Dubstep Bass For iPhone And iPad
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Wobble Bass Synth For iPhone

Can’t get enough Wobble in your Bass? Check out these three apps for producing Dubstep with your iPhone.

Wobble Bass Station

Wobble Bass Station lets you create your own filthy Dubstep, anywhere you go, right on your iPhone!

A must have tool for bass heads, musicians, audio enthusiasts and dubsteppers.

It features three wobble bass synths and one sub bass synthesizer.

Touch the filth-scope wobble generator to play different notes and alter the amount of distortion applied to the synth!

The ‘Filth-scope’ generates images of sound waves, which change speed as you touch different areas of the synth.

The sound pad utilises studio quality samples and includes:

15 awesome Dubstep drum loops.
8 different FX
4 different percussion sounds

Pitch saving capability means you can play different notes from different synths at the same time!

Choose your beats, select your synth sounds, drop in some fx and you’ll be the master of wobbling in no time!

Wob Wob Wob!!!


Dubstep Wobble Bass For iPhone

Wobble is a dubstep wobbler for the iPhone. Play filthy dubstep bass right on your phone! This release comes with 3 wobble packs. Each wobble pack has 16 wobbles, 4 noises and 4 beats to play along with.

This is a pretty basic app. It’s just samples at the moment. Seems like the developer is eager to add new features and improve this bad boy.

Future Wobble packs will be released as updates so please continue to update for new sounds and wobbles from some of your favorite artists in the dubstep realm.

Thank you for all the positive feedback in the ratings. We are working to make progress in the development of this app in adding more functionality in future releases. So please keep an eye out as we continually try to push new releases of Wobble!


Dubstep Jam For iPhone

Dubstep Jam!

A must have tool for producers, dj’s, audio enthusiasts, dubsteppers and bass heads. ‘Dubstep Jam’ lets you create your own dubstep arrangements!

The Sequencer uses studio quality samples, and is the perfect tool for creating fully customizable drum loops. You can then layer these with fx, wobble bass and formant bass synthesizer samples to create the ultimate Dubstep tune!

Perfect for making loops on the move and showing everybody that you’re the king of Dubstep. Dubstep Jam contains a large quantity of drum samples, including: Kick drums, snares, claps, hi-hats, percussion, cymbals and other sound fx.

It features over 120 Dubstep synthesizer sounds over a large range of pitches allowing for flexible creation of melodies! Now includes a keyboard that works in real time.

Up to ten instruments can be played at any time, each with its own volume control.

The global pitch function lets you alter the master pitch for each instrument, allowing you to tune your drum kit as you desire.

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