SquashIt Multi-band Distortion For iPad
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“Squashit by Klevgränd Produktion is a lovely multi-band distortion effect for iPad. Squashit is very rich sounding AND it supports IAA. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to add a really fat and rich sounding distortion effect to their audio chain. It’s very crunchy and warm and yet very tame in regards to how perfect the distortion sounds. The UI is very responsive. No digital clipping either! Just a really solid sounding distortion. There is also a free audio unit plugin with the exact same algorithms and UI.” Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle) – iPadloops.com

This audio effect filter provides an unique distortion algorithm and should be essential in every music producers toolset. SquashIt doesn’t sound vintage, it just sounds good. SquashIt is developed by musicians for musicians.

• SquashIt! is Inter app audio (IAA) compatible. This means you can use it with Garageband or other IAA compatible sequencers.

• Load / Save presets.

• Remembers hosts (will automatically load last used settings when a host connects)

• Low cpu usage

• Simple but yet powerful user interface

Squashit is available for .99 cents.

Bram Bos Troublemaker Review Tutorial
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Acid Techno is easy with Troublemaker by Bram Bos. A TB-303 inspired audio unit synthesizer with step sequencer. In this video I will 1) Show you how to create a pattern in Troublemaker and export the midi into Cubasis 2) Use Troublemaker in Cubasis as an audio unit 3) Run Troublemaker through Squashit multi band distortion. I hope you enjoy it! PS – 600 subscribers!! Thank you for the support over the years.

Note: Troublemaker requires iPad 4/Mini 2/iPhone 5S/iPod Touch 6 or higher

Introducing Troublemaker: this is not a 303

The legendary TB-303 has magical properties; it is filled to the brim with analog shimmer. Its output jack is a gateway to a parallel universe and when you twiddle the filter knobs an army of highly trained pixies chisel the square waves from freshly harvested unicorn souls. So if you want a TB-303, you should buy a TB-303. But if you’re after *that sound* Troublemaker will give you everything you need in spades.

Troublemaker sports a carefully crafted diode filter emulation and among the available oscillators are the typical raspy, nasal sawtooth and rubbery squarewave with its oddball shape and shifting pulsewidth.

It also has the wow.

Troublemaker is fully Audio Unit (AUv3) compatible, so you can go wild running multiple instances in your favorite DAWs.

It also has:
– Ableton Link synchronization,
– MIDI CC mapping,
– Core Midi, Virtual Midi, Bluetooth Midi input,
– Audiobus support
– Exports MID and WAV files from the standalone sequencer

And unlike the TB-303, it can actually sound like a bass guitar 😉

Get Troublemaker

Squashit here http://ipadloops.com/?s=squashit

Cubasis 2 here http://ipadloops.com/?s=Cubasis

Winter Music App Holiday Sales 2016!
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***CONTEST!! We are giving away 5 Poison 202 synthesizer promo codes on Christmas EVE! Visit the promo code page and send us a message for your chance to win. http://ipadloops.com/music-app-promo-codes/


MOOG Model 15 – Moog Music Inc.

MOOG Animoog – Moog Music Inc.

MOOG Filtatron – Moog Music Inc.


76 Synthesizer 76 Synthesizer – Never Be Normal

AAccompanist sale price $4.99 (was $5.99) AAccompanist – Walter Schurter

AD 480 pro sale price $9.99 (was $14.99) AD 480 pro – Reverb for Audiobus & Interapp Audio – Thomas Fiedler

Addictive Pro sale price $11.99 (was $19.99) Addictive Pro – VirSyn

Aleph Looper sale price $4.99 (was $9.99) Aleph Looper – Secret Base Design

Arpeggionome for iPhone sale price $1.99 (was $4.99) Arpeggionome for iPhone – A New Musical Instrument – Alexandernaut

Arpeggionome Pro sale price $4.99 (was $9.99) Arpeggionome Pro – A New Musical Instrument – Alexandernaut

Arpeggist sale price $4.99 (was $7.99) Arpeggist – VirSyn

AudioReverb sale price $4.99 (was $6.99) AudioReverb – VirSyn

AUM – Audio Mixer – Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl) $18.99

Caramel sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) Caramel – Crunch and Crusher Effects Processor – Holderness Media

Crystalline sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) Crystalline Mini – Shimmer Reverb Effects Processor – Holderness Media

Cubasis 2 sale price $24.99 (was $49.99) Cubasis 2 – Mobile Music Creation System – Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Cubase iC Pro – Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH sale price $49.99 now $24.99

Cube Synth sale price $7.99 (was $11.99) Cube Synth – VirSyn

Cyclop iPad Edition sale price $14.99 (was $24.99) Cyclop iPad Edition – Sugar Bytes GmbH

djay 2 sale price $0.99 (was $4.99) djay 2 – algoriddim GmbH

djay 2 for iPhone sale price $0.99 (was $2.99) djay 2 for iPhone – algoriddim GmbH

djay Pro sale price $9.99 (was $19.99) djay Pro for iPhone – algoriddim GmbH

Echo Pad sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) Echo Pad – Multi Effects Processor – Holderness Media

Effectrix sale price $9.99 (was $17.99) Effectrix – Sugar Bytes GmbH

Egoist sale price $14.99 (was $29.99) Egoist – Sugar Bytes GmbH

Elastic Drums sale price $4.99 (was $9.99) Elastic Drums – O-G-SUS

Enkl – monophonic synthesizer – Klevgränd produkter AB $5.99

Emo Chorus sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) Emo Chorus – VirSyn

fluXpad sale price $3.99 (was $7.99) fluXpad – MoMinstruments GbR

Fugue Machine sale price $4.99 (was $9.99) Fugue Machine | multi-playhead sequencer – Alexandernaut

