Amazing Noises Dedalus Delay
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Dedalus Delay is a real time audio mangler. A network of delay lines is continually granulated and modulated, producing a labyrinth of echoes, which are further processed by filters, dynamic processors and saturation modules. Dedalus can produce a wide variety of effects, from reverb-like ambiences to evolving resonation, from rhythmic pulsation to chaotic layering, from subtle chorusing to pure noise.

Dedalus Delay Screen

Main Features:

– Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support (sender and FX)
– Multiple delay lines with feedback and granulation
– Signal saturation
– Built In Sampler with varispeed
– Control Manager LFO for Parameters
– Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
– File Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy
– Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad
– Post Fx Chain: Low-shelf Filter, High-shelf and Compressor

Tech Requirements:

– iOS7 or later
– iPad 2 or later

Dedalus Delay

SoundScaper Experimental Sound Design For iPad
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SoundScraper experimental sound design app

The iPad Loops music app blog is proud to share news about SoundScaper by Igor Vasiliev

SoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending ideas.

It manages to make some deep and complex DSP processing available to virtually anyone. I’m well impressed by both the concept and execution here. Immensely powerful, deep, and most importantly: musical – useful for sound design and composition. The diversity of textures and tones that are possible… very inspiring.

With this application you can easily experiment with creating new and unusual sounds from ordinary samples. For sound designers and those interested in creating ambient or experimental electronic music, with filtering and mixing of up to three oscillators, you can create excellent soundscapes, textures and drones for your music or for movie soundtrack or entertainment apps and games. With complete MIDI control this application is very comfortable to use for real-time sound creation and at live performance.

The oscillators, based on simulating schematics of actual 8 bit lofi sound playback chips, have circuit bending like controls that are ideal for making glitches, noises, crackles and granular sounds. Combined with the filtering and spatial mixing options, you can expand these sounds to deep and atmospheric textures. Finally you can add motion and continuous changes to your sounds via low frequency oscillators which can control the filter and mixer parameters.

Controls based on shorting and modifications of standard circuits of sound generating devices usually give random and unpredictable changes that can be very creative. The emulation of these kinds of controls within SoundScaper are very similar to the circuit bending principle but, additionally, have several advanced functions that are not easy to realize in actual devices. This allows you to make any changes in the virtual circuit on the fly and immediately hear the new sound without fear of the kinds of damage that might occur in a real device as a result of a failed modification.

 Igor Vasiliev SoundScraper

What’s inside:

● Three sample-based oscillators with circuit bending like controls.
● Three LP, HP, BP filters and two range delay for each oscillator.
● Spatial mixer/reverb with side and distance for each sound source.
● Three low frequency oscillators for automation mixer and filters.
● Possibility to randomly generating parameters for each oscillator.
● Built-in library of natural samples grouped by categories.
● Scenes for storing and loading all operation parameters.

Additional features:

● Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and other modes.
● Advanced control panel for all faders and rotary knobs opened by double tap.
● Each sound source in spatial mixer has equalizer and individual reverb options.
● Possibility to download additional samples in different audio formats.
● Uploading samples thru Web access, audio clipboard, from another app and iTunes.
● Different color schemes available for the user interface.
● Detailed application description.
● Supports Audiobus with “State Saving” feature.
● Inter-App audio compatible.

Igor Vasiliev SoundScraper iPad

What’s New in Version 1.3
● Advanced control panel by double tap on the sound sources in mixer.
● Eight band equalizer for each sound source.
● LP and HP filters in reverb for each sound source.
● Additional reverb algorithm modes for sound sources.
● Built-in description updated.
● Minor bug fixes.


Sound Epic iPhone App
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Sound Epic iPhone App

SOUND EPIC: is a fun and easy way to create new soundscapes in the palm of your hand. Turn a 3 minute pop song into an hour long electronic symphony masterpiece. It’s FREE!

Now you can create never before heard symphonies of music in real time on your iOS device.

Conjure up your musical creation from any source. Bring in songs from your iPod library, sounds you record using the built-in audio recorder, or use the mind-blowing Live Input mode that turns anything your microphone hears into an EPIC.

* Slow tracks by 2 times or 16 times as much.

* Import DRM free tracks right from your iPod music library.

* Share your creations with the world using built-in SoundCloud uploading

* Bring in music and sounds from other apps or export your creations into other iOS apps using Sonoma’s Audio Copy & Paste.

* Play back tracks in real-time while changing settings.

* Import and export music at your desktop with iTunes File Sharing.

* Sound Epic also lets you create advanced HD audio with even more dynamic polish and crystal clarity.

Upgrade to the full version to get:

* Hear the world around you slowed down into an epic symphony of sounds… in real time. All using LIVE INPUT MODE.

* Record your live creations capture with Live Input mode.

* A basic voice recorder to record anything to turn into HD Epics.

* Ad free fun.

(Note: All recording and Live Input features require some kind of microphone such as the one built-in with the iPhone headset)

(App is for personal use only and the application provider is not responsible for any misuse of copyrighted material.)
Taptronica Mobile Web SiteSound Epic SupportApplication License Agreement
What’s New in Version 1.0.1

* All SoundCloud uploads now added to the Sound Epic group.


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