SunVox Tracker For iPad
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SunVox iPad App

SunVox is a small and fast multi-platform pattern based sequencer (tracker) with modular synthesizers. With this program you can compose music anywhere. On any device. It also available (for free!) for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Maemo, PalmOS and Windows Mobile. THIS IS AN iPadLoops SITE FAVORITE FOR SURE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Listen to tracks made in SunVox: http://sunvox.blogspot.com/

What’s New in Version 1.7.2

* now XM and MOD files (formats of old trackers) can be loaded without the converter, through the Main Menu -> Load Song; you can find hundreds of these files on this site: modarchive.org;
* extended list of effects for XM/MOD to SunVox conversion;
* new std. pattern effect 30 – use it to stop playing the song;
* new controller in the Reverb module – “All-pass filter”; use it to enable/disable output all-pass filter;
* new controller in the Reverb module – “Room size”;
* added autorepeat mode for the following buttons: HLD (clear current note), OFF (insert Note OFF), INS (insert), BCK (backspace);
* added eight layers for the modules; for example you can place some complicated drum chain on the first layer, and all other synths – on the second layer; layers can be visible together or separately;
* new function “Scale” in the Module menu: use it if you want a smaller or bigger module size for the current project;
* changing the size of the modules by mouse wheel (scroll wheel);
* new module – WaveShaper;
* new module – MetaModule; with this module you can include some external .sunvox song to your project and use this song as synth or effect;
* new options in the Preferences->Recording: Pattern fit to grid, Note quantization, Controller quantization;
* new option in the Preferences->MIDI: Ignore velocity;
* empty parameter of the vibrato effect 04 is now treated as “use previous parameter value”; works only for songs created in SunVox 1.7.2 and higher;
* new option “Smooth frequency change” in the Analog Generator; enabled by default; disable it if you want to use arpeggio effect 08;
* velocity map in the MultiSynth module;
* improved CPU Usage Monitor with scrolling and module selection;
* maximum number of pattern tracks has been increased from 8 to 16;
* maximum Echo delay length increased to 4 seconds;
* new controller in the Echo module – “Delay units” with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
* new controller in the Filter module – “LFO frequency units” with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
* new controller in the Flanger module – “Vibrato speed units” with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
* new controller in the LFO module – “Frequency units” with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
* new controller in the Vibrato module – “Frequency units” with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
* new controller in the Vibrato module – “Set phase”;
* new simple examples: MIDI_out, waveshaper, velocity_map, reverb2, reverb3;
* new instrument in instruments/bass directory: analog_bass;
* new instrument in instruments/pads directory: synth_violin;
* new instruments in instruments/keyboard directory: piano14, piano15, space, space2;
* new instruments in instruments/various directory: electric_guitar, noise_slide_up, electro_drum_loop;
* keyboard instruments piano04.wav, piano05.wav has been replaced by piano04.sunsynth, piano05.sunsynth;
* sound engine optimization;
* many bugs fixed.

[ Key features ]
• Modular interface.
• Highly optimized synth algorithms.
• Flexible architecture: SunVox can working on variuos devices with completely different CPUs;
• WiFi export/import;
• Multitrack WAV export;
• Mic/Line-in recording.

[ Built-in synthesizers & effects ]
• DrumSynth with 120 unique synthetic drum sounds;
• FM synthesizer;
• Generator (saw,triangle,square,noise,sine);
• Kicker;
• Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI, AIFF);
• SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for deep and beautiful pads);
• Amplifier;
• Side Chain Compressor;
• DC Blocking Filter
• Delay;
• Distortion;
• Echo;
• 3Band equalizer;
• Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
• Flanger;
• LFO;
• Loop (for glitch effects);
• Reverb;
• Vocal Filter (for human voice simulation);
• Vorbis Player;
• Vibrato.

SunVox is available for $4.99

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