Professional Vocoder For iPad

Professional Vocoder For iPad

Voice Synth is a specialized synthesizer for creative voice sculpting

✭✭✭ Ideal tool for creative voice expression ✭✭✭
Voice Synth is much more than your average voice changer app. Create and design your own incredible voices that live, breathe and evolve in real-time as you play. Sound like famous pop artists, “deep” movie voices (“Soon… in this theatre”), a close harmony choir, a robot, a church organ, a baby, lion, guitar, old telephone or anything else you can create. Sing in the mic and become a true artist by tweaking the controls of the vocoder, sampler, pitch and formant shifter, automatic tuning and harmony arranger, distortion, delay, stereo chorus and reverb.

✭✭✭ Voice Synth is a smart instrument ✭✭✭
We spent more than a year designing easy controls optimized for voice sculpting. So you don’t have to deal with the technical complexity of conventional vocoders or synthesizers:

✔ Intuitive voice design: you can tweak every aspect of your voice separately. No experience required, your ears will guide you
✔ Intuitive interface: no scrolling through menus, all voice controls and display information are always available
✔ One app, two interfaces: a dedicated interface designed for iPad and a compact interface for iPhone and iPod without any loss of features so you can create anywhere you go.

What’s New in Version 2.1

* Retina graphics for iPad 3
* Preset Library with over 100 factory presets and unlimited user presets
* Import/ export presets
* Extended equalizer panel with 8 quick presets and stereo VU meters
* Info center with improved news notification badge
* Fixes issue with M4A encoding on iPhone 4S and iPad 2/3
* Fixes issue with sound output becoming silent
* Fixes issue with hanging MIDI notes
* Improved noise resilience for use with noisy headsets

* Completely revised sound engine with 2×32 bit 44.1 kHz processing
* Improved reverb
* In-app help (in addition to in-app demo video)
* Improved recording process for samples and performances
* Performance recorder with FF/rewind/pause
* Audio copy/paste to/from iOS pasteboard
* Full MIDI support (Core, Virtual, Network) to control keyboard and effects
* Compatibility audio/MIDI via the dock connector (e.g. Alesis IO Dock, Apple Camera Connection Kit)
* Export recordings in uncompressed WAV format, and M4A format with improved compatibility (PC/iTunes/VLC)
* Export recordings to iTunes file sharing and other apps
* Multitasking support for fast app switching
* Visual sample editor to set start, end, loop and trigger method

✭✭✭ The ideal addition to any project ✭✭✭
Create improved, bizarre, funny, scary or out of this world voices:

✔ Enrich your movie or YouTube video
✔ Enrich your own music by adding your voice
✔ Add famous autotune effects in your musical compositions
✔ Sound like a virtuoso with the tune mode assistant: sing in key and create multiple voices in musical harmony
✔ … or any other voice effect you might need as a DJ or announcer for a live performance


1) Some users reported issues with the built-in mic (no sound or noise)

2) We are investigating and resolving this issue!

3) If you experience this, use a headset with included microphone (e.g. standard Apple headset)

Thanks for your patience


✔ All effects applied simultaneously, polyphonic, in real-time with low-latency

✔ Live: voice transform as you speak (headphone only)
✔ Repeat: autorecord/replay
✔ Sampler: record in sampler bank, replay with keyboard

✔ 8 banks of 10sec

✔ 8 tapes, record/replay performance
✔ Export by email

✔ 8 programmable, 8 factory presets

✔ 2.5 octave (iPad), 1 octave (iPhone/iPod), shift +/- 3 octaves
✔ Auto key hold and sampler trigger
✔ Low/high register to add brilliance

✔ 24 bands, 5th order filters
✔ Natural: recreates your own voice
✔ Robot: no intonation, extra harmonics
✔ Breath: hiss-like

✔ 24 bands, adjust +/- 12 dB, VU 0 to -80 dB
✔ Autobalances overall volume
✔ Produces deep “loudness” and shallow “telephone” voices

✔ 8 octaves
✔ Chromatic and harmonized
✔ Produces squeaks (ultra-high pitch), babies/ducks (high), tenors (low), lions (ultra-low)

✔ Adapts voice spectrum, range +/- 1 octave
✔ Changes headsize from child to giant

✔ Alters pitch
✔ Fixed: robotic
✔ Free: normal
✔ Inverse & double: weird voice
✔ AUTO: always sing in tune

✔ All 12 major/minor musical scales
✔ Harmony synthesis of multiple voices
✔ Produces choirs and rich 70’s vocoder sounds

✔ Auto Gain 0-30 dB, distortion, stereo panning
✔ Delay, Stereo Chorus and Reverb

✔ Special vocoder reverb
✔ Produces plucked strings, wind, thunder, storms

VoiceSynth is available for $2.99 for a limited time.

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