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Audiobus 3

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Introducing Audiobus 3.4, with tons of workflow improvements, including preset addition, MIDI sync, MIDI Learn improvements including support for Audio Unit and app output (hello LFOs, hello sidechain compression!), Audio Unit user presets and so much more that it’s a little embarrassing.

Here’s the complete list of what’s new.

– MIDI clock sync! Now you can synchronize external MIDI gear and other non-Link-compatible apps via MIDI sync. Audiobus’ MIDI sync will also act as a bridge between Link and MIDI clock.
– New “Add” button for presets: Now you can append a preset to your current session, so you can use presets like reusable components.
– Lots of big MIDI learn improvements:
– New MIDI Learn Receiver port, for using the MIDI output of Audio Units and apps to control your session. Great for LFO generators and audio-to-MIDI utilities!
– MIDI Learn binding triggers can now be assigned manually.
– MIDI Learn adjustment actions now have range controls, both for the incoming CC, and the final value.
– MIDI Learn toggle actions now have more configurations, including the ability to invert the incoming value from a CC.
– Audio Unit User Presets: Alongside Audio Unit Factory Presets, you can now create your own presets for each AU, which will be accessible across Audiobus sessions. You can also switch AU User Presets via MIDI Learn.
– Virtual MIDI Bridge input, for receiving MIDI from apps that support neither IAA or Audiobus MIDI standards.
– Brand new selector pop-up, with separate tabs for System, Apps and Audio Units, and support for favorites.
– Hardware input gain slider in Settings, for compatible devices.
– Added Link quantize duration setting
– “Mute” for MIDI devices now sustains currently-held notes until release, rather than immediately silencing.
– MIDI hardware and virtual MIDI inputs appearing in multiple pipelines are now treated independently, allowing for per-pipeline muting and volume control.
– Brand new, rewritten-from-scratch Audiobus manual at https://audiob.us/help
– Numerous bug fixes and improvements, including:
– Fixed crash when using “Copy” on unsaved preset MIDI profile.
– Fixed issue where MIDI Learn trigger listening becomes unresponsive after clearing.
– Fixed stuck MIDI level meter when away from mixer screen.
– Fixed occasional issue where app state saving fails.
– Don’t show “More” button on Connection Panel during MIDI Learn for AUs.
– Fixed some app and AU loading issues.
– Fixed issue displaying secondary AU MIDI output ports.
– Fixed some sample rate and route change issues.
– Fixed an issue where MIDI sources present on launch are not initialised.
– Assorted layout fixes and improvements.
– Fixes for iPhone XS Max, and AU screen fixes for Plus sized iPhones.
– Skip MIDI consistency tracking for single MIDI sources, which should enable apps/AUs that mess with MIDI in exciting and illicit ways to work better.
– Don’t autosave MIDI Learn profiles from presets: wait until the preset is saved to save the MIDI Learn profile of the preset.

Get Audiobus HERE

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