Mixtikl Music Lab For iPad And iPhone

Mixtikl Music Lab For iPad

Create magical music with Mixtikl, the most powerful generative music app for mobile devices. Available for iPad and iPhone.

A powerful, deep & unique music lab / instrument.
– Start with a random mix (Menu > New > Random); keep the “parts” you want & add more.
– Customise sounds, FX & Noatikl generative rules & (new) parameters including note patterns.
– Tweet your “mixtikl” for others to enjoy and play / remix / retweet, too!
– Record your mix, copy/paste into e.g. GarageBand or other apps; try out mic recordings.
– From the devs of the SSEYO Koan (1990-2007) & Noatikl (2007-) Generative Music systems.

Computer Music Magazine Review:
“Mixtikl’s end results … are really in a class of their own when it comes to generative music.”

Key features of Mixtikl:
• A unique 12 track cell-sequencer, mixer & “generative music” lab with integral synth
• Includes Tiklpaks with over 380 customisable “parts” & 30 audio loop beats + 50 FX presets
• Includes integral Partikl MIDI DLS wavetable / modular synth for Mixtikl sounds / FX:
– Tone Generators (Oscillator, Particle, Dsynth, Wavetable)
– FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp)
– FX control units (LFO, Envelope, Amp);
• Create or customise Partikl synth sounds and FX (synth, cell, track, global) networks
• Includes integral Noatikl generative music engine with ability to customise rules & params
• Use your mix recordings royalty free in films, videos, presentations, cds etc.*
• Copy / Paste audio files via Sonoma AudioCopy & AudioPaste + Apple General Pasteboard
• Export / import fun music mix “mixtikls” – for tweeting, email etc – share your mixes!
• Transfer in / out your own loops, recordings & mix files via iTunes App File Sharing
• Transfer in your own zipped content Paks via iTunes App File Sharing
• Make microphone audio recordings for use in mixes (external mic required if no internal mic)
• Auto time stretch & pitch shift Tiklpak content, plus change mix tempo & root settings
• Set individual track volume & pans, global volume & solo / mute tracks
• Play and record (live or mixdown) at up to CD quality (user configurable, device dependent)
• Extendable with in-app purchasable Tiklpaks of additional audio loops (if required)
* Improved access to mixer from Message / Display Settings Screen
o First top button changed to Vis (tap) and Menu (tap/hold)
o Second top button changed to Mixer (tap) and New Random (tap/hold)
* Fixed: Option to export via Sonoma clipboard re-activated (was always sending to General Pasteboard)
* Fixed: Export to Clipboard: changed to export the Mix URL, not the tweet string

Important: Mixtikl 5 for iOS is for iOS 5+ only. iOS 3.x or iOS 4.x users: If you wish to continue using an earlier version of Mixtikl and cannot update your device to iOS 5, then you should not delete it from your device or from iTunes.

Mixtikl is available for $6.99

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