IK Multimedia Audio Apps On Sale

Save up to 40% on IK apps & in-apps during the holiday season

In celebration of the holidays IK is offering a special discount on our mobile apps in the iTunes App Store. From December 15th, through December 31st, 2016 you can get AmpliTube, AmpliTube MESA/ Boogie, AmpliTube Slash, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, AmpliTube Orange, AmpliTube Acoustic, UltraTuner, VocaLive, SampleTank, iGrand Piano, iLectric Piano, iRig Recorder, Mic Room, DJ Rig, GrooveMaker 2 and Lurssen Mastering Console Play/Process & HD Engine at up to 40% off. That’s an incredible deal perfect for this holiday season.

That’s not all… You can get up to 40% off select in-app purchases as well during this special promotion. (excluding new SampleTank instruments like the SampleTank PRO collections, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Orchestral Percussion & Cinematic Percussion) AmpliTube users can save on our Complete Bundles and AmpliTube 4 Upgrade, Recorder + Studio, Loop Drummer Style Packs and more. GrooveMaker 2 users can get song packs in many different genres ranging from Rock, to Hip-Hop to EDM. Vocal users can also save big and get the Mic Pack to use in the Mic Room, and get the Studio + Recorder in VocaLive at the special discounted price.

All of these great savings on IK apps and in-apps through the rest of the month are too good to miss.

IK apps make perfect gifts for the musicians in your life, and at a price too good to miss. So, be sure to check out all of IK’s apps in the App Store today.

Discounted apps include:

AmpliTube for iPhone – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 AmpliTube – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube for iPad – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 AmpliTube – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube MESA/ Boogie – $/€24.99 —> $/€14.99 AmpliTube MESA/Boogie – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube Slash – $/€14.99 —> $/€8.99 AmpliTube Slash – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube Slash for iPad – $/€14.99 —> $/€8.99 AmpliTube Slash for iPad – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix – $/€14.99 —> $/€8.99 AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix for iPad – $/€14.99 —> $/€8.99 AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ for iPad

AmpliTube Orange – $/€14.99 —> $/€8.99 AmpliTube Orange – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube Orange for iPad – $/€14.99 —> $/€8.99 AmpliTube Orange for iPad – IK Multimedia

AmpliTube Acoustic – $/€9.99 —> $/€5.99 AmpliTube Acoustic – IK Multimedia

UltraTuner – $/€9.99 —> $/€5.99 UltraTuner – Chromatic Tuner for Guitar, Bass, Strings, Brass and More

VocaLive – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 VocaLive – IK Multimedia

VocaLive for iPad – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 VocaLive for iPad – IK Multimedia

iRig Recorder – $/€7.99 —> $/€4.99 iRig Recorder – IK Multimedia

SampleTank – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 SampleTank – IK Multimedia

iGrand Piano – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 iGrand Piano – IK Multimedia

iGrand Piano for iPad – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 iGrand Piano for iPad – IK Multimedia

Mic Room – $/€7.99 —> $/€4.99 Mic Room – IK Multimedia

DJ Rig for iPhone – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 DJ Rig – IK Multimedia

DJ Rig for iPad – $/€19.99 —> $/€11.99 DJ Rig for iPad – IK Multimedia

GrooveMaker 2 – $/€9.99 —> $/€5.99 GrooveMaker 2 – IK Multimedia

Discounted in-app purchases include:
AmpliTube and VocaLive Studio + Recorder
AmpliTube Fender Complete Bundle
AmpliTube Slash Complete Bundle
AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Complete Bundle
AmpliTube Orange Complete Bundle
AmpliTube MESA/ Boogie Complete Bundle
VocaLive Complete Bundle
AmpliTube’s All-In 2014 Bundle
AmpliTube’s All FXs Bundle
AmpliTube’s All Amps Bundle
AmpliTube’s Upgrade to Full Bundle
Loop Drummer All Styles Pack 1 & 2
SampleTank Upgrade to Full
SampleTank All Sound Pack
MiroSlav Philhamonik – Mobile Edition
Sonik Synth – Mobile Edition
SampleMoog – Mobile Edition
The Grid
iGrand Piano Upgrade to Full
iGrand Piano Piano Pack 1 & 2
iLectric Piano Piano Pack 1 & 2
GrooveMaker 2 Bundled Song Packs
iRig Recorder All Functionalities
iKlip Stage Unlimited Set Lists
EZ Voice All Effects Bundles
VocaLive Mic Pack
VocaLive Recorder + Studio
Lurssen Mastering Console Play/Process
Lurssen Mastering Console HD Engine

Visit http://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/news.php?id=790 for more information.

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