Live Looper & Vocal Effects Processor For iOS
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Live Looper & Vocal Effects Processor
VoiceJam Studio is a Looper, Vocal FX Processor, and Audio/Video performance recorder.


What’s New in Version 1.6.00

Added two inApp purchases for advanced / live touring musicians:


One touch access to 4 extra looping tracks, all with independently assignable sync, wave touch, and filters.
Talk Mode & Mic Mute: The talk button instantly mutes the loop output and switches your voice to dry-through, allowing you to talk to your audience without changing any configuration or stopping your loops. The Mic Mute button mutes your microphone input when you’d like to perform with your recorded loops without any voice input. (Requires iPhone 5 and better or iPad 4 and better to run all 8 loops at the low latency setting).

Fully configurable preset driven external MIDI control of almost all Looping features. Supports 3rd party MIDI keyboards, control surfaces, bluetooth MIDI controllers, 3rd party apps — anything that can generate Core MIDI Events.

Live Looper & Vocal Effects

Record up to 4 fully independent loop tracks with up to 8 minutes per loop. Loops are automatically synchronized using industry proven sync modes: Beat Sync, Loop Sync, Serial Sync, and Free. Sync modes can be used in any combination across all loops.

50 Vocal Effects from TC-Helicon – the leader in vocal processing – offering a full pallet of production quality effects giving you real-time control of the vocal path at your fingertips. These effects include, Hardtune, Gender Bending, Chorus, Flange, Transducer, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Echo, Doubling and Micromod, just to name a few.

Capture your total performance and never lose the groove. Sing through FX, create and layer loops, evolve them, tear them down, mix, filter, trigger, and scrub them at will. Every aspect of your performance is captured including audio, video and all your app-interface interactions. Share the resulting music video with your friends, your fans, and the world on Facebook, YouTube or SoundCloud.

VoiceJam Studio takes you to the leading edge of looping with the ability to connect with other apps through Apple’s Inter-App Audio, AudioCopy, and AUDIOBUS. It also synchronizes to external MIDI devices. This means that you can choose your favorite drum app to start your beat, go to your guitar app to lay down your chords, and stream all of this into VoiceJam Studio to continue to build more depth into your performance.

– Pro Vocal Effects from TC-Helicon
– Variable-speed tape scrub, Reverse, and Stutter loop FX
– 4 fully independent stereo loop tracks
– Up to 8 minutes per loop
– Unlimited overdubs
– 4 levels of undo/redo per track
– Performance audio and video recorder
– Share your music to Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, or your local camera roll.
– Audiobus Connectivity
– Inter-App Audio Connectivity
– iOS 8.3 Compatible – iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad (iOS 8.0 minimum)
– MIDI sync support
– Metronome with stick, kick drum, shaker, tambourine, cowbell sound effects
– Stereo sound with pan and level control for each track
– Gentle to extreme pitch autocorrection
– Gender bending
– Micromod choruses & flangers
– Transducer fx and distortion
– Independent EQ filters per track
– Single-tap fade-in/fade-out automation
– Save your music for later

VoiceJam Studio and live looper

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