TC-11 iPad Synth
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TC-11 iPad Synth App

TC-11 is the fully programmable, professional multi-touch synthesizer for the iPad. Choose from the 64 included presets, or build your own using touch controls, device motion, and on-board modules. Create music with the next evolution of synthesizer control.

This app is great. It’s a staff favorite here at iPadLoops.

What’s New in Version 1.5

– 32 new presets!
– option to run audio while the app is in the background
– patch preview window in the Load / Save view

– AM depth starting volume (patch option)
– sequencers can lock steps between themselves
– sequencers playback buttons

Bug Fixes:
– fixed audio drop out when switching apps
– fixed module connection errors
– multiple ahdsr bugs fixed
– multiple lfo bugs fixed
– multiple sequencer bugs fixed
– fixed custom grids sometimes not appearing
– fixed Controllers Used table errors
– touch preview activity prevents rotation
– fixed Patch Gain parameter controller display bug
– fixed gyroscope pitch clipping

New effect: phaser!
New effect: reverb!
25 new controllers, including:
Distance to point starting position
Distance to group center
Angle to group center
Rotation around group center
Average distances to touches, center, group center
Random values when touches began / ended / moved
4 new color sets
Downsampler, waveshaper, and phaser can be used together
New ‘General’ settings tab
Order patches by date or name
live patch preview while editing
sequencer rate can be set to BPM
Built-in recording (up to ten minutes}
AudioCopy implemented

Legacy Features

√ 96 built-in presets
√ Unlimited user patches
√ Fully controlled by multi-touch / device motion
√ Built-in recording + AudioCopy
√ 23 modular synthesis objects
√ 22 oscillator waveforms
√ 3 controller modules: AHDSR, LFO, Sequencer
√ Email custom patches to your friends
√ Full display customization
√ Retina graphics


There are no on-screen knobs, keys, or sliders to fiddle with; all synthesis is driven by your multi-touch performance. Touch relationships like distances / angles / timings perform all the controller functions. It’s just you and the full screen multi-touch performance area.

EVERY synthesis parameter can be controlled by ANY multi-touch controller. The patch possibilities are limitless!


Use the iPad’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and even the compass to attack your synthesis patch! Tilt and move the iPad to change any filter, effect, or module. You can create real vibrato by moving the iPad during performance, or change the speed of a sequencer by tilting forward and backward!


TC-11 has 8 voice polyphony for full, real-time synthesis. The audio engine has been highly optimized to deliver crisp, responsive performance. Choose from 22 oscillator waveforms, 3 oscillator types, 3 filter types, 4 unique effects, amplitude modulation, and panning control.

Fully programmable AHDSR, LFO, and sequencer modules make TC-11 the most capable iOS synthesizer in the world.

Use TC-11 in your band during live performances. Add TC-11 into your laptop orchestra. Experiment and create with the next evolution of synthesizer control!

TC-11 is available for $29.99

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