Hypertunes Sequence Arranger For iPhone

Hypertunes Sequence Arranger For iPhone

HyperTunes lets you compose and arrange music directly in terms of musical structure, such as verse-chorus-bridge song forms. It also lets you collect and organize all your musical patterns, song fragments, and songs within the app, so that they’re ready to “plug and play” in a new song with just a few touches.

Instead of recording and editing your songs on a linear, multitrack timeline, in HyperTunes song sections and instrument parts are building blocks that you can easily reorganize on a small screen, even one-handed. This helps you focus on the big picture as you compose – for example, trying out different variations of a song form – without getting bogged down in note-by-note tweaking on the timeline.

Ready access to virtually all of your musical ideas and content within the app means new songs can get off the ground quickly based on parts you already have, and ideas you don’t use in one project are easy to recycle in later projects, instead of getting lost and forgotten.

HyperTunes is designed to be as accessible to non-musicians and beginning composers as it is powerful for seasoned pros:

☆ Flexible creative process:

Start from a song form and plug in instrument parts – drum grooves, bass lines, guitar licks, keyboad riffs – later, the way a painter might sketch out a piece before filling in the details. Or, work in a more exploratory manner, adding one new section at a time. Rearrange the entire song in one step, just by selecting a different song form from the extensive built-in menu, or by typing in your own custom form.

☆ Intelligent sequencing:

Assign an instrument part to a section and HyperTunes automatically transposes it to fit; reorder sections and it automatically merges pickup notes to make the transitions seamless.

☆ Powerful analysis tool:

Rapidly break up existing songs into their component sections, so that you can freely rearrange them, repurpose their parts in new songs, mash them up with other songs, or simply as way of learning about arranging.

☆ General MIDI format:

Import original content and third party pattern libraries in General MIDI format. Export arrangements as General MIDI for performance, or for further production using other tools. More music formats are planned for future versions.



HyperTunes is compatible with iPad but not yet optimized for the iPad screen.

HyperTunes includes a very small set of very basic patterns for drums, bass, and guitar just for exploring the features of the app. For actual use, you need to import your own MIDI files, or third party midi libraries.

HyperTunes is available for $9.99

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