ChordFlow Update

ChordFlow for iOS

ChordFlow is a songwriting sketchpad that will help you create amazing chord progressions and melodies for your songs fast and easily.

– Scale support added. You can now select a scale of your chord progression.
– The key selector is now represented as a 12th-sector wheel.
– Depending of the selected scale, keys that match the scale are highlighted. But you still have the power to select any key, even if it is not in the scale.
– To change a key of the selected chord you tap on a wheel sector with the needed key.
– To change a key of the scale you rotate the wheel with a dragging gesture.
– If you want to lock the already created chords so they won’t be affected(transposed) when the key wheel is rotated, the lock control(a little lock button) should be in the locked mode.
If it is unlocked, rotation of the wheel will cause the transposition of the selected scale and of all the chords as well.
– Chord type selector is now represented as two rows of buttons. First row contains chord families and second row contains chord types from the selected family.
– Depending on the selected scale and the key of the selected chord, chord type buttons could be painted in three different colors: green, yellow, red.
Green means all the notes of the selected chord match the scale. Yellow – one note of the chord is out of the scale. Red – two or more notes is out of the scale.
– As an additional feature, in the inner part of the key wheel you can see the notes of the selected chord and of the chord just before the selected and of the chord just after the selected.

– Fixed the bug when the playhead jumps to next section when deleting the last chord of a section.
– Fixed the bug when internal synth would not play after a phone call is recieved on the device.
– UI and performance improvements.


1. Create a chord progression.
2. Draw an arpeggio – a rythmic pattern for your chords.
3. Compose a melody.
4. Build a complete song adding more sections.
5. Save your song, share or export to your favourite DAW as a MIDI file.

– Create chord progression of any length using intuitive chord selector providing a huge choice of chords.
– Select a scale of your chord progreession.
– The chord selector will show you which chords are matching the selected scale.
– Move chords around within chord progression using drag and drop gestures.
– Transpose the chord progression by rotating the key wheel (with the lock button unlocked). Or transpose the key of the scale while keeping the existing chords unchanged (with locked mode).
– See the notes of the selected chord and how the relate to the notes of the chord before and the one after the selected.

– When you draw the arpeggio you are not specifying absolute notes but relative steps of the chords. When played, the pattern will be translated to the absolute notes depending on the currently played chord.
– Specify the length and rate of the arpeggio grid. Length defines the number of steps in the sequence and rate define the speed at which the sequence is played.
– Add up to 4 tracks to your arpeggio grid. Each track has it’s color, octave and number of parallel voices.
To edit a track you select it with the track selection button, and then choose the required tool.
– Draw complex curves spanning several rows and columns of the arpeggio grid with just one move with Dots tool
– Draw long horizontal lines with Line tool
– Move entire track along the grid using the Move tool
– Clear a region of the selected track with the Eraser tool
– Remove the selected track entirely using the Trash button
– Set Loop region to repeatedly play only the selected section of your arpeggio.

– Create up to 4 melody tracks.
– Melodies are edited in their own grid, which also has length and rate params as the arpeggio grid.
– Select the root note and the scale for the melody grid. You can also show and hide non-scale notes using the “Chromatic” switch.
– Melody grid features the same collection of drawing tool as the arpeggio grid does.
– While drawing your melody you will see which chords correspond to the specific steps and also which notes of the grid match the notes of the chords.
– You can also set a loop region as in the arpeggio grid view.
– Undo/Redo aslo works the same way as in arpeggio grid.

– A song can contain unlimited number of sections
– Each section has its own chord progression, arpeggio and melody parts
– Add, remove, reorder, rename and clone sections
– Make quantized or immediate jumps between sections while playing.
– Set a song loop mode. Loop one section. Loop entire song. Or play whole song once.

– Control any CoreMIDI compatible app
– Control desktop synths through USB or Wi-Fi
– Control hardware synths
– Specify MIDI destination and channel for each track
– Use ChordFlow as MIDI or Audio sender in Audiobus (http://audiob.us/)
– Play in sync with other apps running on the same device or on other devices in same Wi-Fi network using a new technology, Ableton Link (http://www.ableton.com/link/)

– Share your projects by AirDrop, Mail, Dropbox or any other app supporting sharing .
– Export to Standard MIDI file and open it in the DAW of your choice(Ableton Live, Logic, GarageBand, etc. )

Get ChordFlow http://www.dmitryklochkov.com/chordflow

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