UPDATE: Echo Pad Ver 1 4 6 Adds Wow and Flutter Effects
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Real-time echo and looper effect for iOS

Echo Pad is a real-time Multi-FX processor compatible with Audiobus including: Tape Echo, Stereo Delay, Shimmer Delay, Smooth Filter, Decimator, Flanger, Distortion, Loopers and more. Effects are controlled by a large multi-touch pad on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device.

What’s New in Version 1.4.6
– updated graphics

– new Wow and Flutter slider emulates subtle pitch shifts that occur on vintage tape echoes due to slight mechanical tape speed fluctuations, worn tape, etc.

To access Wow and Flutter, touch and hold the BLUE control ring for 0.5 second. Touch and hold again to hide the panel of sliders.

– minor bugfixes

Supports Audiobus! Apply FX to other apps!
– Effect
– Input
– Output

Process live audio from nearly any input source, including Audiobus compatible apps, the built in mic, or a professional audio interface such as the Apogee Jam, Apogee MIC, iRig, and more.

Record and automate your effect parameter movements using the Motion Looper. Use the sound on sound looper to create layered soundscapes, capture samples, process and resample for creative sound design, and more. Use the “scratch loopers” to record or import an audio file and scratch it by manipulating the playback speed/direction by dragging. Export and share loops using AudioCopy/Paste, or share them directly to the AudioShare file management app. Connect your device to iTunes on your Mac/PC to access your recordings and loops in iTunes File Sharing.


● Supports Audiobus Effect, Input, and Output
● Full stereo input and effects processing
● Realtime analog style delay/looper
● 16 Effects
● Multi-touch XY control of effect parameters + stereo panning for expressive control
● Automate effects paramters using the Motion Looper.
● Sound on sound looper with feedback control for creating layered loops on the fly
● Dual mini scratch loopers – record a loop, then scratch like a turntable
● Universal app
● supports iPhone 5 screen
● supports Background audio

● Works with headphones as well as most iOS and professional USB audio interfaces including:
■ Apogee Jam
■ Apogee Mic
■ iRig
■ iRig iMic
■ Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (*requires USB hub)
■ Apogee ONE (*requires external power thru USB hub)
■ Apogee GIO (*requires external power thru USB hub)
■ many more

● Audiobus Effect, Input, and Output slots
● Audio Copy and Paste for sharing loops and recordings made within Echo Pad, as well as playback and process pasted audio from other apps using Echo Pad in realtime. (General Pasteboard)
● supports NEW “Export to AudioShare” functionality.
Loops and recordings created with Echo Pad can be exported directly to the AudioShare app for easy audio file management.
● recordings & loops are exported to iTunes File Sharing for access on your Mac/PC

Sound design and Control:

● 16 FX types – Tape/analog echo, Stereo Delay, 8-bit echo, Rise, Fall, Reverse, Shimmer, Smooth Filter, Noise, Erratic delay, Distortion 1, Distortion 2, Decimator, Thru-zero Flanger, Reverb, Stereoizer
● LFO assignable to delay time, output filter, or both. Great for subtle to extreme modulated echoes.
● Control FX parameters with multi-touch XY control.
● Save and recall effect settings.
● BPM sync for rhythmic delays.
● Tap tempo to set delay time and global BPM.
● Motion Looper records your movements and loops them to automate effects parameters.
● Sound on sound looper with feedback control for quickly capturing and layering sound.
● Scratch loopers for turntable style control of loop speed/direction.

– iPhone 4s/iPod 5/iPad 2 or newer device recommended.
– Requires iOS 5.1 or later

Echo Pad is available for $3.99

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