Positive Grid iOS Apps On Sale
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Get the Positive Grid BIAS Pedal Distortion for iOS and plug-in for free but act fast you have until January 2nd 2017!!

BIAS Pedal Distortion for IOS – Download the free BIAS Pedal app and purchase for free the IAP Distortion. BIAS Pedal uses the same logic of our revolutionary BIAS Amp designer, allowing you to virtually create your own pedal from circuit guts to the transistors. It’s seamlessly integrated with BIAS FX, so now you can add your custom pedal to your BIAS FX pedalboard. You can also download thousands of customized pedals in our new BIAS Pedal tonecloud.

Get BIAS Pedal here FREE BIAS Pedal – Positive Grid Inc

Positive Grid is an industry leader in audio processing, guitar effects, and amp simulators for iOS musicians. Now is your chance to load up on Positive Grid apps and expansion packs!!

JamUp Pro – sale $4.99 was $19.99 All Access Pack – $24.99 was $49.99 JamUp Pro – Positive Grid Inc

GoBeats Jam App – FREE GoBeats – Positive Grid Inc

BIAS FX Mobile – sale $9.99 was $29.99 Expansion Packs – sale $4.99 was $9.99 BIAS FX – Positive Grid Inc

BIAS Amp Mobile – sale $4.99 was $19.99 BIAS Amp for iPhone – Positive Grid Inc

Final Touch – sale $2.99 was $19.99 Final Touch – Audio Mastering, Post Production and Mixing – Positive Grid Inc

GuitarTone Guitar Effects With AudioBus Support
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GuitarTone Guitar Effects For iOS

Inspired by the ultimate collection of legendary and boutique amps and effect pedals, GuitarTone offers a vast array of high quality tones. Sonoma passionately created tonal interpretations of essential vintage and custom amps, pedals and microphones, and assembled them into GuitarTone. GuitarTone includes three amps and three effects with additional tones available for $9.99 per 12-pack. Sonoma has launched an update to GuitarTone that includes universal compatibility on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, double cab for iPad and iPhone 5, improved tone for all amps and effects, a noise gate, improved tuner, additional presets and previews, and more.

What’s New in Version 2.1.0

Audiobus added, GuitarJack Model 2 24-bit firmware update and bug fixes.

Audiobus Input and Filter support now included: Record your guitar with the great sounds of GuitarTone in Audiobus enabled apps, like GarageBand, or filter the output of another app, like NLogSynth, before recording it.

GuitarJack Model 2 24-bit firmware update: Update firmware on your GuitarJack Model 2 iOS I/O interface to get full 24-bit recording and playback using apps that support those features. Also, with this firmware update, input level controls in GarageBand and Multitrack DAW now work with GuitarJack Model 2. See sonomawireworks.com for instructions on how to update your firmware.

GuitarTone sounds best with Sonoma’s GuitarJack Model 2 audio I/O interface with 1/4 inch input, 1/8″ stereo input, an 1/8″ stereo headphone/line out with increased drive, 24-bit AD/DA converters, impeccable sound and no discernible noise.

GuitarTone Features
• 3 effects: Phaser, Drive+ and Va-Room
• 3 amps: ’60 Slant, Custom and Tweed Blues
• More amps and effects: 12 more amps and 12 more effects are free while GuitarJack is connected, or $9.99 per 12-pack
• Each AmpPack includes several amp styles inspired by iconic and boutique gear: See sonomawireworks.com for which amps inspired these tones
• Each PedalPack includes a variety of effects: Modulators, Wahs, Distortions, Tools and Time Stretchers
• Every cabinet has four microphone options: Dynamic, Condensor, Ribbon, and Precision mics can be used with any amp
• Amp and effect presets: Dozens of hand-crafted presets are included, making it easy to find the tone you need
• Hundreds of amp, cab, pedal, and mic combinations: Arrange, adjust, and save favorites as unique presets
• Pre and post effects: Drag one or more effects into an effects chain before or after the amp
• Control panel for Sonoma’s incredible sounding audio input/output interface: Select the input (1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line) and adjust the input levels (60 dB of continuous level control)
• Free high visibility tuner

• Double Cab – the ultimate guitar tone with stereo guitar cabinets – two cabinet and/or microphone combinations at the same time create a killer sound (only on iPhone 5 and iPad)

• Preset Board for quickly jumping between favorite presets (only on iPhone 5 and iPad)

• Noise Gate reduces unwanted noise, with fast mode for high gain amps to produce super crunchy metal tones

• The Amp’s Power button now bypasses both the amp and cabinets, so you can use the pedals by themselves or through your own rig!

