OrigaMIDI Presets And Templates

Origamidi Midi Controller

In layman’s terms, OrigaMIDI is an awesome augmented reality app that lets you use printed origami as a MIDI controller. OrigaMIDI is a new type of a MIDI controller built on recognition of image targets through computer vision of a mobile device. The image targets are printed on regular paper, folded into a triangular prism, and used as a fader to move towards/away from the camera on the Y axis; and up/down on the Z axis. Triggers are also implemented, allowing you to send a command upon marker detection. This gives you three types of MIDI manipulation per image target, thus nine per prism, and thirty-six in total out of it’s four possible prisms. This flexibility grants OrigaMIDI enough power to use it as a solo controller in a Live PA or DJ performance, in one or several computers simultaneously.

Templates and Presets coming soon!

OrigaMIDI also has a visual counterpart to compliment it’s tangibility that is too often lacking in today’s digital performances. The mobile device gives you several options for particle and special effects to be overlayed on the markers, giving the audience a view not only your movements, but a visual augmentation through real-time special effects that interact with outside sound through the built-in microphone.

There are other features which we hope our users will take beyond it’s original design. OrigaMIDI was initially conceived at a GAFFTA hackathon in San Francisco.

Requirements: WiFi-enabled Mac and iOS device, a DAW or other software able to receive MIDI, a one-time access to a working printer, and a well-lit flat surface.

OrigaMIDI is available for FREE

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