Ninja Jamm Ninja Tune iPhone App
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Ninja Jamm Ninja Tune App

Ninja Jamm is a free mixing and jamming app that lets anyone remix music. I love the music on this label. So stoked to remix some of their sounds.


✓ Touch, tilt + shake, to cut, effect, glitch + mix
✓ Fire one shot bonus samples over your mix
✓ Artists include Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff
✓ Upload and share mixes on Soundcloud
✓ Share mixes via Facebook, Twitter +Tumblr
✓ New interactive ‘Tunepack’ format
✓ Tunepack’s contain HD lossless audio
✓ Download Tunepack’s in-app
✓ Audio supplied direct from the artist
✓ Includes a cut’n’paste classic by Coldcut
✓ Purchase Tunepacks from Ninja artists in-app
✓ Regular releases by Ninja Tune + guests

The included Tunepack Beats and Pieces3 by Coldcut, is from the DJ duo who helped define both the modern REMIX with ‘Paid in Full’ and the MASHUP with ‘Journeys By DJ’.

Unlike many other music apps, the experience is very hands-on, intuitive and immediate. Instant remixing functions let anyone dive right in, yet Ninja Jamm is deep enough to engage DJs, musicians and producers.

Ninja Jamm is available for FREE

Richard Devine Glitch Breaker Remix Contest
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Tabletop Music Workstation For iPad

Ready. Set. Remix!

Join the Tabletop Richard Devine Glitch Breaker remix contest. In order to do so you have to purchase FIVE in app instruments.

You can not get access to all the samples without purchasing at least the MPC expansion. You can find the song Glitch Breaker Demo inside the Tabletop in-app community called Cloudseeder.

Step 1 Click on the Soundcloud link

Step 1 Click on the Soundcloud link

Step 2 Select featured then Richard Devine then hit the "Session" button

Step 2 Select featured then Richard Devine then hit the “Session” button

To celebrate the new update for Tabletop Retronyms is making a call for remixes! Download the Glitchbreaker Session right in Tabletop. You get access to all of the custom samples, sequencing, and arrangement. Remix to your heart’s content. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Tabletop is a free app and you must purchase the in app expansions to join in the contest.

Mangle Audio On Beat With ExtraSlice For iPhone
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ExtraSlice iPhone App

ExtraSlice by Strange Agency allows you to juggle beats, chop, screw, shuffle, dice, and slice audio loops on the fly. They also make one of my very favorite apps called MegaCurtis.

ExtraSlice For iPhone

ExtraSlice For iPhone

ExtraSlice is available for $0.99

Free Landwhale App For iPhone
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Free Landwhale App For iPhone

@holdernessmedia has announced this free app for remixing tunes by Electronic music artist Landwhale. The UI is based on their Waviary app.

The Landwhale app features introspective, atmospheric electronic music that spans genres from 80s synth-pop to contemporary dub influenced electronica. Vocal samples are twisted into deep, haunting tones that blend seamlessly with lush, moody soundscapes.

The music is simultaneously ambient and beat-oriented, merging other-worldly textures and dense rhythmic patterns in a style that recalls Aphex Twin, Radiohead and Burial.

This is a universal app. Also works on iPad.


Remixer iPod Remix App
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Remixer iPhone Remix App

Remixer by Mode2 Apps allows you to Remix, loop and re-arrange your favorite music live while it plays without ever breaking the beat!

Advanced audio analysis splits your music into loop-able segments that can be re-arranged at will, live as it plays. Repeat and enhance the parts you like while jumping through parts you dislike.

Create you own remixes for you favorite music and share them with your friends by email or as a new high quality AIF audio file.

Remixer App Screenshot


✔ Load tracks directly from your iPod library.

✔ Seamlessly jump between different music bars without breaking the beat.

✔ Visualize your music with colors. Blue for bass, green for voice, red for drums. Know where to seek just by looking at the color flow over the nodes and beats.

✔ Perfect loops at anytime never breaking the beat.

✔ Two timelines… one with the original music sequence and the other, editable for use in longer loops or entire track remixes.

✔ Quickly build complex loops grabbing different segments from the music as it plays.

✔ Tap any node to set it as the next one to play (yellow frame). Currently playing node shows with a red frame.

✔ Touch and hold over a node to grab it. You can add, remove and re-arrange nodes in the bottom timeline.

✔ Swipe down on a node from the top timeline to add it at the end of bottom timeline. Swipe down on a node form the bottom timeline to remove it.

✔ Automatically saves your custom remix for each track. Just reload a track and the last remix for that track will be automatically restored.

✔ Export your remix by email (just a node sequence, receiver needs to have the same music in his iPod library) or as raw AIF audio file in documents (access it from iTunes app file sharing).

✔ Support for Air Play, Bluetooth streaming, background audio playback and remote control events. Includes 5 different skins to choose from (selectable though Settings app).

✔ Advanced edit mode allows you to manually align the loops by sliding the loop window offset up or down by one beat or 1% of the window size. Custom offsets are stored for next time you reload the track.

✔ Perfect with electronic music and rock. Make sure to try artists such as Alien Project, The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Beastie Boys, The Prodigy, CSS and others!


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