Loopy 2 With A Dj Set Up
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Loopy 2 On iPad

Dj Puzzle demonstrates the basics for using Loopy 2 on an iPad in a Dj set up. In this video you will see an experiment he created using the app Loopy 2 to compose beats with Turntables and Vinyl. Gear used: 2 Technics, Vestex Mixer, iPad, Alesis iOS Dock, iPhone 4, Loopy 2 app, and Doppler Pad app.

Jason Donnelly is an electronic music producer and Dj from Chicago. Commonly known for his production work for Sony’s ACID Dj software and for his company Peace Love Productions. He has produced over 27,000 acid loops loops for Peace Love Productions. He has been the #1 local ranking local artist for Electronic Music on Reverbnation since 2007. His work can be found on labels like Loopmasters and Sony Creative. He has produced most of the songs and loops for the Looptastic app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Visit www.djpuzzle.com to download some of his free dj samples and turntable scratches.

Loopy 2 By A Tasty Pixel

Create music by layering looped recordings of turntable scratches, singing, beatboxing, voice looping, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula.

While other music creation apps tend to be either powerful but difficult to learn, or easy to use but limited in features, Loopy 2 doesn’t compromise.

Loopy 2 Dj App


– Six beautifully rendered circular loops, with simple yet powerful controls.
– Count-in and count-out lets you keep your hands free to play an instrument.
– Overdub, to build beautiful, complex soundscapes from many layers.
– Support for tracks of any multiple or fraction of a beat, for flexible and expressive looping.
– Sophisticated audio or visual metronome to keep you in time – no matter what time signature you choose.
– Perfectly synchronized, low latency audio engine.


– Import loops from your computer via iTunes, with support for AIFF, WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF and more.
– Bring in audio from many other audio apps with integrated MAPI AudioPaste, with support for Intua general pasteboard format.
– Imported loops are automatically fit to your beat, no matter what tempo.


– Full stereo audio, with pan controls for each track to create custom stereoscapes.
– Fix up timing by twisting tracks around to line up the beat, or make funky sound effects with dynamic time shifting.
– Drag a track onto another track to merge tracks, and clear up a space.
– Live, dynamic tempo adjustment to speed up or slow down your creations, without altering the pitch.


– Record whole performances with in-app session recording facilities.
– Upload performances or single loops straight to SoundCloud, and post to Twitter or Facebook.
– Email audio clips (with automatic conversion to compressed AAC audio).
– Share audio with many other audio apps with MAPI AudioCopy.
– Transfer loops or performances to your computer via iTunes.

Get Loopy HD here

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