VirSyn Arpeggist for iPad
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Arpeggist is a MIDI Note arpeggiator with a very flexible step matrix editor for programming and a unique “rolling dice” random arpeggio generator. You can build arpeggios from scratch or use one of the factory arpeggios as foundation. You can also create an unlimited number of user arpeggio presets.

Just play a chord or a single note and it gets transformed into a grooving monophonic synth line or a rhythmical chord pattern.

Full featured programmable Arpeggiator
• User programmable sequences with up to 32 steps.
• Can trigger single notes and chords.
• Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
• 40 Factory arpeggios included, unlimited user arpeggios possible.
• For each step you can program tie (bound notes), accent, transposition and note order
• Use to control MIDI compatible Synthesiser

• Play trigger notes live with the onscreen keyboard.
• Optionally use CoreMIDI compatible hardware keyboard.
• Chord generator plays complex chords on one finger playing.
• Internal sound generator.
• Selectable Arpeggiator MIDI Output port.
• Dozens of scales selectable
• Variable Keyboard layout for scale optimized playing

• Audiobus 2 compatible (Input slot) with Preset saving.
• Inter App Audio
• Exchange user presets with File Sharing in iTunes.
• Support for virtual MIDI input/output connections.


UPDATE: Arpeggionome Ver 1 1 Adds AudioBus
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Arpeggionome For iPhone

Arpeggionome Pro: An interactive MIDI arpeggiator designed specifically for iPad. Arpeggionome Pro transforms your iPad into a new and expressive musical instrument. Design intricate patterns of musical notes, then trigger those patterns at different pitches and speeds with an x-y matrix. Tilt the iPad for accelerometer-controlled pitchbend and volume, and with the advanced MIDI implementation, control other iOS MIDI apps, external MIDI gear, and computer software like never before.

What’s New in Version 1.1
Audiobus support and Landscape-orientation support.

The Arpeggionome Pro’s MIDI implementation is finely tuned to control external MIDI devices, digital audio workstations (such as Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools), and other iOS MIDI Applications (such as GarageBand, Animoog, and DM1).

Compatible MIDI Connections:
•Virtual MIDI ports of other iOS MIDI applications
•CoreMIDI compatible hardware interfaces
•MIDI over WiFi
•MIDI over Bluetooth

MIDI Output Features Include:
•Send MIDI on any of 16 channels
•Select between four Note Gate Modes (Manual, Mono, Legato, and Legato+)
•Control Note Velocity with Knob or Accelerometer
•Control Note Gate with Knob or Accelerometer
•Transmit MIDI CC Messages with Accelerometer
•Transmit Pitchbend Messages with Accelerometer
•Transmit MIDI CC and Pitchbend on any channel
•Adjustable data-range of Accelerometer-controlled messages

MIDI Input Features Include:
•MIDI Time Clock synchronization
•Externally set the Arpeggionome Pro’s pattern with a MIDI keyboard
•Externally set the Arpeggionome Pro’s pattern with Program Change messages
•Quantize the Arpeggionome Pro’s first note to external MIDI Source

The Performance Matrix is the Arpeggionome Pro’s main interface component.
•Touch any Control Point in the Performance Matrix to trigger the notes in the pattern
•Move your finger left and right to set the reference-note of the pattern
•Move your finger up and down to set the pattern’s rate
•Control up to 240 notes per second, nearly 15,000 notes per minute

Six button-matrices and eight touch-knobs are used to design the Arpeggionome Pro’s pattern.
•Key: sets the musical key
•Scale: sets the musical scale
•Notes: sets the number of unique notes
•Step Distance: sets the distance between each note
•Notes Style: sets how the pattern moves between notes
•Alignment: sets how the pattern is justified from the reference-note
•Octave Range: sets the starting and ending octaves of the pattern
•Octave Style: sets how the pattern moves between octaves
•Rates: set the pattern’s rate to 50% or 25%.
•Octave Offset: shift the pattern’s starting octave
•Note Offset: shifts the pattern’s starting note
•Velocity: sets MIDI Note Velocity for each note triggered
•Gate: changes the length of each note triggered
•Tempo: sets the global tempo

Arpeggionome is available for $19.99

Synth Arp & Drum Pad App By Yamaha
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Synth Arp & Drum App By Yamaha

Synth Arp & Drum Pad is an iPad app with arpeggiator and drum pad that allows you to easily play the internal synthesizer or any connected MIDI device and produce music with phrases having an abundant variety of musical styles. (The arpeggiator automatically plays the individual notes of a chord in a selected pattern.)

There are over 340 arppegiator patterns that can play phrases from all kinds of music genres like dance music, hip-hop, rock, pops, with one finger.

