Bassline For iPad
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Bassline For iPad

Play and tweak BassLine from external MIDI keyboards, sequencers, hardware controllers, or other iOS apps like Little MIDI Machine and Genome MIDI Sequencer!

One-swipe App Switching: Just swipe left from the right of your iPad’s screen to reveal the list of OMAC Fast Switch-registered apps!

Turn your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a Bass Synthesizer and start rolling your own grooves with the unique sound of the legendary TB-303, the trademark of Acid House that influenced many different styles of electronic music!

What’s New in Version 4.0

– MIDI note input
– MIDI controller input
– Gated sequencer mode with real-time pattern transposition
– OMAC Fast Switch sender support
– One-swipe App Switching on iPads running iOS 5+: Swipe left from the right of the screen to reveal the list of registered apps
– Audio Sharing via “Open in…”
– Intelligent Background Audio: Avoid battery drain by auto-shutdown after 15 minutes of not receiving any MIDI event
– iPad Retina graphics

finger bassline app screenshot

finger bassline app screenshot

BassLine is a virtual analogue bass synthesizer with built-in step sequencer and on-board effects. Its unique low-pass filter allows to produce the well known high-resonance filter sweeps, that are typical for vintage synths like the legendary TB-303.

Feature List:

• Monophonic synthesis engine including a never self-oscillating, cascaded low-pass filter
• Four oscillator waveforms (sawtooth, square, pulse, and saw/triangle)
• Low frequency oscillator (LFO) for cutoff modulation

• Overdrive with tube-like distortion characteristic
• Tape delay effect with tempo-synchronous delay times

• Individual pattern lengths & downbeat-aligned switches
• Pattern randomizer
• Tap tempo

• Accelerometer-driven cutoff frequency control

• MIDI Clock sync
• MIDI Note input
• MIDI Controller input

• Gated sequencer mode with real-time pattern transposition

• Comprehensive MIDI routing capabilities:
– Connect to virtual MIDI ports provided by apps running in the background
– Connect to nearby iPads, iPhones, Mac OS X and Windows computers
– Connect to compatible MIDI hardware attached to the dock connector

• Wireless MIDI via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi WLAN using Apple’s built-in CoreMIDI network driver
• Wired MIDI using the USB Camera Connection Kit for iPad with class-compliant USB hardware
• Wired MIDI using a Core MIDI interface built for iOS (iRig MIDI, …)

• Wireless Sync-Start via Korg’s WIST

• Intelligent Background Audio/MIDI processing

• OMAC Fast App Switching support

• WAVE file export and extensive sharing options:
– “Open In…”
– Pasteboard (compatible with BeatMaker and Garageband for iPhone/iPad)
– AudioCopy by Sonoma Wire Works
– E-Mail
– iTunes File Sharing

• Including twenty Acid basslines by DJ/producer Myagi (www.popandlockrecords.com)

• Universal support for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

Bassline is available for $3.99

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