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Cool list of music production apps on sale for this Fall!! Let me know if I missed some. PS – I’m a dad! We just had a baby girl. Her name is Maya. See pic below and please welcome Maya to the iOS music making world.

AirVox $0.99 (Was $2.99) AirVox – Gesture Controlled Music – Yonac Inc.

Arturia iSpark $19.99 Arturia iSpark – Arturia

AudioStretch 50% off! AudioStretch – Power Tool for Music Transcription – Cognosonic Pte Ltd

DJUCED App Free (Was $4.99) DJUCED App – Guillemot Corporation

GaMBi $4.99 (Was $6.99) GaMBi: Play Chiptunes and Video Game Music – David Ventura

iSEM Synthesizer $9.99 iSEM Synthesizer – Arturia

iMini Synthesizer $4.99 (Was $9.99) iMini Synthesizer – Arturia

iProphet Synthesizer $4.99 (Was $9.99) iProphet Synthesizer – Arturia

iTuttle FREE iTuttle – TBStuff

KASPAR $9.99 (Was $19.99) KASPAR – Yonac Inc.

Looperverse $4.99 (Was $7.99) Looperverse – Multitrack Loop Recorder – Retronyms Inc

Magellan $4.99 (Was $9.99) Magellan – Yonac Inc.

Mandala Music Free (Was $0.99) Mandala Music – Mark Carlotto

Microtonal Guitar $0.99 (Was $24.99) Microtonal Guitar – Huynh Van Tung

NodeBeat – Playful Music for All Free (Was $2.99) NodeBeat – Playful Music for All – AffinityBlue

Obituary Drum Loops $1.99 (Was $4.99) Obituary Drum Loops – Joseph Cincotta

Pulse $4.99 (Was $9.99) Pulse – Haptic Metronome for Watch – Crescendo Technologies

Phase84 $9.99 (Was $7.99) Phase84 – Retronyms Inc

Seek Beats 50% off! SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer – Rodrigo Yanez

Steel Guitar Free (Was $0.99) Steel Guitar – Yonac Inc.

technoBox2 $4.99 (Was $7.99) technoBox2 – Mike Janney

ToneStack $4.99 (Was $9.99) ToneStack – Yonac Inc.

WeDJ for iPhone Free (Was $0.99) WeDJ for iPhone – Pioneer DJ Corporation

WeDJ for iPad $2.99 (Was $4.99) WeDJ for iPad – Pioneer DJ Corporation

Baby Maya says thank you for visiting our page and buying apps from iPad Loops !!

Happy music making!




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