Richard Devine Glitch Breaker Remix Contest
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Tabletop Music Workstation For iPad

Ready. Set. Remix!

Join the Tabletop Richard Devine Glitch Breaker remix contest. In order to do so you have to purchase FIVE in app instruments.

You can not get access to all the samples without purchasing at least the MPC expansion. You can find the song Glitch Breaker Demo inside the Tabletop in-app community called Cloudseeder.

Step 1 Click on the Soundcloud link

Step 1 Click on the Soundcloud link

Step 2 Select featured then Richard Devine then hit the "Session" button

Step 2 Select featured then Richard Devine then hit the “Session” button

To celebrate the new update for Tabletop Retronyms is making a call for remixes! Download the Glitchbreaker Session right in Tabletop. You get access to all of the custom samples, sequencing, and arrangement. Remix to your heart’s content. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Tabletop is a free app and you must purchase the in app expansions to join in the contest.

Akai MPC2000 iPad App
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Akai MPC2000 App For iPad

Akai MPC2000 App For iPad

Retronymns is working together with Akai to bring an authentic MPC2000 app to their app Tabletop. It will run within the app along with many other useful virtual instruments.

Here is what they said, “The MPC on iPad is going to be a blast with classic MPC beat making features, sweet effects, and a killer sampling workflow, and now you’ll be able to work this legendary device into your Tabletop sessions! Possibly the best part is how it works: owners of the stand alone MPC app will automatically unlock the MPC device in Tabletop for free — no need to purchase it twice!”

Additionally they have partnered up with iZotope to bring a suite of real-time vocal processing tools to future versions of the Tabletop app.

“By partnering with iZotope, we’ll be able to offer Tabletop users the distinctive pitch-shifting vocal effects heard in so many popular songs. Use them to polish & perfect your tracks, or push the envelope and pitch-shift your live vocals to somewhere entirely new. No matter how you choose to use the iZotope tools, you’ll benefit from the same ease of use and modular design that makes all Tabletop devices work so well together.”

These features are coming soon. My guess is they will be in app purchase as additional kit but I hope they are including in the initial price.

Tabletop is available for $9.99

TableTop iPad Modular Music Production Environment
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Retronymns TableTop For iPad

Are you comfortable using music production environments like Reason by Propellerheads? If so and you own an iPad, this is the app for you! Created by the same companies who brought you Rebirth for the iPad.

Enter TableTop by Retronyms! Version 1.6 offers a new T Pain effect as an in app purchase.

Tabletop iPad T Pain Effect

Tabletop iPad T Pain Effect

An Expandable Studio with 11 included musical devices!
The heart of Tabletop is a modular environment where you can mix and match different devices. Select from more than 25 devices including samplers, mixers, effects, sequencers and more. Buy only the gear you need from an expanding catalog.

Tabletop is the first musical environment designed from the ground up exclusively for the iPad. Each device has its own uses, characteristics, personality — ranging from classics like drum pad samplers to touchscreen effects.

Virtual, Modular Gear
Plug the output of a keyboard into a delay to add an echo, or wire it up to a mixer and adjust the pan. Chain up multiple effects to create new and evolving sounds. Tabletop is an audio playground where you can create beats, compose songs, mix live, make mashups with samples from your iPod library… the possibilities are wide open.

Tabletop Includes
– Gridlok: Pad Sampler
– M8RX: Tone Matrix
– RS3: Polyphonic Stereo Keyboard
– Mr. O: Master Output
– Goblin MX8: 8-Channel Mixer
– SpinBack: Turntable Player
– Recorder M2: All-Purpose Input Recorder
– Filtr LP: Low-Pass Filter Effect
– 3Q: 3-Band Equalizer
– X2: Splitter Unit
– T101 – Triggerator: Sequence and Perform

In-App purchases can be made for additional FX and modules.

Top In-App Purchases:

**new T-PAIN EFFECT $5.99
EKKO $0.99
RS4000 $9.99
TT-303 $2.99
XFADE $2.99
VERVE $2.99
WHIRL $2.99

TableTop is available for FREE

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