WerkBench Sampling Workstation for iPhone
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WerkBench Sampler Sequencer For iPad

**Special introductory sale!**

This is the iPhone version of WerkBench. It has been completely redesigned for the iPhone and touch devices!

WerkBench is a new type of beat box with a playful interface and powerful features.

At the heart of WerkBench for iPhone is a step sequencer that let you instantly sample sounds into any place in the rhythm and then alter those sounds in real-time.

The concept is simple and powerful. You will be making beats and cool rhythms in seconds… and all of the sounds will be unique to you!

WerkBench features:

–“Fancy Controls” (pitch, lowpass filters, envelopes, and more!)

–Edit pitch and level independently for every step!

–Funky lo-fi tape echo for spacey effects.

–Save and load loops or whole sets of 4 patterns.

–Export loops and recordings via Audio Copy, iTunes file sharing, and email.

–Custom scales (never play a wrong note!)

WerkBench is available for $2.99

Simple Sampler For iOS Supports AudioBus
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Easy to use audio sampler for iOS

Sir Sampleton is an easy to use sampling musical keyboard that allows you to record sounds through the microphone and then play them on dual piano keyboards. You can sample your voice, your pets, synthesizers, drums, or anything that makes noise. Samples can be looped and customized, and the app includes a rhythm machine to accompany your music.

Sampleton’s warm sound and simple interface are inspired by sampling Casio and Yamaha keyboards of the 80’s, but with many additional modern features like MIDI, Audiobus, and adjustable sound parameters.

Supports CoreMIDI, Audiobus, Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1 and 2, and AKAI Synthstation 25 keyboard. Compatible with Beatmaker 2 and Genome sequencer.

• Sample through the microphone and then play your sounds on the dual keyboards
• Save and email sample packs to friends, or to yourself for backup or transfer
• Download samples from our website and send in your own samples for others to download
• Built-in beats and computer beat generator
• Adjustable sound parameters like vibrato, note trail length, sample time, and more
• Record, add effects, and sample from other apps (requires Audiobus app)
• Put one sample on each keyboard in dual-sample mode
• Multitouch with 18 voices for rich sound
• Automatic smart microphone level adjustment
• Supports all CoreMIDI devices, Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1 and 2, and AKAI Synthstation 25
• Virtual MIDI and background audio, works with Genome sequencer and Beatmaker 2
• Multichannel MIDI mode places different samples on each MIDI channel, up to 24 samples
• Supports iRig external audio input adapter and iRig microphone
• Low latency
• Coming soon: better iPad control layouts, additional sample storage, and more!

Demo of Sir Sampleton with AudioBus

TO SAMPLE: press the red button and speak into the microphone. It will sample for about 3 seconds.

TO PLAY A DRUM BEAT: press the drum icon button in the upper left to open the Rhythm Menu, and then select the beat you want to play. To change the tempo or beat volume, use the buttons on the right. Press the X to return to the keyboard.

TO GENERATE A RANDOM BEAT: press the drum icon button to open the Rhythm Menu, and then press the RANDOM button. To generate a new random beat, press the button again.

TO SAVE A SAMPLE: press the keyboard icon button in the upper left to open the Sounds Menu. Press SAVE and then choose one of the flashing numbered buttons. Your sample is then saved on that button. Press the X to return to the keyboard.

TO LOAD A SAMPLE: press the keyboard icon button in the upper left to open the Sounds Menu. Press the numbered button where you saved the sample. Press the X to return to the keyboard.

TO PREVIEW A SAVED SAMPLE: press and hold the numbered button in the Sounds Menu.

TO SAVE CHANGES TO A SAMPLE’S SOUND SETTINGS: press and hold the ‘save’ button in the Sounds Menu.

Sir Sampleton is available for $3.99

Simple iPhone Sampler
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Simple iPhone Sampler

I Am Sampler is a very straight forward grab and go sampler for the iPhone and iPad. The UI is very minimal yet to the point.

