Play Sound Fonts On iPad And iPhone
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Bismark BS-16i App

bs-16i is a 16 multi-timbral playback sampler. It supports SoundFont, and can be used for keyboard instrument, MIDI sound module, and MIDI player.

The sampler engine is ported from bs-1 / bs-16, which is developed as professional plug-in for Logic (Audio Units) and Cubase (VST instrument).

What’s New in Version 1.4

– Allowed loading 4 SoundFont files
– Added Virtual MIDI Port / Background support
– Integrated CoreMIDI implementation
– Added pre-install SoundFont by S. Christian Collins

Using SoundFont libraries, you can play with your great number of Instruments.
It supports all standard MIDI messages, using pre-installed GeneralUser GS SoftSynth v1.43.sf2 (S. Christian Collins), your iPhone and iPad can be used as a GM (General MIDI) sound module.

As a keyboard instrument, you can play with scalable keyboard, pitch bend wheel, and many control change controllers.

Internal MIDI player supports SMF (Standard MIDI File) format.

SoundFont and SMF files can be sent using internal Wi-Fi server. Also you can use file sharing functions of iTunes.

Moreover, this application supports Core MIDI Interface like as IK Multimedia iRig MIDI, YAMAHA iMX-1, LINE6 MIDI Mobilizer 2, Apple Camera Connection Kit with USB MIDI Interface, and LINE6 MIDI Mobilizer 1. With them you can communicate with other external MIDI hardware like as synthesizer, sequencer.

– internal WiFi server may be unstable for a part of environments. iTunes file sharing will be recommended.
– To load the specified soundfont file, the device have to ready free memory larger that file size of it.
– Internal player is not connected to MIDI Mobilizer’s MIDI output.
– According to the specification of MIDI Mobilizer, timing error may occur when a lot of messages are sent to the application. It can be fixed by using “Buffering” option in application’s setting menu.
– This application collects following information: Device name, OS version, User Location, SoundFont file name.

BS-16i is available for $8.99

Sound Font Player For iPad
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Sound Font Player For iPad

SlideControl fluidsynth is a new application base on slide control and also a fantastic synth (fluidsynth).

Fluidsynth (by the same company of course) is a sound font player, you can add any sound you want.

You can load 30 MB on iPad 1 and 230 MB on iPad 2!!

Slide Control is an iPad music application for musicians. This application makes improvisation easier. You can choose any scale (major, minor, pentatonic, blues …) and slide your finger to play any melody. With Slide Control it does not have bad grades, your movements are in harmony. Easier to play !! Easier to improvise !! Easier to create !! More imagination!!

★ Synth with 890 sounds, and over in a web (sound font player base on fluidsynth)
★ Reverb & chorus
★ 20 fast switch preset change
★ Midi transport (tempo / start / stop)
★ Video tutorial
★ Video community page (you can send your video) 

★ Many scales for best improvising (major, minor, pentatonic, blues …)
★ Polyphonic Control
★ Split screen
★ Support of virtual midi for communicate with other musical apps
★ Choose from 60 different wallpapers (thanks to robert handline)
★ Program change/ Bank change
★ All Midi CC support on Y direction
★ 16 Midi channel
★ Quick switch Sustain / Partamento / Legato
★ Quick switch Oct +1/ Oct – 1/ # / b
★ Pitch Bend
★ Glissendo in Midi !! (Exclusive function)
★ Switch mod
★ Velocity capable
★ MIDI Device support – connect devices via the Camera Connection Kit (near zero latency)

★ Measured latency over WiFi to OS X: 2-5ms
★ Fullscreen

★ Cool Animation :)

★ More to come!

FluidSynth is no longer available. We suggest bismark bs-16i for playing sound fonts on your iOS device.

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