• Universal app for use on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

• Improved amp model and tone stack for all amps. Cascading tube amp design responds like a real amp

• Lower latency on newer devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th gen.), iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2)

• More than 60 presets

Add-On Packs: Listen to Previews on Sonomawireworks.com and in the app
• AmpPack 1: 12 amps for $9.99 or free while GuitarJack Model 2 is connected (55, ’60, Straight, Black Deluxe, Boost 30, Brilliant 15, Brit Blues, Closed Back Slant, Deviator, Nickeltone 84/64, One-off, Pedal Steel and Tweed Twin)
• AmpPack 2: 12 amps for $9.99 (100 Slant, 100 Straight, San Antone, Classic Blues, Closed Back, Gambler, Meister, Nickeltone 64/84?, Rootbeer 30, Snakeskin, Tweed Deluxe and Tweed Prince)
• PedalPack 1: 12 effects for $9.99 or free while GuitarJack Model 2 is connected (12AX7, Autowah, Chorus, Classic Wah, Compressor, Delay, Funk Wah, Reverb, Scoop, Treble +, Uranium Fuzz and Vibrato)
• PedalPack 2: 12 effects for $9.99 (Bass Autowah, BP Sweep, HP Sweep, LP Sweep, Parametric EQ, Pocketavia, Smooth OD, Warped Flange, Tape Delay, Tremelo, Triode and Chrome Wah)

GuitarTone 1.1 is included in Sonoma’s FourTrack (iPhone) and StudioTrack (iPad) apps, allowing you to capture great sounding guitar tone in critically acclaimed multitrack recording apps. Amp and effect packs purchased in GuitarTone are activated in FourTrack (iPhone) and StudioTrack (iPad).

Minimum Requirements:

• iOS 5 or higher
• iPhone 4, iPad mini, iPad, iPod touch (4th generation) or newer

GuitarTone is available for $1.99

IK Multimedia Amplitube For iPad
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IK Multimedia Amplitube For iPad

MAJOR UPDATE WITH NEW SLASH GEAR MODELS! Plus Digital Audio, MIDI control, new Mixer/Recorder, new Copy/Paste, full retina support, FTP and SoundCloud upload and more…

Turn your iPad® into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor and mobile recording studio! Use iRig or iRig STOMP interface to connect your guitar to your iPhone®/iPod touch®/iPad and use iRig MIDI to control AmpliTube with your floor controller. Or use StealthPlug with the Apple® Camera Connection Kit to take full advantages of the new digital audio in/out support.

Play, practice and record anytime, anywhere with world-class guitar and bass ultra-realistic tones and effects, including Fender™ and the newly released Slash gear models, plus full multitrack from the leader in analog gear modeling software for professional recording studios.

AmpliTube for iPad puts an entire guitar/bass rig at your fingertips with 4 stompbox effects amp-head, cabinet and microphone. Choose from 11 built-in stompbox effects (delay, fuzz, overdrive, wah, envelope filter, chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, noise filter + distortion once registered), 5 amps (clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass) with full controls, 5 speaker cabinets and 2 microphones (dynamic and condenser).

Plus you can expand your rig à la carte with more effects – compressor, reverb, parametric EQ, graphic EQ and limiter – also suitable for other instruments and vocals – as well as add the entire suite of 5 amps and 5 effects of AmpliTube Fender™, 2 amps and 6 effects of AmpliTube Slash or 5 effects from VocaLive available via in-app purchase.

Capture ideas quickly with the built-in recorder and mixer featuring re-amping effects capabilities, and then share your track by exporting high quality audio files or M4As with FTP and SoundCloud upload.

You can expand the included recorder to a full professional multitrack studio by adding the 8-track recorder plus master effects section (via in-app purchase) to record your band or produce full songs directly in AmpliTube.

Play along with songs or backing tracks by importing them directly from your device iPod library or from your computer. Includes our popular SpeedTrainer learning/practice feature which can slow down or speed up the tempo of audio material without affecting pitch. A digital chromatic tuner and metronome are also included.

AmpliTube for iPad features:

– Real-time guitar and bass mobile multiFX + recording app
– Full rig with 4 simultaneous stompboxes + amp head + cabinet + mic
– 11 Stomps, 5 Amps, 5 Cabinets, 2 Mics
– Expandable with more gear models (via in-app purchase): 5 effects suitable for other instruments/vocals, 5 official Fender™ amps and 5 stomp models, 2 official Slash amps and 6 stomp models, 5 VocaLive vocal-oriented effects
– Single track recorder expandable to 8-track studio with master effects (via in-app purchase)
– Import and play songs as backing tracks from your iPod library or computer
– Export via E-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or File Sharing
– Audio Copy/Paste
– Slow down/speed up the tempo of imported songs without affecting pitch
– NO VOICE feature removes the lead vocal or guitar solo from imported songs
– Powerful preset system to manage presets and favorites
– Tuner/metronome
– Digital audio in/out
– MIDI controllable (available as in-app purchase and free for iRig MIDI users)
– Low-latency for real time playing
– FREE version also available

Amplitube is available for both iPad and iPhone. iPad $19.99

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