Dani Deahl Demonstrates BPM Dj App


Dani Deahl demonstrates Red Bull BPM HD.

Dani Deahl

Red Bull BPM HD is now Red Bull BPM Dj. It is now a free app with limited features and upgrades are available as in app purchases. It fulfills all requirements of modern-day DJing by offering the 21st century digital equivalent of a traditional DJ set-up with two decks and a mixer. The app is custom-made for the iPad screen, focused on performance, low latency and core functionality rather than silly graphics effects. It is a high quality tool for the performing DJ with high-precision track control and real time response providing a new experience for DJing, so you can perform a set while leaving your laptop at home. All this and it’s easy to install. Plug it in, switch to line and you’re good to go…

BPM DJ offers the 21st century digital equivalent of a professional DJ setup with 2 decks, 2 effect engines and a mixer. A high quality tool with focus on performance, low latency, usability and stability, designed for the real club’s DJ booth.

Start with 4 fixed tracks to learn the basics, then unlock the “Use Your Music” feature to play more. Or buy the “Premium Pack” to unlock all features on a discount price.

Output modes for hardware mixer:

– Classic Club mode to use two iOS devices as two separate decks, connected to a hardware mixer. The two devices can sync the current BPM value wirelessly.
– Double Deck mode to use one device, connected to a hardware mixer. Headphone left is deck A, headphone right is deck B.

Output modes for the Split Cable Adapter (check djplayer.net to buy):

– Split Cable. Headphone left is master, headphone right is pre-listening.
– Auto Stereo. Same as before, but full stereo when PFL buttons are off.

Output modes with 2 independent stereo outputs:

– Home mode: headphone out is pre-listening, master output is transmitted to our MasterOut app over the network.
– Club Master mode: headphone out is master, pre-listening is transmitted to MasterOut. Our unique MasterOut audio transmission is a special design for ultra-low latency DJ monitoring.


– 8 gapless cue/loop points (6 on iPhone and iPod touch), play like a sampler. Modify on-the-fly, while playback/loop goes.
– Frame precise or waveform positioning.
– Vinyl Vision or waveform display, touch on it to search (jump, beat and block aligned).
– Pitch control with four ranges (±4, ±8, ±16 and ±100%), fine adjust pitch step buttons with AutoStep, adjustable pitch bend strength.
– Reverse play (tap before or after the pitch fader head to change direction). Automatic slip mode for reverse lengths below 16 beats.
– BPM sync, automatic bpm and beatgrid detection.


– Crossfader with 3 curves and morph: attach additional low and highpass filters to each end of the crossfader.
– For each channel: fader with 2 curves (smooth, hard), gain, PFL switch, low/mid/high ±6 db adjust eq, low/mid/high mixing eq from -96 to 0 db, hidden cutoff switch below each mixing eq.
– Punch control for channel faders and cross (similar to in/out).
– Calibrated VU meter per channel and stereo VU meter for master (with peak hold off/fade/run), balance control.
– Pre-listening: master/PFL ratio, headphone volume. Split or stereo PFL (in Home or Club Master mode).
– EQ reset on track load (do nothing, or reset all bands, or reset mid/high and cut bass).
– Gain set on track load (do nothing, reset to 0 or auto set to loudness).


– Adjustable effect parameters with touch or accelerometer.
– Gapless auto or bounce looping, from 128 beats to 1/256 beat (including triolic 3/4, 1/3 values on iPad).
– Slip mode for looping.
– Temp pitch control, beat snap and reloop.
– BPM-based echo, reverb, lo-fi, flanger, highpass, lowpass, bandpass, notch and peak.
– Sharp or smooth echo/reverb release, beatcounter.


– Mass analyze of selected tracks.
– Convenient track search with textual search/filter.
– Sort by playlist, artist, title, comment or BPM, section views by first letter or BPM range.
– Natural sort for playlists (tracks appear in “iTunes order”).
– Automatic marker shows if a track was played in the last 4 hours. Manual marker on/off for each track.
– Serato and Traktor metadata support (BPM and cue points/loops).
– The internal database keeps all bpm and cue points even if a track is removed from the device. (Standard SQLite, import/export.)

– Day or night background. Set manually, or automatically according to your location’s sunrise/sunset.
– iPad only: CPU meter, sunrise and sunset display.
– Audio buffer size, from 512 to 128.


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