Soundfruuze Granular Manipulation App
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‘soundfruuze’ is an exprerimental live sampler / looper / granular and FFT scrub effect. It records live audio (10 seconds) and allows you to manipulate it with special controls.

The interface is divided into five “lanes”, sound is produced by touching the lanes. Each lane can be set up to use different effect and has various control parameters mapped to the touch position:


Most basic lane type. You can control the volume of the resulting sound and smoothness of the position interpolation. Lesser smooth value produces the sound with more high frequencies.

Granular Freeze

Allows you to select the sound at some position and use both horizontal and vertical coordinates of touch as 2 independent parameters. You can control volume, playback speed (pitch) and the grain size.

Granular Scrub

This type of lane is very similar to granular freeze but it allows to change the position of the grain after its start.

FFT Freeze and FFT Scrub

In both FFT types of lanes another algorithm is used to process sound. In both FFT Freeze and Scrub sound is analyzed with the FFT transform and divided into frames. FFT Freeze allows you to select the frame at the desired sample position and to play it making the sound “freeze” at this point.


This lane type allows you to make loops / repeat large grains of sound. When you touch a looper lane, a new looper control is created and is kept there until you turn it off with the red ‘close’ button. You can change loop speed, volume, size and position for each loop individually or for all loops on one lane together using additional controls.

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Fall App Sale Music Production
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Cool list of music production apps on sale for this Fall!! Let me know if I missed some. PS – I’m a dad! We just had a baby girl. Her name is Maya. See pic below and please welcome Maya to the iOS music making world.

AirVox $0.99 (Was $2.99) AirVox – Gesture Controlled Music – Yonac Inc.

Arturia iSpark $19.99 Arturia iSpark – Arturia

AudioStretch 50% off! AudioStretch – Power Tool for Music Transcription – Cognosonic Pte Ltd

DJUCED App Free (Was $4.99) DJUCED App – Guillemot Corporation

GaMBi $4.99 (Was $6.99) GaMBi: Play Chiptunes and Video Game Music – David Ventura

iSEM Synthesizer $9.99 iSEM Synthesizer – Arturia

iMini Synthesizer $4.99 (Was $9.99) iMini Synthesizer – Arturia

iProphet Synthesizer $4.99 (Was $9.99) iProphet Synthesizer – Arturia

iTuttle FREE iTuttle – TBStuff

KASPAR $9.99 (Was $19.99) KASPAR – Yonac Inc.

Looperverse $4.99 (Was $7.99) Looperverse – Multitrack Loop Recorder – Retronyms Inc

Magellan $4.99 (Was $9.99) Magellan – Yonac Inc.

Mandala Music Free (Was $0.99) Mandala Music – Mark Carlotto

Microtonal Guitar $0.99 (Was $24.99) Microtonal Guitar – Huynh Van Tung

NodeBeat – Playful Music for All Free (Was $2.99) NodeBeat – Playful Music for All – AffinityBlue

Obituary Drum Loops $1.99 (Was $4.99) Obituary Drum Loops – Joseph Cincotta

Pulse $4.99 (Was $9.99) Pulse – Haptic Metronome for Watch – Crescendo Technologies

Phase84 $9.99 (Was $7.99) Phase84 – Retronyms Inc

Seek Beats 50% off! SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer – Rodrigo Yanez

Steel Guitar Free (Was $0.99) Steel Guitar – Yonac Inc.

technoBox2 $4.99 (Was $7.99) technoBox2 – Mike Janney

ToneStack $4.99 (Was $9.99) ToneStack – Yonac Inc.

WeDJ for iPhone Free (Was $0.99) WeDJ for iPhone – Pioneer DJ Corporation

WeDJ for iPad $2.99 (Was $4.99) WeDJ for iPad – Pioneer DJ Corporation

Baby Maya says thank you for visiting our page and buying apps from iPad Loops !!

Happy music making!




300mph Randomize Distortion Effect
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300mph is a new Overdriver app. This effect consists of 4 different distortions and Lowpass filter.

BOOGY, WOOGY and FUZZY is about to overdrive, to clip and to square-ise your input. BUZZY is the bit-crusher with muzzy as parameter.

This is distortion effect with ability to randomise portions of overdrivers to bring flow and unpredictable changes in effect.

You can save your setup in preset to recall later.

Features summary:
-Four distortions in one
-Audiobus and IAA
-Presets to learn and save your own
-Universal app
-Horizontal and vertical layout

Minimum required hardware is iPhone 4s, iOS 8.0

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MidiFire Modular MIDI Router
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MidiFire is a free-form, modular CoreMIDI router, processor, monitor and clock source from the makers of MidiBridge.

Drop and arrange MIDI ports and modules onto the canvas however you like and connect them up to start routing and processing your MIDI events. Pan, zoom and scroll the canvas. Add as many ports and modules as you wish. Connect them in series or parallel. Cascade them together. Merge and split. You can create highly complex MIDI processing setups. Or keep it simple – the choice is yours.


Essential processing modules for channelising, filtering, transposing, ‘monofying’, remapping and monitoring – or create your own. All included with the standard app.

A highly accurate remotely controllable MIDI clock source.

Save your work into recallable/re-usable scenes. Share your scenes with other devices, computers and people. Switch between your scenes via configurable MIDI program change messages.

Download even more functionality within the app for free using the ‘Scenes Club’ for useful and special-purpose scenes that you can incorporate into your workflow.

Initiate and connect Bluetooth MIDI sessions within the application.

Define multiple virtual CoreMIDI ports to segregate your MIDI streams.


MidiFire supports all CoreMIDI hardware interfaces, the network interface, virtual ports (self owned or other apps’) and Bluetooth MIDI.

Also available for mac on the Mac App Store. Scene files are interchangeable between iOS and macOS.


What sets MidiFire apart is the newly extended Stream Byter module first pioneered in MidiBridge. With this you can write your own processing modules using textual rules.

Newly added constructs to the Stream Byter include: IF/THEN, local/global variables, mathematical functions, timing variables, ‘onload’ rules, setting of block labels and sending arbitrary MIDI data. The Stream Byter is backwards compatible with rulesets you already have from MidiBridge; just copy/paste them in.


Also included are some specialised modules:

• Tracking Clamp – reduce tracking miss-hits from MIDI guitars.

• Robotic Knob – generate complementary CC messages to control synths and FX based on your playing.

• OSC Exchange – send and receive OSC data across a MIDI channel (DIN, USB, wifi or Bluetooth) between MidiFire instances.


For tutorial videos, full manual and more, please visit the MidiFire website – http://midifi.re

For assistance in writing Stream Byter rules please email us or join the ‘Audeonic Soapbox’ forum – http://soapbox.audeonic.com and post your requirements there.

* Powered by the MidiBus library.

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Samplebot Sampler For iPhone iPad
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Samplebot is a collector of sounds. It’s a crafter of songs. It’s a finger-drummable looping sequencer of rainbow glory, and it wants to be your friend. Come. Play. Robo-boogie.

– Record or import samples, then play them back on beautiful, sproingy rainbow pads!
– Then record or input arrangements using the sequencer, featuring built-in drum patterns, loop record and playback, quantization and copy/paste
– Trim samples, and adjust volume and balance for the perfect mix
– Share your creations to Facebook, or export them to other music apps
– Comprehensive MIDI control with velocity, for play using a grid controller like the Launchpad
– Helpful and fun-loving intro tutorial

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