Model 15 With AC Sabre Wireless MIDI Controller App
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AC Sabre is a revolutionary wireless MIDI instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers, composers, performers and DJs which brings the dynamic richness and performance energy of traditional instruments to your digital music library, in a way that is not possible with the existing studio and stage tools.

AC Sabre reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions. It lets you pluck invisible strings in the air while controlling up to 7 additional parameters, intuitively with your movements, via MIDI CC messages.

*** 60% OFF UNTIL JAN, 31 2017! ***

(Control Moog Model 15 with AC Sabre)

PLEASE NOTE: AC Sabre contains no sounds of its own. You’ll need a computer with MIDI compatible music software (Ableton, Logic, Cubase, FLStudio, Reason, Garage Band, Massive, Kontakt, Sylenth…), or other apps which support MIDI input (Animoog, Nave).


+ Use AC Sabre to compose distinctive hooks that go beyond the MIDI keyboard
+ Conduct automation in realtime with human sensitivity instead of spending painful hours with the mouse
+ Add sophisticated musical elements without the need for years of theory and training

+ Play electronic instruments without being shackled to your gear
+ Introduce spontaneity into your live digital performances
+ Infuse signature attitude and style into your performances
+ 3 words: Live Bass Wobble.

=== FEATURES ===

+ Scale-synced, velocity sensitive note play
+ Harmonies, trills, arpeggios…
+ Gesture-based vibrato
+ Note shift (for playing out-of-scale notes)
+ Circle of Fourths/Fifths key changes
+ Note range and octave shift
+ Legato and Portamento modes
+ Note-clamping pitchbend
+ A Drone for sustain and guitar “tapping”-style effects

(Online manual: http://air-craft.co/support/ac-sabre-manual/)

+ Low latency (<10ms), 50m+ range via Wi-Fi + QuickPanels allow realtime access to most common parameters + Save/load/export configuration Patches + Wi-fi/Bluetooth support + Bonjour auto-detect + Supports multiple devices running AC Sabre as separate MIDI inputs into your DAW + MIDI Learn wizard for quick CC assignment + MIDI channel selector for playing multiple instruments POWERFUL EXPRESSIVE CONTROL: + 6 assignable Motion Controls + Pitch, Roll and Yaw angles + Linear Shake & Shuffle + Play Intensity + 2 configurable Touch Ribbons + 1 configurable User Button + Vibrato on Shake OVER 150 MUSICAL SCALES + Major, Minor and Pentatonics + Jazz modes: Dorian, Phrygian, etc + Bebop Dominant, Octonic, Nine-tone scale and other exotics + World scales like Hungarian Gypsy, Hirajoshi, and Mississippi Blues + Arpeggio scales like Dominant 7b5 + 1-4-5-b7 and other Bassline scales + A few centuries worth of Indian Raag scales TWEAKABILITY + Vibrato amount from 1/4 step up to full PB range + MIDI CC’s and output range are fully customisable + Motion range calibration + Virtual MIDI support, play other apps === NOTES & SUPPORT === AC Sabre is a high performance application that requires iPhone 4s+ (iPhone 5+ recommended), iPod Touch 5th gen+, or newer running iOS 8.1+. Also, while playing is definitely tailored more for handheld devices, it works splendidly on the iPad. Windows users: You'll also need a (free) copy of rtpMIDI for connecting AC Sabre to your computer Get AC Sabre

MidiPad iPads Midi Controller
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MidiPads iPad Midi Controller

MidiPads is the universal drumpad controller for the iPad, has been released with these new features:

Retina resolution graphics
Tap velocity like in garage band possible (the harder you press, the louder it gets)
MidiPads can be started with mppreset files from other apps
Midi connection overview lets you disconnect from sources/destinations
Horizontal sliders
Define velocity mode for each single button
Improved startup speed, some other general speed improvements
X/Y pad now shows incoming data like the other controllers (as cross hair)

Old new features:

– Presets (interchangable with other users)
– Virtual MIDI: Trigger other iOS apps capable of virtual MIDI
– Bouncing mode for touch pads and sliders
– Multiple senders for each axis and knob
– Buttons in bottom view
– Resizable pads and resizable pad area (4 to 64 drum pads per page)
– MIDI connection overview (tap on midi section)
– Finger up / down message for touch pad and sliders
– Settings reset feature
– White color for sliders and drum pads

MidiPads is a drum pad controller for the iPad and sports 64 drum pads, which can be resized in both size and area. The bottom part is fully configurable by the user with resizable touchpads, sliders and buttons. Both sliders and touchpads support snapping to a value, fading to the touch position (duration user-configurable) and bouncing. One very unique feature is the drumpad-integrated X/Y-controller: Change your instruments’ or your effects’ sound just by moving your finger while still triggering – very useful also for DJ software like Traktor Pro.

All elements can be edited by the user: Color, label, details can be changed for each element individually, Midi channel and Midi CC/Key can even be set per sender – and each element supports multiple of them per event. Sliders, drumpads and buttons can receive incoming Midi values:

Sliders act as VU meters, drumpads/buttons glow depending on the incoming value.

*Using Virtual Midi and MidiPads*

MidiPads supports Midi over the iPad camera connection kit, CoreMidi compatible adapters (iRig Midi, Line6 Midi mobilizer II) and network
Midi – take your iPad on stage and trigger your music wirelessly!
New is virtual Midi support – trigger multiple iOS Midi apps with MidiPads at the same time!
Included is also an extensive manual which helps you to set up all connections and configure MidiPads.

At the same time, MidiPads Lite 1.5 has been released with these features:

– Settings reset
– Midi connection overview (tap on midi section)

An iPhone version is under development, which will be first released as MidiPads Lite for iPhone in a few weeks.


LiveRig Midi Controller For iPad
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LiveRig Midi Controller For iPad

Designed for both studio and stage applications, LiveRig understands how crucial reliability and low-latency are to your live performance. With LiveRig, the freedom of reliable wireless control of your MIDI devices is now a reality.

What is LiveRig?
At it’s core, LiveRig is an elegant MIDI Control Surface.

Out of the box.
·Perform without any 3rd party software or hardware.
·Transform that USB MIDI Device into a Wireless MIDI Device.
·Become efficient in the studio setting levels on demand.
·Logic Environment & MainStage Templates accessible via iTunes File Sharing.
·Incredibly simple yet extremely powerful control over MIDI messages.

Designed for beginners. Built for professionals.
·Innovative fader control system providing 134mm faders at your fingertips.
·Configure and integrate into a live or studio setup using the Connection Rack.
·Transparency of channels and control codes simplifying all MIDI messages.
·Intuitive configuration and a streamlined interface.
·Uncomplicated reference material when it’s needed by simply tapping LiveRig.

Observes the MIDI Specification using conventional messages.
·Built for CoreMIDI and Multi-Core devices.
·Knobs, Encoders, Faders & Buttons use MIDI Control Change messages.
·MIDI Machine Code available for transport controls.
·Incoming MIDI Time Code displayed on the main LCD in realtime.



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