GlitchBreaks sale price $1.99 (was $4.99) GlitchBreaks – Alex Matheu

GuitarCapo+ sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) GuitarCapo+ – TonApp AS

GuitarTone sale price $1.99 (was $2.99) GuitarTone – Sonoma Wire Works

Harmony Voice sale price $4.99 (was $6.99) Harmony Voice – VirSyn

iCathedral Organ sale price $13.99 (was $19.99) iCathedral Organ – Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte

iSEM Synthesizer – Arturia $4.99

Infinite Looper sale price $14.99 (was $19.99) Infinite Looper – Secret Base Design

iVoxel sale price $4.99 (was $6.99) iVoxel – VirSyn

iSymphonic Orchestra – Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte $24.99

Johnny v$2.99 (was $4.99) Johnny Magic Soundboard – Johnny Magic LLC

Jussi – Vocal Synthesizer – Klevgränd produkter AB $7.99

Korvpressor – smart dynamic hotdog device – Klevgränd produkter AB $7.99

Master FX sale price $6.99 (was $11.99) Master FX – Classic effects – iMusicAlbum

microTERA sale price $4.99 (was $9.99) microTERA – VirSyn

MIDI Designer Pro 2 sale price $14.99 (was $24.99) MIDI Designer Pro 2 – Confusion Studios LLC

modstep – AppBC $9.99

Music Studio sale price $9.99 (was $14.99) Music Studio – Alexander Gross

Navichord sale price $3.99 (was $7.99) Navichord – intuitive chord sequencer and MIDI controller – Denis Kutuzov

NOIZ: Make Epic Music sale price $0.99 (was $1.99) NOIZ: Make Epic Music – Studio Amplify

Notetracks sale price $4.99 (was $9.99) Notetracks – a collaborative platform to review, record and share your music ideas. – Notetracks Inc.

Oriental Strings sale price $6.99 (was $9.99) Oriental Strings – Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte

Phasemaker – Bram Bos $9.99

Poseidon Synth sale price $11.99 (was $19.99) Poseidon Synth – VirSyn

Quantiloop sale price $5.99 (was $9.99) Quantiloop – Live Quantizing Looper – Stephan Marx

RF-1 – Kai Aras $5.99

RP-1 – Kai Aras $5.99

RMX-1000 for iPad sale price $9.99 (was $19.99) RMX-1000 for iPad – Pioneer DJ Corporation

SilQ Equalizer – 32 Band Stereo Equalizer – TonApp AS (Was $4.99 now 0.99)

SECTOR sale price $6.99 (was $8.99) SECTOR – Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

SilQ Equalizer sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) SilQ Equalizer – 32 Band Stereo Equalizer – TonApp AS

Sliver sale price $1.99 (was $5.99) Sliver – Alex Matheu

SquashIt multiband distortion – Klevgränd produkter AB $4.99

Stereo Designer sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) Stereo Designer Mini – Stereo Shaper and Mid/Side Processor – Holderness Media

Stroke Machine sale price $9.99 (was $19.99) Stroke Machine – Wolfram Franke

Svep – phaser, flanger, chorus – Klevgränd produkter AB FREE!!

Swoopster sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) Swoopster Mini – Fuzz Flanger Effect Processor – Holderness Media

Symphony Pro sale price $7.99 (was $9.99) Symphony Pro – Xenon Labs, LLC

Tap Delay sale price $4.99 (was $6.99) Tap Delay – VirSyn

Tera Synth sale price $11.99 (was $19.99) Tera Synth – VirSyn

Thesys sale price $9.99 (was $14.99) Thesys – Sugar Bytes GmbH

Turnado sale price $9.99 (was $19.99) Turnado – Sugar Bytes GmbH

Vandelay multiband echo device – Klevgränd produkter AB $2.99

VoxSyn sale price $6.99 (was $9.99) VoxSyn – VirSyn

WeDJ for iPad sale price $2.99 (was $4.99) WeDJ for iPhone – Pioneer DJ Corporation

WeDJ for iPhone Free (was $0.99) WeDJ for iPhone – Pioneer DJ Corporation

WOW Filterbox sale price $9.99 (was $14.99) WOW Filterbox – Sugar Bytes GmbH

WretchUp sale price $0.99 (was $2.99) WretchUp – MoMinstruments GbR

zMors zMors Modular – mobile only $9.99

Klevgrand Audio Effects Now AU3 Audio Unit
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Klevgränd goes AUv3! After a few months of silence, Klevgränd Produkter is finally releasing updates of most of their iOS apps to support the Audio Unit Extension format. The major advantage of the AUv3 format is that it enables multiple instances of the same plug-in running at the same time. To celebrate this, Klevgränd also offers the ’Klevgränd Dynamics Suite’, a discounted bbundle with Korvpressor, PressIt, Esspresso and SquashIt for only $21.99 (save $6.97)


SquashIt – $4.99 MULTIBAND DISTORTION (V1.2)

Korvpressor – $7.99 SMART DYNAMIC HOTDOG DEVICE (V1.1)


Esspresso – $7.99 PROFESSIONAL DE-ESSER (V1.1)

Svep – $2.99 FLANGER, PHASER, CHORUS (V1.1)

Get the bundle Klevgränd Produktion AB Bundle

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