Mellotronics M3000 Mellotron For iPad
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Mellotronics 3000 HD For iPad

NOTE – there are known problems with MIDI NoteOff on certain keyboards, and AudioBus when configured at 512 frames. Fixes for these have been with Apple SINCE AUGUST 30TH waiting for review – there seems to be an update logjam right now but we sincerely hope this new version will be with you inside a couple of days.

The comments about banks not being saved – there is a SAVE BANK button that saves the bank. A light flashes to warn you if a bank has been edited, and thus should be saved if you wish to preserve the information. User manual will be published as an iBook within a few days.

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the shipment of the first production mellotron from Streetly Electronics’ factory in Birmingham, UK.

To celebrate this historic occasion we are proud to present the 50th Anniversary Edition of Mellotronics M3000, an authentic replication of the legendary M400 tape replay instrument, packed with awesome additional features.

Features :
16 voices in total, 35 chromatic 8 second tapes per voice, almost 200MBytes of samples.
All samples are original MKI, MKII and M400 voices from the production tape library of Streetly Electronics.
3 new unlooped voices – MKII Vibes, Rhodes and Piano.
3 looping modes – unlooped (maximum authenticity), 5s loops (maximum playability) and 3s loops (very high fidelity, minimum memory footprint).
Looped modes support 4 simultaneous voices – A/B/C continuous blend plus additional D voice on chord pads.
32 voicebanks each with 12 programmable chord pads.
AudioBus support.
Core MIDI support for class-compliant USB interfaces.
MIDI responds on all channels to : keys (5 octave response from 3 octaves of samples), pitch wheel, mod wheel (for A/B/C continuous blend), master volume, program change for Voicebank selection. M3000 Tone control may be programmed to any free controller. MIDI notes 1-12 trigger the chord pads.
New synthesis engine with 44.1kHz playback supports mix of looped and unlooped sounds – e.g infinite violins plus decaying piano.
Variable ‘Tape inching’ for authentic factory-style calibration of note attack.
Built-in stereoizing reverb engine.
Tone control matched to M4000 analog tone.
Hypnotic ‘Oscillotron’ waveform display, in soothing chill-out colour palette.

Full voice list :

Church Organ
Boys Choir
Female Choir
Eight Choir
String Section
MKII Violins
MKII Flute
MKII Clarinet
Tenor Sax
MKII Brass
MKII Vibes

Mellotronics M3000 is available for $11.99

Ellatron HD Mellotron For iPad
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Mellotronics 3000 HD For iPad

A MELLOTRON-INSPIRED SYNTHESIZER. The world’s smallest Mellotron! Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater shows the Mellotron on his iPhone. There is also an iPad version of this app called Ellatron HD. Developed by Phil from Omenie Software.


Streetly Electronics – manufacturers of the original Mk I, Mk II and M400 mellotrons – and Omenie, Home of the ELLATRON – have joined forces to bring you the MELLOTRONICS M3000 HD.

The M3000 is an uncannily accurate, beautiful-sounding and immensely playable instrument, packed with 13 huge, authentic voices from the Mellotronics tape vault. These are the same production tapes that featured on Strawberry Fields Forever, Nights in White Satin, Watcher of the Skies, Odessey and Oracle, and hundreds more timeless classics.

The M3000 is powered by a reworked ELLATRON engine and packs a gorgeous reverb unit and 12 programmable chord pads

Visit the iTunes link below to check it out.

Get M3000


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