Best iOS Music Production Channels

Creating and producing music on iOS (iPad and iPhone) is very popular and it has been for many years. We know because we’ve been at this since the first gen iPhone. With this comes more and more content creators with Youtube channels for showcasing music production on iOS devices. Here are some of my favorite channels that demonstrate this 10+ year old medium for creating and producing music. Make sure you check them out and enjoy!

  • Perplex On
  • Perplex On is a munich based electronic music and new-media-artist who uses iPhones and iPads in his work.

  • Adam Hardyman iOS MM.

  • IOS Music Maker who likes to make Audio/Visual videos of how he works using iOS and an iPad. Adam is always experimenting with new apps and ideas within iOS. Electronic music in many styles. iOS Music Production and the future of music making.

  • makes music inspired by the countries he travels to & teach aspiring musicians how to better their craft via how-to tutorials and studio vlogs with Garageband and Maschine. If you’re looking for a reason to start making music, to improve what you already have, or even find the motivation to continue being an artist, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Garageband Guide
  • GarageBand Tutorial, GarageBand for Beginners, GarageBand Mac for Beginners, GarageBand iPad for beginners, Learn to use GarageBand, Patrick Baird, GarageBand 101, GarageBand noob, GarageBand lessons, Learn GarageBand

  • Dj Puzzle (Jason Donnelly) is an award winning content creator and Youtuber. Donnelly has produced content for numerous apps and software packages. He got his start working for Sonic Foundry in the 90s. In 2009 he was hired by Sound Trends a leading app developer to produce all the loop content for their app Looptastic. Donnelly has free loops and samples, tutorial videos, beat making videos, reviews and so much more. He started this iOS music blog back in 2010!

  • Bolo Da Producer
  • RIAA certified 12x Platinum Producer & curator of cool videos 🤟🏾

  • Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel
  • is a musician, producer, world traveler and dad to two young kids. He be talks about making music on-the-go using mainly iOS and iPad-related tools as well as his adventures traveling the world with his family. There are app reviews, songwriting and production tips, conceptual music lessons, field recordings, travel tips, and homeschooling discussions as well as much more. Please subscribe if you like it!

    Stick around as I’ll be adding more content creators to this list! Want to be added to this list? Use my contact form and let me know what you’re up to.

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