DrumKnee 3D Play With Your Foot
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Now you can play the bass drum with your foot. The most realistic 3D drum app. Play, record and share your songs with the community and friends. The new app everybody is talking about. Try it! It is FREE!

DrumKnee 3D is very different from any other drum kit app out there:
– First of all, it is a well polished real 3D drum kit (how cool is that?).
– In addition, you get to play the bass drum with your foot. That’s right, just rest the iPhone/iPad on your knee and kick it!! Of course, you can also play it old school with your fingers only.
– You can also connect an external pedals through bluetooth LE MIDI to control the kick drum and the hi-hat.
– Mix and match the drum sounds so you can build your own custom drum set.

What’s New
Version 1.3.5

-Within the next couple of weeks I will add hundreds of new drumless songs via a subscription based service. I am putting the songs list together right now, so please send me your requests to the DrumKnee 3D Facebook page, ok?
-More customization options added. I understand that both the cowbell and tambourine can get in the way some times, so now you can remove them from the drum set.
-Improved touch sensitivity for devices with 3D Touch.
-Pan the drum parts for a rolling effect (crescendo or decrescendo).
-Fix an issue that was not allowing users to play both the bass drum and the toms too fast. Double kicking with the fingers is now much smoother.
-Change the top bar layout a bit so it is easier to setup customized drum sets. Also moved the mixer to the left of the screen so you can choose the drum parts and at the same time mix the volume and tune.
-Fixed some volume balance issues with the standard drum sets.
-Many other bug fixes

– Professionally recorded drum sounds.
– Garageband & Audiobus support
– Insane low latency response. The best one out there. The delay between your tap on the screen and the drum sound is incredibly low
– Mix and match the drum sounds so you can build your own custom drum set!!
– Most ergonomic drum kit app ever. You will feel just like playing a real drum
– You can choke all cymbals so your groove will sound extremely realistic
– Play along with select drumless songs
– Different professional drum kit sounds available
– You can record your masterpiece and share with friends via iMessage, iCloud, WhatsApp, Dropbox, e-mail
– Many stylish skins for you to choose from
– Full mixing power to customize the drums sounds
– Jazz/Funk drums and drum set
– Modern drums and drum set
– Vintage drums and drum set
– More drums and drum sets coming soon
– Metronomer
– and much more

Get DrumKnee 3D

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