TB-303 TR-808 TR-909 For iPhone
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technoBox2 is your virtual techno studio on the go featuring stunningly accurate emulations of three classic boxes: The legendary 303 bass machine together with the smooth 808 and punchy 909 drum machines. technoBox2 has easy to use sequencing capabilities which lets you tie together patterns, or use it live by improvising pattern switches on the fly!

technoBox2 is the next version of technoBox implementing many asked for features, amongst others:

– Dual 303s and drum machines (2×303, 2×808/909)
– The 303 emulation is our latest engine which sports improved authenticity
– Dual XY Pads with assignable axis to any parameters
– Improved song sequencing with Start/End and Loop markers
– Lock parameters song bars
– Export recorded songs (as .wav) via iTunes (documents)
– Upload recorded song to SoundCloud directly and share
– Load your own .wav and .aif samples (uncompressed 44.1kHz 16-bit) into the drum machines (via iTunes documents)
– Performance screen with the most accessed controls on one screen
– Completely redesigned FX Panel: You can now activate effects on any or all of the 4 machines
– Improved tempo synced phaser and distortion effects. Added a damp parameter to the delay.
– Filter cutoff added to the drum machines
– Per part decay added to the drum machines
– iPad native resolution support
– Retina display support
– Requires at least iPhone 4 (but runs best on iPad 2/iPhone 4s) or iPod touch with Retina display

Version 2.1.0 changes
– Additional 606-kit added
– Now supports both landscape and portrait modes on iPad

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Tek Kit – Drum Machine For iPad
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Tek Kit

Tek Kit HD – Interactive touch techno development, the best banging beat-for-buck app on the store. Check it out, no app on the store gives you the power, creativity and flexibility that comes anywhere close to this.

Funky user interface. Makes creating beats easy. Easy to use, simple to manipulate and powerful.

High Quality Professional Samples – Huge sample library of dance style beats created by professionals in the dance music industry.

Amazing DJ Mixer – Multiple cross fade styles. Bring in the beat and create that perfect mix. Mixer includes a three band E.Q. for each channel.

Crazy Effects Pad – Apply effects to one or both channels and control effects parameters in real time using the intuitive touch interface. Multiple effects all controllable in real time.

Master Effects – Apply professional quality reverb and hard hitting distortion/overdrive to your master mix.

Step Sequencer – You want a step sequencer for that classic drum machine feel? We give you two sequencers, each with 16 drum samples. Individual volume control on each of the sixteen drums as well as volume control on each step.

Everything in Tek Kit HD is manipulated in real time, giving you the ability to create those hypnotic flows. Create beats on two drum step sequencers using high quality stereo samples from classic drum machines including the 808 and 909.

Mix with the DJ Mixer and tweak those sounds with the x-y touch pad controlling the effects to create the perfect mix.


– Flanger
– Tempo Delay
– Dub Delay
– Bit Reduction / Down Sample
– Low Pass Filter

… Also
Swing Function,
Master Reverb,
Master Distortion,
Three Band EQ,
More Crossfader Modes,
Massive Sample Library,
Full Sequencing Capabilities,
Multiple Tracks and an Updated User Interface.


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