Free Tascam PCM Recorder For iPhone
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Free Tascam PCM Recorder For iPhone, iPod, and iPad

TASCAM PCM Recorder is a free stereo recorder for iOS devices. It supports up to 12 hours of recording, using the built-in microphone or connected USB devices like the TASCAM iM2 stereo microphone. EQ, limiting, Soundcloud support and more make this a full-featured professional recorder.


Recording is now possible in iOS 5.x when the device is locked (because of the auto-lock function or pressing the On/Off Sleep/Wake Button).
In order to prevent unexpected feedback noise, the speaker button is automatically turned OFF when recording or in recording standby. In the previous version, the speaker button stayed OFF after recording (or standby) ended, but in this version, the speaker button is turned ON again if it was ON beforehand.
Operation has been confirmed with the TASCAM iM2 Stereo Microphone and TASCAM iU2 Audio/MIDI Interface.
In order to protect the recorded data, recording will automatically stop before the iOS device stops when the remaining battery charge becomes less than about 15%. In addition, if recording is started when the remaining battery charge is near 15%, a low battery warning appears on screen.

New Features:

Automatic detection of stereo input sources such as the TASCAM iM2
Mono L mode added
Smooth ramp up/down at the start/end of a recording
New Limiter matches TASCAM DR hand held recorders
Input/Output level sliders now go up to +12dB, with no zipper noise
More accurate meters

Tascam PCM Recorder Screenshot

To Transfer Your Recording to a Computer

1. Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your computer and launch iTunes

2. Select your iOS device in the left column of iTunes, then click on the Apps tab

Transfer audio from PCMrecorder to PC

4. Select your recording in the PCM Recorder Documents window and click “Save To…”

5. Find a location on your computer and click Choose

You can now open your mix in an audio editor or drag it into your iTunes library to convert to an MP3 file and share online.

Also works with iPod and iPad

PCMRecorder is available for FREE

Tascam iXZ Audio Interface For iOS Devices
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Tascam iXZ Audio Interface

Tascam iXZ Audio Interface

Tascam’s IO interface for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. This powerful little gadget turns an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch into an instant recording studio. Plug in a microphone, guitar or bass to interact with the latest guitar amp, sampling, recording and DJ apps. The iXZ supplies phantom power for condenser microphones and input setting sets the gain. There is also a headphone output to monitor from your iOS device.

iXZ can be used in various applications and will be sure to be an indispensable tool for anyone who enjoys creating music.

* Switchable mic/line input
* Phantom power
* Gain control
* 1/8” headphone output
* XLR mic input
* High-impedence guitar input
* Mic input powered by two AA batteries
* Non-powered guitar input

Tascam iXZ is available at zZounds for $49.95 http://www.zzounds.com/item–TASIXZ

Tascam iPad Portastudio
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Tascam iPad Portastudio

I kinda miss the old days of recording on my Tascam multi-track cassette. Looks like Tascam realised there would be a market for function and nostalgia in one iPad app. A little gimickey but hey!

TASCAM’s Portastudio brings 30 years of easy-to-use home recording to your iPad. Based on the PORTA ONE recorder that revolutionized recording in 1984, the Portastudio app records up to four tracks with a vintage vibe.

Record one track at a time using the built-in mic or a headset microphone connection, monitoring on authentic VU meters. A cassette transport with position counter tracks your position while you mix with level, pan and EQ controls. When you’re ready to mix, the built-in mixdown function saves your song as a CD-quality WAV file. Your mix appears in iTunes when you’re finished, ready to share with friends and bandmates.

A generation of your favorite bands crafted their songs with Portastudios, now it’s your turn. Start capturing your songs with the company that invented home recording using Portastudio by TASCAM.


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