complex polyrhythms and time signature changes. No slipping, no artifacts, no drifting, no distortion.

• Local Quantization Defeat : Sometimes swirling chaos is a good thing. Disable quantization at will, on any loop, without affecting the other loops.

• Universal App : Runs on most devices (including iPhone 4 and iPad 2), as perfect for pedal boards as it is for desktops.

• Musical Editing : Use the multi-touch enabled waveform view to radically alter the length, position, and direction of each loop. Finally, audio you can play like an instrument!

• Dynamic Interface : Automatically adjusts for different device orientations and screen sizes.

• Inter-App Audio Compatible : Can be hosted inside of, and synced to, an IAA enabled host. Rapidly record different guitar or vocal takes without committing to saving the audio, or use the host instruments and tracks to keep time while you create the perfect loop. Can also host two other apps (Generator and Effect).

• Save & Copy : Save loops as they play for archiving on your device or copy loops as they play for pasting into other apps that support pasting audio. Share your creations with your friends.

• MIDI Controllable : Comprehensive MIDI implementation for control via keyboards, foot switches and more. Control all the loops with as few as two controls or sequence every detail from your favorite DAW. Supports wireless control via WiFi and Bluetooth LE.

• Flexible Audio Routing : Support for quadraphonic input and outputs. Send each loop to its own amplifier or give each band member their own looper!

• Built-In Help : No network connection? No problem. Contains detailed embedded descriptions of all loop functions and MIDI controls.

• Tweak-able : Everest automatically saves settings, options, and parameters. These include quantization behavior, panning, crossfading, MIDI channel and more.

• Lightweight : Everest does not come burdened with a sample or loop library. The install size is small, it uses a modest amount of memory, all while running very efficiently, especially in the background.

***Beware of microphone feedback when looping, in general. Everest is best used with headphones, headsets or class compliant audio hardware. If you must use the internal speakers/microphone, try turning noise canceling on under the settings menu.

Everest is available for $9.99

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iOS App Converts YouTube To MP3 and WAV
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Beat Time

Want to grab a YouTube video on your iPad and convert it to MP3 or WAV? Well now you can with Beat Time. Download your favorite YouTube videos to your iPad or iPhone with this handy little learning app.

Beat Time also plays audio & video and can change the tempo (time stretch) and/or pitch and does note & chord detection. It is aimed as a practice / study tool for musicians and as a helper tool for transcribing audio & video. Play audio & video from your iPod library, dropbox, YouTube, iTunes file sharing or open from other apps.

Main app features:
• Time stretch video and audio from 1/4x to 2x without affecting pitch.
• Pitch shift audio and video up to an octave up or down.
• Natural pitch shifting, pitch shift a male voice keeping it sounding male, pitch shift a female voice keep it sounding female.
• High quality, state of the art, time stretching / pitch shifting using DIRAC technology.
• Pitch analysis for note & chord detection.
• Annotate the track with multiple markers.
• Seamless looping of segments in the track.
• Optionally pause between loops.
• Easy file transfer: Open audio/video files from any app that supports iOS “Open In…” menu or using iTunes file sharing.
• Play/rip YouTube videos.
• Built in dropbox integration.
• Open tracks from your iPod audio, video library or video camera roll
• Export time stretched / pitch shifted audio or movies.
• Universal application (iPhone/iPod/iPad).
• Supports video and audio formats that are playable using iOS music/video player, including: mp4, m4v, m4a, mp3, WAV, mov, (AVI provided it’s mpeg 4 encoded)

Beat Time is available for $4.99

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Aircussion Air Drumming App For iPhone and iPad
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Unlike other drumming apps that require you to play the drums with your fingers on the screen, Aircussion uses your smartphone AS the drumstick or percussion instrument.

By holding your phone in one hand and your thumb down on any of the instrument tiles, start air drumming with your device and the sound will be produced! This results in a much more natural and virtual drumming experience for amateurs and professionals alike.

Aircussion also has a built-in 8-track sequencer, so that you can build up your favourite drum beats in the exact same manner. But don’t worry – if you’ve never made or played a drum beat before, we’ll walk you through a super easy tutorial and have you building beats like a pro in no time.

Features include:

– 90+ sounds to choose from including: drums, cymbals, shakers, tambourines, world instruments, animals & more
– 8-track sequencer to record your own drum beats
– Factory instrument layouts & drum beats for you to play around with
– Saving & loading of your own customized layouts & drum beats
– Volume controls for every track
– Undo & Redo functionality during recording
– Sharing of your beats with your friends and the world!

Tips for enhancing your Aircussion experience:

– Use headphones for the highest quality sound
– Great to play in groups
– Two-handed playing with multiple devices
– Jam with your acoustic guitar playing friends
– Play along with your music library
– Listen to saved beats through your stereo system
– Use created beats as backing tracks for other instruments

Aircussion is available for 0.99 usd

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Auria With Midi iPad DAW
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Auria Multi-track Recorder For iPad 2

WaveMachine Labs has announced that it will be introducing Auria with MIDI in the pro iPad version – a new version of its 48-track DAW, with full MIDI capabilities.

BUT that is not all!! Full MIDI capabilities, real-time audio warping, powerful audio bussing, two built-in synths and much more, Auria Pro raises the bar in mobile recording once again.

Auria With Midi

Here’s what’s new in Auria Pro:

Comprehensive MIDI capabilities including:
MIDI sequencing
Tempo and Time-signature tracks
Piano roll editor
Real-time MIDI parameters including quantize, velocity shift, velocity compression,
length compression, random, delay, legato and transpose
Groove template quantizing with built-in DNA grooves (additional grooves available for purchase)
MIDI processing functions including Transpose, Fixed Length, Velocity Gain, Fixed
Velocity, Delete Notes, Delete Controller, Restrict Polyphony, Optimize Controller Data,
Humanize, Delete Overlaps, Crescendo, Reverse, Pedal to Length, Velocity Rescale,
Velocity Range, Velocity Curve and Compress/Limit
FabFilter Twin 2 Analog synth built in
WaveMachine Labs multi-format sampler built in
Powerful new audio routing with flexible busses
Real-time audio warping using Elastique Pro v3
Audio quantize feature
Transient slicing
Audio to MIDI conversion
Unlimited tracks
6 AUX sends
Project templates
Updated graphics and overall performance improvements

Auria Pro will be available Spring 2015 and will be priced at $49.99. Existing Auria users will also be able to upgrade to Auria Pro for a reduced price. Pricing for the standard Auria version will be $24.99. If you’re an existing Auria user, all your purchased plugins will continue to work in Auria Pro.

In the meantime you can always get Auria if you don’t already have it ;)

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Amazing Reverb Effect For iPad and iPhone
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Amazing Noises Reverb

The Amazing Noises Reverb is a Feedback Delay Network (FDN) Reverb Effect, which can create nice reverberated ambiences, from small rooms to huge buildings. It can also simulate alien and unreal spaces, for your experimental fun.

Main Features:

– Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support (sender and FX)
– Feedback Delay Network Reverb
– Space Morphing
– Endless Reverberation
– “Twisting Parameters”: Reactive Walls, Random LFO, Echoes
– Built In Sampler with varispeed
– Control Manager LFO for Parameters
– Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
– File Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy
– Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad
– Post Fx Chain: Low-shelf Filter, High-shelf and Compressor

Tech Requirements:

– iOS7 or later
– iPad 2 or later

Amazing Noises Reverb is available for $3.99

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