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Noisepad 2

Noisepad is a user friendly drum computer packed with the latest samples, beats and vocals from A-list artists and producers.

It adds a new dimension to your live-sets, parties and all places where you want to make noise. Realtime built in effects such as pitch, delay, cut-off, phase, reverb and bit-crush will bring your noise to life. If all that isn’t enough, you simply upload your own samples to the custom soundbanks using iTunes.

What’s New in Version 2.1.1
Version 2.1.1
Fixed a compatibility issue with iOS 5

Version 2.1
Noisepad is now more stable and more powerful than ever!

– Audiobus support! Combine the power of Noisepad with other Audiobus compatible apps, the sky is the limit!
– Added interface to remove (factory) soundpacks
– The pitch slider now automatically snaps back when released
– Sample preloading for even smoother playback
– Noisepad continues playback in the background
– Audio Output meter smoothed
– Patterns are now exported as a loopable sound (file)
– Memory footprint reduced
– Performance tweaks
– Fixed: After being suspended, audio would sometimes not work
– Fixed: Bugs in SORT control fixed
– Fixed: Some other bugs needed to be squashed (they have been terminated)

Designed for musicians, producers, dj’s and music lovers who need a flexible and suiting tool for studio, live set or couch performances. Be sure to watch the tutorial video on the website to unleash the full potential of Noisepad, www.noise-pad.com

● Picked by MixMag as #2 in Best Dance DJ app 2012
● “Perfect Companion for Roaming DJ” – best10apps.com
● “The future of Noisepad could develop into something very special.” – SmiteMatter Music
● “This new and stelar drum machine goes beyond the basics because its really a sample player with drum machine features. Loading your own sample and creating your own sample libraries and pad sets are super easy.” – Anthonyfalves

✓ Beautiful black & gold interface to put you in the groove mood
✓ Retina graphics
✓ Preloaded with 60 samples by Chuckie, Bong-ra and LoopBased
✓ Add your own samples using iTunes!
✓ Alternatively: in-app purchases provide additional samplepacks.
✓ Download FREE samples made by Chuckie from the in-app shop.
✓ Audiobus support
✓ Sequencer, record patterns
✓ Soundbank management
✓ Import/export patterns as .wav or with AudioCopy/Paste
✓ FX panel: pitch, delay, reverb, cut, phase, crush
✓ Switch instantly between the tap pads, sequencer, and pattern layouts
✓ Load an unlimited amount of samples
✓ Organize samples, create, (re)name, add and remove soundbanks
✓ Program up to 12 patterns, each with their own length (1 – 99 bars).
✓ Set BPM manually or with tap tempo
✓ Swing setting
✓ Cut, Hold, Mute, Solo or change the volume of each sample

Online you can find tons of free and paid samples, for example our partner www.loopbased.com has a stunning collection. They offer hundreds of affordable sound and sample libraries for all popular genres including House, Techno, Minimal, Tech-House, Electro, Trance, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Ambient.

Noisepad is available for $0.99 for a limited time

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