Halloween Sound Effects For iPhone and iPod
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Looptastic Free App

Want some Halloween sound effects for your iPhone or iPod Touch? Check out this set I produced for Sound Trends. It is available through the in app store for free if you have Looptastic on your iOS device.

Make your iPhone or iPod touch into a live remix and loop-based performance/production tool. Create non-stop mixes and new music tracks. Looptastic is great for adding spice to a DJ set or to pull out at your next party. Keep things grooving as you drag-and-drop loops, mix instrument parts, perform filter sweeps and stutter edit effects. Export your performance as an audio file to share with the world on SoundCloud. Includes 100 loops in major dance styles* plus you can get more via an in-app Loop Store. It’s a party in your pocket!

Looptastic has been featured in the What’s Hot section of the App Store.

“Looptastic Producer offers elite producers the most bang for their buck.” Wired.com, “Best Ways to Produce Music on an iPhone”

“You’ll be mixing like a pro.” Fox News

“A cool and intuitive remixing environment” Electronic Musician

“What an amazing app. The tempo / stretch control is completely seamless. This app has gone from strength to strength and I hope it keeps on going.” Palm Sounds

“Its so easy to perform different mixes in real time that saying it is smooth is a total understatement. A real winner! Good work guys!!” KeyWiz

“Deep [yet] easy to use.” AppCraver.com

• Now includes 100 loops packaged as 10 remixable Loop Sets spanning Trance, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Ambient, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Minimal, Progressive House and Reggaeton styles. *NOTE: Requires you download your Loop Sets from the Loop Store at no charge.
• Loop Sets include drum beats, basses, synths, effects and other crucial remix elements. Mix and match sets to fuel your own original mix!
• Load up to four minutes of CD-quality loops per set.
• Automatic beat synchronization makes loops of different tempos play in sync! The pitch stays the same–only the BPM changes.
• Manipulate the sound with any of 5 effects, including Low-Pass Filter, Stutter, Bit Crusher, Flanger and Delay.
• Perform and layer effects using the XY Touchpad Controller.
• Record your own DJ style mix/remixer performance (including effects) as a new track.
• Multitouch volume controls for each loop plus three mix zones and DJ style crossfader.
• Share your mix with the world via exporting to your SoundCloud account.
• Play up to 20 loops at the same time.
• One Shot mode plays samples without time-stretching — ideal for trigging samples on top of your tracks.
• Manually trigger loops using the innovative Scratch Strip waveform display for DJ effects.

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