Features include:
NEW – auto trimming
-up to 10 sec sampling via mic
-4 sample banks
-Lo-Fi effect
-LFO for pitch : sine,saw,pulse,noise
-envelope for amplitude : attack time,release time
-delay : up to 2 sec , it can be also used for looper
-keyboard : shake for ribbon controller mode which you can play forward or reverse your sample at your favorite speed
-import wavs (mono,44.1khz,16bit) via the sharing folder on iTunes

I Am Sampler is available for $1.00

Fun Music Sequencer For iPhone
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TriqTraq Music Sequencer For iPhone

TriqTraq Jam Sequencer for the iPhone. It is extremely fun and intuitive. Some say it’s like Nanoloop making love with an Electribe. I actually had reservations getting it originally because I thought it would just be like nanostudio, beatmaker2, or Sunvox, but less. It truly is unique and just feels creative. I enjoy all of the capability and great sounds come together quickly; very intuitively. I don’t regret getting this unique and expressive sequencer at all.

And now for something completely different… get into the flow of triqtraq, and jam out your tracks in realtime!

Are you a DJ or electronic music producer? You will find dozens of possibilities inside triqtraq to compose and tweak your beats on the fly.
Or are you just starting out making electronic music? Triqtraq is straightforward enough to get you good sounding results quickly.

Grab your iPhone and start to improvise; live, in your studio or on your couch. Pick sounds from the included sample library, or import your own samples to get that unique sound.

Triqtraq strikes the right balance between musical possibilities and limitations and lets you focus on the most important part of making music… having FUN!

▪ create musical patterns fast and intuitively, by programming live or by using the ‘step edit’-feature
▪ automate parameters like pitch, filter, delay, decay and level in real-time
▪ change samples or sample kits on-the-fly while jamming
▪ edit multiple tracks simultaneously
▪ store up to 16 patterns and 32 samples per session
▪ specify the length of a sequence per track, or set the automation length for each parameter individually
▪ switch seamlessly between patterns
▪ use the loop range feature to create poly-rhythmic sequences
▪ use sounds from the 350+ factory sample library
▪ import your own sounds via iTunes file sharing

TriqTraq is available for $1.99 for a limited time!

Sound Sampler For iPhone
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Sound Sampler For iPhone

iSample is a very powerful sample based music production tool. iSample ships with over 50 MBs of samples created by Mutato Muzika (founded and run by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh) that provide a great starting place to create your own jams, and also to get started with iSample.

* 6 separate sampler engines that can record and playback and loop samples up to 30 seconds in length.
* WiFi Sharing that allow you to upload and download samples using a clean and powerful web browser based interface.
* Easily accessible tempo management with a Tap feature.
* Sample trimming with pinch to zoom, two finger scrolling and scrubbing.
* Tempo based sample length quantization.
* Graphical Looper screen that allow you to position samples dynamically while looping.
* 6-channel Mixer.
* Delay and Reverb effects.
* Pattern sequencer with 12 stored patterns.
* Song mode that allows you to chain patterns together to create songs.
* Ergonomically designed for the iPhone or iPod touch screen.
* Even large fingers can play easily.
* Unique multi-touch recording makes for very fast and accurate mutiple sample captures and accurate slicing of sounds.
* Record lock feature allows you to create longer recordings without touching the pads.
* 6 sample pads with direct to file recording.
* Very fast response to pad touches.
* Up to 6 samples can be played at the same time.
* Banks of pads can be saved and loaded.

iSample is a great tool for singer/song writers to capture song ideas because it lets you create up to 6 separate parts on the pads allowing you to play with your songs order or just to preserve ideas for later use.

iSample is a very responsive sampler/looper that lets you create 6 samples in a bank. You can load and save your sample banks to create a library of sounds. When using the built-in speaker as audio output, iSample allows you to overdub by allowing you to play sample pads while recording.

Note: We have submitted an update to Apple to correct an issue with iPod Touch devices that causes iSample to make no sound. In the mean time, if an iPhone style headset (with mic) is used on your iPod Touch or an external mic is connected, iSample will work correctly.

We suggest getting Sir Sampleton instead as iSample is no longer available


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