TouchOSC iPad iPhone iPod Touch Control Surface
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TouchOSC iPad iPhone iPod Touch Control Surface

TouchOSC is a modular OSC and MIDI control surface for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad.

It supports sending and receiving Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol and supports both CoreMIDI and the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interfaces for sending and receiving MIDI messages.

The application allows to remote control and receive feedback from software and hardware that implement the OSC or MIDI protocols such as Apple Logic Pro/Express, Renoise, Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter, Max for Live, OSCulator, VDMX, Resolume Avenue 3, Modul8, Plogue Bidule, Reaktor, Quartz Composer, Vixid VJX16-4, Supercollider, FAW Circle, vvvv, Derivative TouchDesigner, Isadora and many others.

The interface provides a number of different touch controls to send and receive messages:

Faders / Rotary controls / Encoder controls / Push buttons / Toggle buttons / XY pads / Multi-faders / Multi-push / Multi-toggles / Multi-xy pads / LEDs / Labels / Time & battery displays

Additionally the program can send Accelerometer data. The application comes with example default layouts and completely custom layouts can be constructed using the free TouchOSC Editor application.

Please go to http://hexler.net/touchosc for more information, video demonstrations and download the free layout editor application for OS X, Windows and Linux and the free TouchOSC Bridge utility to easily control any MIDI-capable application on your computer.

What’s New in Version 1.8.1

– Added setting of control/child-control color with MIDI messages (new “c” var)
– Added touch y position velocity emulation option to Push-button controls
– Added MIDI message sending/receiving for Tab-pages
– Added custom OSC messages for Tab-pages
– Added “no rollover” option to Rotary controls to prevent jump from/to full/zero (default for all existing Rotary controls)
– Added LiveControl layouts
– Added additional control colors
– Changed resolution of Bonjour services to IP addresses instead of host-names
– Fixed Toggle-button received MIDI/OSC message value range behavior
– Fixed Multi-toggle MIDI Note message receive
– Fixed OSC size messages for Fader controls
– Fixed Rx/Tx indicator rendering
– Updated artwork (including support for the Retina iPad display)

– Added MIDI Bridge connection, download the free TouchOSC MIDI Bridge application for Windows and OS X from http://hexler.net
– Toggle button behavior problems fixed
– OSC Network connection and Bonjour advertising now enabled at application start-up
– New layout: Jog-On for NI Traktor by digitaldjtools.net
– New layouts: ViZPad and ViZPod for TouchViZ

– Added Multi-Toggle “exclusive” mode, forcing only one toggle control to be active at all times
– Added Multi-XY control for sending up to 5 touch-points simultaneously
– Added loading and optional up-scaling of iPhone layouts on iPad
– Added different color display of disabled connections on settings screen

– New control: Multi-Push
– New control: Encoder
– Added setting of control position with OSC messages:
/control/position/x, /control/position/y
– Added setting of control z-order with OSC messages: /control/position/z
– Added setting of control width and height with OSC messages:
/control/size/w, /control/size/h
– Multi-Toggle controls now allow multiple touch input
– Corrected sending/receiving of MIDI Program Change messages via
CoreMIDI connections
– Corrected order of MIDI z-message sending for all controls
– Corrected rendering of Push controls to match editor preview
– Corrected rendering of LED controls to match editor preview

– Added “Double-tap pages” option to prevent accidental switching of pages
– Renamed “Double-tap lock” option to “Double-tap settings”
– Corrected handling of OSC color change messages for LED controls
– Corrected order of OSC z-message sending for Push and Toggle controls
– Fixed an issue where Multi-controls with custom OSC addresses would not receive messages
– Fixed an issue where Multi-controls would still react to input when invisible
– Fixed an issue with sending of z-messages for Multi-controls
– Fixed an issue where Label and LED controls would react to input after changing visibility
– Fixed a timeout issue when downloading large layouts from the editor

– Fix for custom OSC addresses

– CoreMIDI support (iOS 4.2 or greater)
– Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer support
– New control: Time display
– New control: Battery charge display
– Rotary controls now show initial position marker
– Raised MultiFader limit to 64
– Improved multi-tasking support
– Various bug-fixes

Get ToucOSC

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