Songbirds relaxing music maker app
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Playful Music Creation from Pelican. Pelican 7 are developers of Lily [$1.99], which is another cross between an interactive musical game and a touchscreen musical instrument.

Create melodies and sequence notes with a very relaxing visual display. Unfortunately there is no support for Audiobus or IAA so getting audio from this app will take a bit of ingenuity. It does sound amazing so I hope to see some useful updates in the future.

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Soundscaper Offers New Ways To Control Morphing
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SoundScaperSoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles.

With this application you can easily experiment with creating new and unusual sounds from ordinary samples. For sound designers and those interested in creating ambient or experimental electronic music, with filtering and mixing of up to three oscillators, you can create excellent soundscapes, textures and drones for your music or for movie soundtrack or entertainment apps and games. With complete MIDI control this application is very comfortable and powerful instrument to use for real-time sound creation and live improvisation.The oscillators, based on simulating schematics of actual 8 bit lofi sound playback chips, have circuit bending like controls that are ideal for making glitches, noises, crackles and granular sounds. Combined with the filtering and spatial mixing options, you can expand these sounds to deep and atmospheric textures. Finally you can add motion and continuous changes to your sounds via low frequency oscillators which can control the filter and mixer parameters.

The “Morphing scene” option gives you ability of smooth switching between scenes, applying multifunctional filters and changing oscillators parameters during morphing process. Using these features you can add a new dimension to the existing scenes varying them in the real time.

What’s inside:


  • Three sample-based oscillators with control based on circuit bending principles.
  • Three Low / High / Band – pass filters and two range delay for each oscillator.
  • Spatial mixer / reverb with side and distance for each sound source.
  • Three low frequency oscillators for automation mixer and filters.
  • Possibility of generating parameters for each oscillator randomly.
  • Scenes for storing all parameters of oscillators, filters and mixer.
  • Morphing with smooth changes scenes with additional effects in real-time.
  • Built-in library of natural samples grouped by categories.
  • Set of ready-to-use presets for oscillators.


Additional features:

  • Advanced control panel for all faders and rotary knobs.
  • Individual equalizer and reverb options for each sound source in the spatial mixer.
  • Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and most other elements.
  • Uploading samples through Dropbox, Web access, clipboard and from other apps.
  • Different color schemes available for the user interface.
  • Detailed application description (also in signle PDF).
  • Supports Audiobus with “State Saving” feature.
  • Inter-App audio compatible.


Fourth generation of iPad and higher is recommended (especially with Inter-app audio and Audiobus).

Demo of oscillator presets and creating new sounds:

Demo of filters, morphing scene and feedback effect:


Sonoria Ambient Soundscape App
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Sonoria Ambient Soundscape App

Sonoria is a touch musical generator. It is a part of an upcoming series of musical toys which can be used for fun of for artistic performances. Sonoria is particularly oriented towards noise, suggestive, deep musical soundscapes. Touch the screen to produce sounds. Combine touch with phone rotation to change panning and other sound parameters.


Strange Attractor App Review
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Real-time Ambient Effects Processor For iPad

I decided to experiment with this app today and sadly I have been a bit let down. My plan was to use my iPad iO Dock as an audio interface so that I can send a stereo set of 1/4″ cables from a sound source (in this case a synth on my iPhone) into the iO Dock and then into the app Strange Attractor. The output from the iO Dock stereo pair of 1/4″ cables would then go into my mixer. Unfortunately this did not work. The app does not support audio input from the iO Dock. It only works with audio coming in through the headset mic or the internal microphone which means there is no way to get a stereo set of 1/4″ cables to a mixer and there is no way to get an isolated sound source into the app. I have sent the manufacturer a message with hopes that there is some kinda of setting that I’m missing but I kinda doubt it. I actually really like the sounds generated from this app and it has potential to be a really cool when used in a professional situation IMO if they fixed this issue.

Strange Attractor iPad App Review Set Up

Strange Attractor iPad App Review Set Up

Here is what iTunes says – Strange Attractor is a novel sound generator and effects processor based on chaos theory. At its heart is a feedback system which can spontaneously oscillate, or respond to incoming sounds, processing them into fractal sonic textures.

It generates a wide range of undulating sounds, controlled by touch, which slowly evolve in unpredictable ways. The sound is visualised as an ever-changing dynamic form.

Strange Attractor is available for $2.99

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