The Sounds Of A Roli Seaboard For iPhone Roli Noise
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Roli Seaboard Noise

NOISE is a powerful instrument that unlocks the extraordinary expressive potential of your mobile phone. Its unique playing surface takes full advantage of the iPhone 6S’s 3D Touch capability.
Enjoy powerful, multidimensional sounds on-screen or use it as the ultimate portable sound engine for your favorite MIDI controller.

Play a subtle flute melody, a rich textured pad or a killer synth lead. For players of any ability or style, NOISE makes a big impact.

Its unique playing surface is laid out like a piano keyboard from the future. Where you used to have keys, you now have a continuous set of “keywaves.” You can strike, press into, glide left and right, slide up and down, and lift off the keywaves to create unique sonic effects. NOISE is the most expressive mobile sound engine ever created.

Roli Seaboard Noise

NOISE comes with the Fundamentals NOISE Pack bundled, which offers 25 diverse, powerful sounds to get you started.

Breath Flute, for example, allows you to faithfully recreate breath control through pressure, while the sound of Polyrhythmic Loops morphs as you play up and down the keywaves. Try Smoky Rhodes for a cool, modern reinterpretation of the Fender Rhodes.

Expand your collection with unique NOISE Packs – Hybrid Acoustic comes with over 500MB of unique samples, Expressive Electronic includes both vintage synths and contemporary pads, and Synthetic Leads is for when you really just need to shred!

NOISE’s deeply expressive Equator sound engine is a great fit for a wide range of MIDI controllers. It has in-built MIDI over Bluetooth, which makes it the perfect choice for wireless music-making on the go.
It is also one of the first apps with built-in, customizable MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) Mode, so it also works plug-and-play with any MPE-compatible controller.

To really get the most out of NOISE and to take your musical expression to the next level, try it with our own Seaboard RISE, the award-winning MIDI controller hailed as “the future of the keyboard” (MusicRadar).

NOISE is the result of years of innovative research and product development that enabled us to create the Seaboard RISE, a uniquely expressive, award-winning MIDI controller that enables 5 dimensions of touch; and Equator, its powerful native sound engine. With NOISE, we have shaped the surface of the Seaboard to maximize playability on an iPhone and remapped the new dimensions of sonic control offered by Equator. NOISE is built with JUCE, the leading cross-platform framework for audio apps.

– Tweak your sounds with onscreen macro controls and XY Touchpad
– Vary the size of the onscreen keywave surface to suit your screen and preferences
– Octave shift buttons and an onscreen sustain pedal add depth to real-time performance
– Control five dimensions of touch – Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift
– Purchase additional NOISE Packs in-app and build your collection of sounds
– Recreate the Seaboard RISE experience on the iPhone 6S and make the most of its new 3D Touch feature
– Audio Units are coming soon. You’ll be able to use NOISE as a synth in your favourite iOS DAW – stay tuned…

– NOISE for iPhone is designed for iPhone 5C and above.
– Please note that while NOISE works well as a sound engine on all iPhones, you will only be able to take full advantage of its keywave surface with an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

Roli Noise

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