New Halloween Sample Pack
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Dark Halloween Soundtracks

Dark Halloween Soundtracks

Soundtrack Loops presents Dark Halloween Soundtracks Horror Musicscapes & SFX. Soundtrack Loops is in the habit of observing Halloween with annual sonic offerings, and they do it in style. Dark Halloween Soundtracks is a wonderful dark ambient cinematic music production resource that fits right in with the best assets in its class. Deep, wide, and lush, these sounds take their time to unspool sustained moments of dread, awe and dark majesty, with an occasional nod toward the bizarre and surreal. The 81 loops are timed in a range of midtempo BPM; many are beatless and long enough to be used in sound beds. The included 19 one shots have truly remarkable 3D sonics that deliver impact sounds with discrete components positioned in space and independently moving through space to create hyper-realistic, wide-open shimmering effects that leave plenty of room for clear dialog and other music and sound elements. Here we’re reminded that certain Soundtrack Loops content occupies a sweet spot between Foley and music, and this in itself is refreshing and inspiring. Similarly, Dark Halloween Soundtracks has a deep musicality built into its sound effects—really useful when it comes to dark ambient soundscapes, subliminal rhythms, and creating well-paced music on soundstages where everything works together with plenty of space to spare. Available in ACIDized .wav and Apple-looped .aiff format for Garageband

Get Doug Woods Dark Halloween Soundtracks (on sale $20) here https://soundtrackloops.com/shop/download-dark-halloween-soundtracks-horror-musicscapes-sfx/

Free Halloween Sound Effects and Loops
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Looptastic Free Icon

Download this set of free Halloween sound effects and loops.

Here is a bit of history behind it. My buddy Aaron (inventor of Mixmeister) created this app Looptastic back in 2008 and he contacted me about producing content for it so I had a nice 3-4 year stretch creating loop content for all versions of Looptastic and other Sound Trend apps. This particular Halloween set was a free promo. All of the sounds you hear in the pack were recorded in my apartment back in Chicago a long time ago. In fact some of the vocals are from my friend Johann who sings in my Industrial EBM side project Khemique which was just used in the TV show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown last week! The episode is called “Bay Area” and our song plays during a scene where Anthony is battling someone in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. ANYWAY here are the raw loop files I sent to Aaron way back then!!

I’ve uploaded the loops for you here http://ipadloops.com/free-loops/iPadLoops_Halloween.zip

Load them into your apps!! Some recommending loop apps are Launchpad, LP-5, Beatmaker, and Beathawk.

Here is the original video from back in 2009 (sorry for the poor video quality).

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