StudioMini XL iPad Multi-Track Recorder
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Studio Mini XL iPad Multi-Track Recorder For iPad

StudioMini XL is a powerful yet easy to use recording studio for your iPad with CD quality audio, pro audio drum Loops & much more!!

Music Library Import – add songs from your Music Library into StudioMini XL tracks
Import now supports more audio formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, MP4, ALAC

✔ PRO AUDIO QUALITY – Records in 44.1 kHz / 16 bit pro quality audio, the crystal clear and uncompressed standard for CDs
✔ WAV – Records WAV audio files, the most universally used Linear PCM format (this means your recorded files and Loops will work perfectly on any computer with any audio software)
✔ MULTITRACK – Multitrack record on 8 tracks
✔ INPUT MONITORING – Listen to audio input in real time through StudioMini XL with the lowest latency your device can handle
✔ AUDIO LOOPS – Loops track for adding from 78 built-in professionally produced Drum Groove Loops spanning 13 styles of music, includes BPM display
✔ METRONOME – Metronome that sounds just like the real thing
✔ MIXDOWN – create final mixes in WAV or AAC format and email right from your iPhone, or choose Download
✔ DOWNLOAD – connect through iTunes File Sharing or Wi-Fi Sync to download your song files, individual tracks and mixes
✔ IMPORT – add WAV files from your computer into StudioMini XL through iTunes File Sharing and then import into your song
✔ NOTES – each song comes with a notepad for writing down your lyrics, chord progressions, ideas etc.
✔ SOLO, MUTE, RECORD ENABLE – Buttons for each track, just like on professional hardware mixers
✔ STATUS LEDS – Lights on top of each track indicate whether track is free or has recording on it
✔ TUNER – Pitch generator with accompanying interactive reference chart with many instruments, including alternate tunings
✔ COUNT-IN – Sets up the tempo before recording starts to keep you in perfect time
✔ MULTIPLE SONG FILES – Record and save as many songs as your device can fit
✔ PRO AUDIO TIMING – Pro audio synchronization and latency compensation
✔ MONITORING – Input level monitoring during recording
✔ DELETE PROTECTION – Confirmation checks for track and song deletes so you don’t erase something by mistake
✔ TIMELINE – Timeline slider enables you to move back and forth to any spot in the song
✔ PRO MIXER FADERS & METERS – Calibrated faders and meters for adjusting and monitoring track audio levels
✔ REPEAT SONG – Repeat switch for playing your song over and over, great for practicing
✔ USER MANUAL – Full 33 page pdf manual that’s bundled in StudioMini XL. It’s thorough and easy to access, and you don’t need to close StudioMini XL to read it


StudioMini XL includes a collection of 78 Drum Groove Loops spanning 13 styles. These audio tracks are professionally produced and are only available with StudioMini XL. There are no repetitive 1 bar loops that sound dated or cheesy, these are new and inspiring 4 to 8 bar patterns that sound real and “feel” right.

Drum Groove styles:

♫ Acoustic Pop Rock
♫ Modern Rock
♫ Classic Rock
♫ Metal
♫ Reggae / Ska
♫ Funk
♫ Pop
♫ R&B / Hip Hop
♫ Electronica
♫ Country
♫ Jazz
♫ Latin / Brazilian
♫ Blues


Examples of what you can do with StudioMini XL:

↪ Record a song with your band. Connect with a mixer and use professional studio microphones to record, then create an AAC mix and email it straight from your iPad.

↪ Keep track of your songwriting ideas, riffs, raps, whatever you like. Never let that great idea escape you again.

↪ Use it as a field recorder. Record a lecture, your band’s rehearsal, keep track of your thoughts.

↪ Record a cover song and show off your vocals: pick a drum Loop, have a friend play guitar (keys, synth etc.), add a bass line and then sing or rap over it. Sync to your computer and continue editing in Garageband, Logic, Cubase etc.

Studio Mini XL is available for $9.99

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