Symphony Pro Notation For iPad

Symphony Pro Notation For iPad

Symphony Pro is a complete music notation editor that allows you to quickly write and playback music wherever you and your iPad go.

Open up one of your saved compositions, or begin with a blank page, and you’re ready to start writing. You can import MusicXML, MIDI, ABC, MXL, Symphony files, and even some scanned music sheets downloaded from the web, opened from other apps such as Mail and Safari, or from the device via iTunes File Sharing.

Select a note length and then tap anywhere on the score to add a note. Use the 88-key virtual keyboard or a Core MIDI compatible keyboard to rapidly enter a series of notes or chords. You can use the recording tool to play in phrases in real-time.

Symphony Pro supports a wide range of notational elements, including dynamics, arpeggios, trills, mordents, accelerandos, glissandos, tuplets, tempo changes, time and key signature changes, alternate endings, double bar-lines, and repeats. You can create and edit chord symbols and lyrics easily using the iPad’s standard keyboard.

When you’re done composing, you can export your piece as a MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, MP3, AAC, or Symphony file to iTunes or email. You can also quickly save a screenshot of each page in your score to Photos.

In addition, you can use the new AirPrint feature to print your scores directly from the iPad, AirPlay to wirelessly stream audio to compatible devices, and AirShare to easily share or transfer multiple files at once across your local network.

New Features:

Copy and paste using rectangle
Expandable crescendos and diminuendos
User defined beam groups
User defined stems
Added non-pitched neutral clef
Reposition rests vertically
Added note stem direction support to MusicXML import and export
Enable/Disable background music
Hold down any of the arrow keys to press it repeatedly
Preview MP3, AAC, and other audio files from inside the app

• Currently featured as a top creativity app by Apple at apple.com/education/apps/

Feature Highlights:
• 114 high quality instruments including drum kit
• Up to 12 tracks and 4 voices per composition
• Add and edit notes by tapping on the score, playing the built-in keyboard, or playing a Core MIDI instrument
• Supports tons of notational elements, including dynamics, arpeggios, trills, mordents, accelerandos, glissandos, staccatos, tuplets, double bar-lines alternate endings, pickup measures, and repeats
• Real time note entry
• Smart chord symbol, lyric, and text tool
• Grace notes
• Customizable noteheads
• Transposable instruments & score
• Import MusicXML, MIDI, ABC, MXL, Symphony files, or even some scanned music sheets
• Export as a MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, MP3, AAC, or Symphony file
• Change the tempo, time signature, key signature, or clef at any point in the score
• Advanced editing support, such as copy/paste and undo/redo
• Stream audio wirelessly with AirPlay to compatible speakers, stereo systems, AV receivers, Apple TV, and other devices
• Print a page or the entire score from your iPad
• Easily share your files over the air with others on the same local network
• Switch to portrait mode to view your composition in full screen, like sheet music
• Multi-touch gestures for easy navigation and editing
• Customizable layout & text sizes
• View and edit tracks one at a time, or all at once
• Delete individual notes, entire measures, or entire selection areas
• Use the keyboard without entering any notes to test out phrases
• Loop playback between specific measures
• Metronome
• Document recovery
• Built-in manual

Symphony Pro is great for working on pieces while you’re away from your workstation. It’s an invaluable tool for instructors, since it allows you to write out a part and have it immediately played back. It also works well as a sketchpad and sheet music viewer for musicians.

Symphony Pro is available for $14.99

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