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Hello iOS Musicians! Today I have a very special announcement. As you may or may not know Apple decided it was in their best interest to cancel the affiliate program for selling apps starting October of this year which means us bloggers and reviewers will no longer get that little bit of incentive to help support our passions by pushing apps through affiliate links. PLEASE help by purchasing from my site we have three days left. Thank you everyone for your support over the years. I started this back in 2010 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I will continue to review apps and publish news but I'm planning to really push my Youtube channel more so please if you have not subscribed please do and hit the little bell icon so you get notifications when new videos are up. I also started a Patreon account.

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MonoGranulator – a simple granular synthesis for live electronics.


– Audiobus 3 and Inter-App Audio Filter

– Waveform

– Density and Duration

– Control Pitch

– FM and AM apply in every grain

– Resonant Filter

– Sound Source Localization, Reverb

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/monogranulator-iaa-processor/


Reason Compact is basically the Europa synth from Reason. This synth puts an amazing-sounding powerful synthesizer right at your fingertips. Go from download to downbeat in just 10 seconds with intuitive controls and helpful tutorials. Get started for free, then add new sounds and more controls only when you’re ready. Reason Compact is loaded with innovative tools like a smart keyboard so you never have to worry about hitting a wrong note—just make music and have fun! 

• Create amazing synth sounds with Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer

• Get inspired from presets made by world-class music producers

• Quickly create compositions with the smart keyboard, note grid and Chords tools

• Tweak your tone using powerful filters and built-in effects

• Connect Reason Compact to other music apps and collaborate

• Export your ideas and finalize them on your desktop with Reason 10

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/reason-europa-for-iphone-ipad/


Degrader is a combined resampler and bit crusher AUv3 plugin. It can be used to simulate the sound of vintage digital gear, as a lofi-effect or as a plain distortion unit. Since all parameters are fully automatable it’s a handy plugin for creating unique and interesting drops, sweeps and other transitions.


• Resamples between 250 Hz and 96 kHz.
• Low pass filter with different characteristics both pre and post resampling.
• Bit depth can continuously be altered between 3 and 24 bits.
• Additional distortion algorithm.
• Parameter linking (control several parameters with one knob)
• Input and output gain control.
• Dry / Wet mix.
• Several factory presets simulating different vintage gear.

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/degrader-resampler-bitcrusher/


Award-winning composer Jesper Nordin and leading iOS developer Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica) has completely re-invented their unique app from 2012 and taken the concept to the next level.

Gestrument Pro takes everything we loved about Gestrument and improves on its original functionality while introducing a host of new features such as multi-touch, recordable automations, advanced scale editing and our unique system of highly tweakable modular generators that define the pitches and rhythms.

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/pre-order-gestrument-pro-and-save/

Woodpressor is a high-end audio compressor. It is both a standalone app supporting IAA (Inter-App Audio) and an AUv3 audio unit plugin.

It has all the classic compressor controls like “Threshold”, “Attack”, “Release”, “Ratio”, etc

but also has some extra features not commonly found on other compressors.

– Auto gain

– Tube distort

– Adaptive Threshold

– Non-linear Release

– Side chain filter (bandpass, highpass, lowpass or notch)

– Limiter

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/audio-unit-with-side-chain-filter/​


Sonogrid helps you deeply explore music. You can use it like a drum machine, an advanced metronome, an ear trainer, compositional sketchpad, or just to have fun with sound and music.

No musical experience is necessary to enjoy the app, and that’s what makes it fun, but certain features might feed your creativity if you already make music. For musicians, there are new time signatures, polyrhythms, scales, and the possibility to combine any of them in new ways. For dancers, a highly-flexible accompaniment that never needs to stop. For teachers, a clear way to represent time and help students understand the space between beats. For improvisers, something fun to play along with and to take you to new spaces. For music nerds, plans cancelled.

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/sonogrid-complex-rhythm-app/


AUv3(Audiounit plug-in) Drum synthesizer for iOS. No more searching through samples, no more limited preset sounds, no more waiting. With SynthDrum Kick, you can synthesize the drum sounds you want in a lightweight​ fast package. Create multiple instances right inside your favorite AU host DAW (GarageBand, Cubase, AUM, BeatMaker 3 etc) for multiple percussion instruments.

Whether you’re looking to create solid punchy house kicks, deep dark tuned trap bass kicks, or any other EDM genre, SynthDrum Kick has you covered.