Use Synth Arp & Drum Pad to easily create fabulous phrases and enjoy a performance freely!

* This application is Core MIDI compatible. Wi-Fi communication possible with Yamaha MOTIF XF (body version 1.2 or above) Alternatively, use the MIDI Interface i-MX1 to communicate with all MIDI devices.
* A USB Wi-Fi adaptor, sold separately, is necessary for Wi-Fi communications.

New features in Version 1.1
– Audio mixdown of recorded songs
– Audio library (compatible with SoundCloud and AudioCopy)
– An additional 19 tones and 24 arpeggiator patterns


Software Synthesizer
– Choose from 61 high-quality voices from a variety of instruments including 7 drum kits.
– Cutoff, resonance, attack, release, and portamento can be adjusted with the knob control. Setting tonal qualities is easy.
– Reverb, chorus, and variation effects can also be applied individually.

Keyboard Arpeggiator & Scale
– Choose from 342 arpeggio patterns from a variety of instruments.
– Control the swing, note length, octave range, and other characteristics for each arpeggio phrase in real time.
– Select and change the scale being played. That allows you to use Touch Control Function and you can modify the sound by sliding your finger vertically or vibrating your finger horizontally on the Keyboard.
– The velocity can be changed depending by adjusting the strength of the tap on the iPad screen, or use the ribbon controller displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

Drum Pad
– For each of the 16 drum pads, you can assign 5 notes at a specific velocity which allows you to play chords with one finger as well as multiple percussion instruments.
– Separate notes can be assigned to the left and right sides of a pad along with their velocities for more intricate performances. The velocity can be controlled by the strength of the tap on the iPad screen.
– You can also use the built-in step sequencer of each pad, to easily create a rhythm track.
– The Learn function can be used to easily assign a chord to a pad using the keyboard displayed at the bottom of the screen or using the keyboard of an external MIDI device.
– There are 64 user templates that can be customized and saved.

MIDI Loop Sequencer/Recorder
– Overdubbing enables the blending of various layers of sound in one recording.
– In addition to standard recording, you can also record loops of varying lengths.
– Quantizing and recording speed can be adjusted, and a pre-count can also be set.
– It can be stored up to five songs.

Ribbon Controller
– Use the ribbon controller to change velocity, pitch, and assignable parameters.

Synth Arp & Drum Pad is available for $3.99 for a limited time.

Kaossonome For iPad
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Kaossonome For iPad

What would happen if you crossed a Monome with a Kaossilator? You would get the Kaossonome by Alexander Randon, an instrument inspired by Korg’s Kaossilator and the Monome. It features Kaoss Pad-like sampling programs and is fully Monome 256 compliant. Additional programs include an algorithmic step sequencer, a beat synced sample chopping performance controller, and many more.

Now you can get the iPad version of this device. It’s called the Arpeggionome. The Arpeggionome is a musical instrument designed specifically for the iPad. With the Arpeggionome, you can design and perform intricate patterns of musical notes at incredible speeds and with precise control.

The Performance Matrix is the Arpeggionome’s main musical interface. Touch any Control Point in the Performance Matrix to trigger the notes in the pattern.
• Move your finger left and right to set the reference-note of the pattern.
• Move your finger up and down to set the pattern’s speed. 

• Control up to 480 notes per second, nearly 30,000 notes per minute.

The iPad’s accelerometer controls vibrato and tremolo.

• For expressive changes in pitch, tilt the iPad left and right to apply vibrato.
• For expressive changes in volume, tilt the iPad forward and backward to apply tremolo.

Eight touch-knobs are used to design the Arpeggionome’s pattern. The touch-knobs are also great for performance. They can be changed in real-time, and then double-tapped back to their saved value.

• Key & Scale – sets the key and scale of the pattern.
• Octave Range – sets the starting and ending octaves of the pattern.
• Octave Style – sets how the pattern moves between octaves
• Control Range – sets the placement of the Control Points.
• Notes – sets the number of unique notes that will be triggered
• Step Distance – sets the distance between each note of the pattern
• Notes Style – sets how the pattern moves between notes
• Tempo – Sets

 the global tempo.

The Arpeggionome includes a Pattern Library with a wide selection of presets. You can also save your own patterns to the Pattern Library.


The Arpeggionome provides visual feedback for your position in the Performance Matrix, every note you trigger, vibrato amount, and tremolo amount.

• Your position in the Performance Matrix is represented by the intersection of two green lines.

• Every note you trigger flashes green in the keyboard above the Performance Matrix.

• Vibrato and tremolo are represented by the two sliders below the Performance Matrix.

• Includes an interactive tutorial.

• Can be used as a tool for learning music theory.
• iPad HD ready.

The Arpeggionome is available for $4.99

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