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TB MIDI Stuff is a generic modular MIDI control surface for iPad. You can create your own pages, or use the built-in MIDI keyboard (with Arpeggiator, modulation wheel, pitch wheel and accelerometer velocity), the built-in Pads controller (with customizable pads banks, accelerometer velocity, transposition, full velocity mode and repeat mode) or the 16 channels MIDI mixer (pan, volume and mute).

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

For TBMS v1.x users, please read the migration guide on our website before installing TBMS v2.0 !!!

Entirely rebuilt, TB MIDI Stuff v2.0 adds a lot of new features like :
– Universal App (can open TB MIDI Tiny Stuff pages)
– Up to 128 pages can be opened at the same time (even on iPad 1st Gen !!!), organized on a 2D pages canvas
– Visual Control Selector
– Variables (Application, Page, User and Control)
– Brand New Controls : Pick List and Piano Keyboard (with Arpeggiator Track on each)
– Full RGB colors on controls
– Custom Image Backgrounds
– Custom Tooltips on Sliders
– Gyroscope support with compatible devices (Pitch/Roll simulation on iPad 1)

And more…

New OSC message kind : Splited X/Y messages
Page Editor : Select All
Control Settings : MIDI messages arrays unifications
Multitouch XY Pads (up to 5 touches)
Add shapes on Modern Drum Pads (Rectangle, Arrows, Ellipse, Diamond & Hexagons)
New page category : Keyboard
Wicky-Hayden note layout pages
Reduce memory footprint (remove memory manager which is obsolete)

More features:

– Bi directional SysEx
– OSC messages In/Out
– The Missing Link™ In/Out (zero configuration with its native drivers, TB MIDI Stuff does all for you !!!)
– Brand New Control : Jog Wheel
– New Pages Manager
– Pre defined scales on Value Notes
– Memory Manager
– Reduce Memory Footprint
– System Messages
– Song Select Messages
– Multi-bytes SysEx values
– Text values SysEx : Labels can be dynamic with SysEx and/or OSC messages (received only)
– Numeric entry for MSB/LSB on RNP/NRPN
– New Horizontal gesture on Knobs & Jog Wheels
– Brand New Control : Jog Wheel
– Increased accelerometer update rate

(The Missing Link is a trademark of Jabrudian Industries LLC)

More great features:

Checksums on SysEx
Touch Messages on sliders, faders, knobs, ribbons & XY pads
XY Touch Tracking on drum pads
Y Touch Tracking on Piano Keys
Steps on sliders, faders, knobs, ribbons & XY pads
“Value Notes” : transform every slider, fader, knob, ribbon & XY pad into small keyboard with user defined range and scale
Min/Max sliders on RPN/NRPN messages was replaced by number field.
Vertical Ribbon
Label Rotation
Controls filter on value displayers (TB Stuff only)
Speed up launch time
Minor fixes and improvements

The built-in page editor lets you create your own pages. It contains some useful stuffs like pasteboard, undo manager, multi selection or z-order managment. The built-in keyboard, the pads controller and all drum pads in your custom pages can use Accelerometer Velocity for notes On messages. All pads (including drum pads) can fire multiple notes to create “one hit” configurations (each note can use or not the accelerometer velocity). You also can create any pads banks you need for the pads controller. All pages and pads banks can be shared via iTunes with a desktop computer.

TB MIDI Stuff use CoreMidi : you can use any supported device, like the native WiFi driver or the camera connection kit with an external sound card. Each page can use a different CoreMidi driver. Also works with Virtual MIDI Ports applications capable.

Controls can use the iPad accelerometer as input (even faders and knobs), in each dimension (X, Y, Z or, for XY Pads, a mix of them).

The application library contains :

– Rotary sliders
– Horizontal sliders
– Vertical sliders
– Horizontal faders (with different colors)
– Vertical faders (with different colors)
– Mixer knobs (with different colors and flavors)
– Drum Pads
– XY Pads
– Value displayers
– Rounded rects
– Labels
– Fix crash when you try to load pages on iOS 4.3
– Fix virtual MIDI port naming
– Add 4 virtual MIDI Out ports

Each control can drive simultaneously multiple MIDI messages like Control Change messages (single 7bits and coarse/fine 14bits), RNP/NRPN messages (7 and 14bits), Pitch Bend messages, Program Changes messages, Note On/Off messages.

You can open up to 32 pages simultaneously. You can change pages with three fingers swipe gesture, manage the pages order, open multiple instances of the same page and change the MIDI Out driver or the MIDI Out channel (or both) without entering the editor for each instance.

Swipe shortcuts (1, 2 and 3 fingers) let you access quickly to the MIDI keyboard, the pads controller or the 16 channels mixer.

TB MIDI Stuff contains some demo pages and 7 pads banks. For the pads banks :

– Default Bank
– Drum Kit (GM)
– Fifth
– Major Chords
– Minor Chords
– Simple Chord Generator
– Velocity

TB Midi Stuff is available for $4.99

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