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/synthdrum-kick-drum-synthesizer/


DRUM is based on the sound and feel of the classic drum machines you love. Simple analog style controls make it easy to use, tweak knobs just for fun! DRUM works with Garageband and your favorite Audio Unit (AU) Hosts, keeping your creative flow alive. You can get the drum sounds you need in the apps you use.

* Audio Unit Instrument which is AUv3 Compatible

* Recreates the sounds of classic drum machines

* Over 50 drum sounds

* 7 Built in Presets

* Low CPU overhead so you can run multiple instances

* Parameters available for each sound:

– Mixer: Level, Pan

– Synthesizer: Tune, Tone, Decay

– Color: Click, Snappy

– Distortion: Depth, Drive

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/unklepop-drum-classic-drums/​

Ribn 2 is a MIDI controller with 8 assignable ribbons. What makes Ribn unique is its ability to record and loop your finger movement. This allows you to add organic repeating modulation to your synths and effects, kind of like complex LFOs. You can assign a unique MIDI channel and CC# to each ribbon. As long as your gear responds to MIDI CC messages you will be able to control it with Ribn. 

Version History

Sep 4, 2018 Version 2.0

• Add names to your ribbons

• Toggle looping per ribbon

• Choose any number of ribbons between 1 and 8

• Full screen mode

• Switch between 3 sets of configurations using presets

• MIDI works in the background

• iPad landscape mode

• iOS 10 support

• Select multiple MIDI outputs

• Bluetooth pairing from within the app

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/ribn-2-midi-controller/​


Fluxly is a musical physics looper where you create new instrument scenes by moving and spinning colorful Fluxum sound sample players. Fluxly brings a whole new approach to knob twiddling and sound making. Now compatible with Audiobus.

You can choose from a bank of built-in sound samples, or record your own samples and play them back in either direction at any speed. By touching two Fluxum and pushing them together you can link them into looping gear train machines. You can also enable movement and let the built-in physics engine take over as the Fluxum bounce around the instrument for random sonic fun.

Recording can be done right in the app, and loops can be up to about 10 seconds long. You can also customize all of the sounds in Bank 1 by using iTunes and the filesharing features of your iPhone or iPad to upload any sound samples from your computer.

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/fluxly-sound-design-app/

GoToEQ is a Pultec inspired EQ audio unit. Shape your sound with advanced equalising to make your tracks fit in the mix. Attenuate annoying resonances without destroying the overall sound. Boost the bass and still keep the peak levels tamed. Find and boost those silky top treble frequencies without the nastiness. Max out the middy dirt while keeping it musical and fit in the mix. Put the final touch on a complete song. GotoEQ is an equaliser made for the professional music producer, beat maker or sound designer.


• Low Shelf pultec style filter

• High Shelf pultec style filter

• Two parametric dynamic filters

• High pass filter

• Peak metering

• Input / Output gain

• Separate bypass on each filter

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/klevgrand-gotoeq-premium-equalizer/


Korg announced Electribe Wave which is marketed for EDM producers. It comes with a hefty amount of aggressive sounding wavetables and cool motion automation to achieve some wicked Dubstep and Drum and Bass type growls. There aren’t a whole lot of presets (only 25) but there are quite a bit of drum samples. It is not an audio unit nor is does it support IAA. You can not import your own wavetables and samples either perhaps in a future update. There is also a Koass pad type X/Y pad.

The next evolution in music software. Powerful wavetable sound. The next generation ELECTRIBE produces state-of-the-art dance music.

The ELECTRIBE series first appeared in 1999. Since then each generation has inherited the iconic, intuitive operability of the original while incorporating the most up-to-date sounds and styles.

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/new-korg-electribe-wave-synth/


RE-1 is a full featured virtual Tape Machine capable of delivering authentic tape based echo and chorus effects but it doesn’t stop there. With it’s interactive tape player, sample, loop and overdub features it’s possible to use it like a virtual tape recorder, sample player, looper or simply as a master effect.

– Virtual Tape deck including 3 individually controllable read heads, variable delay time and feedback
– Interactive user interface and realtime visualisation of various parameters related to the tape simulation
– Dedicated controls for Wow, Flutter, Color, Tape Hiss & saturation amount
– Tape Loop mode with overdub, tape reverse and time-stretching
– Sample/Loop library loads wave files onto the virtual tape loop
– Transport and Tempo Sync
– Stereo Spread & Stereo Panner
– Input processing: Highpass filter
– Output processing: 2 band eq

MORE INFO http://ipadloops.com/re-1-tape-delay-for-ios/

Thank you for the continued support! Jason @ www.ipadloops.com

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