Garageband Remote Control For iPad

Garageband Remote Control For iPad

Use your iPad to control GarageBand on your Mac! Major new theme style added in gbTouch 3.1!

Do you use GarageBand on a Mac computer and want mobility and touch screen controls for commonly used functions? With gbTouch you can control record and playback from anywhere in your studio. Set each track’s volume with multi-touch faders, or track mute, solo, or record enable with a simple button tap. Tracks display their name and are color coded by type. Select a track and bring up an edit panel to make those critical tweaks to settings and important effects, or check the numeric values of track volume and pan. Untether yourself from the computer mouse and screen!

You requested vertical faders and our new theme style ‘Mixer’ turns GarageBand tracks on their head. ‘Mixer’ theme rotaries also have a new look, with a preference setting for circular vs. vertical response. With ‘Mixer’, you now have 4 major style choices for changing the look of gbTouch anytime using the iOS Settings application. gbTouch automatically changes its layout for landscape or portrait mode. Most gbTouch functions are contained on the Main screen, with Track Info (Details and Effect Parameters) available with a simple tap.

gbTouch includes an “LCD display” that dynamically shows playhead location or project information, including tempo. A single touch lets you “dial in” a new position or tempo. Move around your song easily with the gbTouch playhead “scrub strip”, and set start and end points for playback cycle. More information at your fingertips!

One great way to reap the benefits of gbTouch is to use GarageBand on your Mac to get some tracks down in your composition, then sit back with your iPad – or move around your studio – and use gbTouch’s track and transport functions to evaluate your mix. It makes recording a breeze.

gbTouch communicates with GarageBand using our gbLink application, a small program you install on your Mac. gbLink is free and available at www.delora.com. YOU MUST HAVE GBLINK 3.1.0 INSTALLED AND RUNNING & WI-FI FOR GBTOUCH 3.1 TO WORK. Follow these one time steps to start using gbTouch:
* Using your Mac, go to the gbTouch page in the Delora Products tab on our website, www.delora.com to download gbLink. (It does not install on or from the iPad.)
* After downloading, double click on the gbLink ZIP file, then double click on the gbLink.mpkg file. OSX will walk you through the installation screens.
* Go to the Mac System Preferences, click on the gbLink icon, then press the ‘Run’ button. Close System Preferences.
* Make sure iPad Wi-Fi is ON and connected to the Mac where gbLink is installed, and GarageBand is running.


* iPad running iOS 5
* Apple GarageBand ’11 music application installed on your Mac (works with GarageBand ’09 with some limitations. See user manual).
* Delora gbLink 3.1.0, an OSX application, installed on your Mac computer (available free at www.delora.com). gbLink runs on G5 Macs running OSX 10.5.8; Intel Macs running OSX 10.5.8, 10.6.8, or 10.7.
* Wi-Fi access to Mac running GarageBand and gbLink
* iPad Bluetooth must be set to OFF to insure reliable communications with GarageBand


FEATURES (Full list available on website. Some highlights:)

* Choose one of four theme styles to change the look of your app
* Adjust each track’s volume & pan levels, & mute, solo and record enable status
* Adjust master volume or mute all audio
* Access more than eight tracks with the arrow keys
* Control transport functions
* Change the playhead location; “LCD” displays position
* Designate Cycle start & end points
* Song tempo displayed; change tempo
* Create a new track, duplicate or delete a track
* Toggle Metronome and Count-In
* Adjust Master Echo and Reverb effects
* Manipulate track Compressor, Visual EQ & Generator parameters
Harmony Systems, Inc. Web SitegbTouch 3 for GarageBand Support
What’s New in Version 3.1.0

* Dramatically different theme style (‘Mixer’) added
* Preference setting for rotary response type (for Mixer theme)
* Dismiss GarageBand alerts from gbTouch with a button on the info screen

gbTouch is available for $9.99

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