Genroku iPhone Synthesizer
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Genroku iPhone Synthesizer

Genroku is a fun and inexpensive monophonic synthesizer app with voice filter. The sound from oscillator changes like human voice through voice filter. The Voice filter is modulated with the voice motion pattern driven by ADSR envelope; also manually controllable.

other features:
– 8 programs
– 8 patterns for voice filter
– pitch bender
– portament
– LFO pitch modulation
– keyboard scroll/zoom


Randgrid App For iPhone
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Randgrid App For iPhone

Randgrid an app for making electronic music. It’s perfect for those who are familiar with analog synthesizers and sequencers.

The interface of Randgrid is based on classic analog synthesizers, drum machines and step sequencers.

You have a very powerful setup at your fingertips with two monophonic virtual analog subtractive synthesizers and fourteen sampled drum parts.

Note that the synthesizers are real and not based on samples, they are calculated in realtime and every parameter change immediately affects the sound generation.

The Randgrid Drum Machine is full of features. Use parameter locks to change it’s parameters for each step in the pattern (the same goes for the synthesizers of course). This lets you build the most dynamic complex beats you ever could dream of. You can alter parameters like panning, volume, flam, start/stop position of the sample (making it possible to play parts of the samples both forward and reverse), or the amount of delay/echo you want on each step in the pattern.

The advanced step sequencer is the heart of Randgrid, it lets you control virtually every aspect of the drums and synthesizers. Use parameter locks to change cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation, panning and many more parameters of the synthesizers for each step in a pattern.

Some of the great features are:

– 2x dual oscillator subtractive synthesizers
– 14x sampled drums
– stereo delay effect
– distortion effect
– Song sequencer
– Multiple patterns
– File manager
– Solo/mute groups
– Pattern randomizer
– Copy/Paste operations
– Parameter locks


Seline Ultimate iPad Synthesizer
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Seline HD iPad Synthesizer

Seline 2.1 Ultimate is based upon the award-winning concept of the original Seline HD. The application has evolved from the “concept” to the “real workhorse” level and is now a very powerful musical tool, for instant production of tons of first-class musical ideas. The melodies can now be recorded to .WAV/.M4A and MIDI simultaneously. Hardware, virtual, wireless MIDI in/out, as well as Audio Copy/Paste are fully supported. There are 30 built-in instruments, 6 drones, 8 drumloops, and more downloadable content is available through in-app purchase.

Seline is a great live performance and improvisation music instrument that will keep you playing for hours, even if you haven’t touched any music instrument before. The sound is altered on the fly with a dozen of subtle AI algorhythms that add unbelievable expression, character and life to your music. Drones (chorded synth pads) are generated on-the-fly based on the complex analysis of your melody line and provide an excellent background layer for your melody.

Seline features a completely new, ergonomically designed playing surface called ioGrid, suitable for players with all hand sizes. The melodies are played with two hands, while keeping the iPad on the knees or on the table. Fully adjustable 16-note scale is divided into 2 parts (odd and even), which are then mapped on the left and right grids. Such way of note mapping is beneficial to the existing linear scale mapping solutions as it allows many more improvisation possibilities. And, of course, the player is never out of tune.

The completely redesigned, realistic-looking interface called ioGrid 2.0 brings many improvements to the original ioGrid. The white keys now represent the opposite part of the scale, thus all the scale is available for performance using only one hand. The variable-length note-to-note pitch slides are performed just by sliding between the yellow and the white keys with different speed. Resting your palm on the “pads” at the bottom of the screen allows to pitch-bend each note as on a regular controller.

Symbiosis of research, technology, and passion… Seline is the latest, most innovative and best-sounding music instrument for the iPad, aimed at easy creation of complicated, soulful, intricate melodies, backed with lush soundscapes. Record them all, and you’ll never run out of musical ideas!

What’s New in Version 2.1

Classic sounds & drones are now a free download (we are really sorry if their removal offended you!)
Returned Classic scales
All IAP instruments & loops are now minimal price

+ Now a serious tool in every musician’s arsenal
+ Redesigned, unique realistic-looking interface ioGrid 2.0
+ Easy note-to-note pitch bends and velocity/filter controls
+ Full MIDI functionality (record, hardware, virtual, wireless)
+ Instant transposition controls, A/B setup switching
+ 30 bundled instruments, 6 drones, 8 drumloops
+ In-app SHOP with 12 additional content packs
+ MeloDist – Advanced “singing distortion” feature
+ 4 effects, LP filter, customizable Arpeggiator
+ 30 scales with Randomize feature
+ File Manager, .M4A converter
+ Share Audio/Midi via PlayMe.CC


+ Advanced CrystalClarity HD sound engine
+ ioGrid – ergonomically designed playing surface
+ Playing expressive, soulful melodies has never been so easy before
+ 23 instruments and 9 drone sounds
+ Automatic backing track – drones (chorded pads) generation
+ Grand stereo reverb, dub delay FX
+ 25 included scales + custom scale creation
+ Record to .WAV, overdub, file manager
+ Find your recorded .wav files in iTunes / Apps / Seline HD page
+ Wi-Fi MIDI IN via DSMIDI (experimental but working)

Position iPad firmly on your knees or table and put your both hands on the surface in the way that is shown on the picture.

Index, middle and ring fingers are generally responsible for their respectable column, but baby finger can also be used in many cases.

Aim for the center of the key for more volume, slide to the outer region of the key to lower the volume of the sustained sound.

Arrows indicate that for every grid, higher notes are achieved by moving upper and closer to the center. The scale is divided into the odd (pink) and even (blue) part. They are represented on the upper keyboard so you can always see what you’re actually playing. Combine playing notes from different hands to achieve great results.

Use thumbs to tap the “tone-down” zone at the bottom of the screen, while holding any note, to go down 1 position in the scale. Use index/middle fingers to tap any of the “tone-up” buttons, to go up 1 position in the scale. These methods can also be used to create easy trills.

Use index fingers to move the combined pitchbend/vibrato joystick. Up/down is the pitchbend (+/- 2 semitones) and left/right is vibrato (center is no vibrato, sides are 100% vibrato). You can also tap anywhere in the zone of the modifier and the joystick will move to that position.

Tap and drag the attack joystick to modify the attack of the sound on the fly. Center is the quickest attack, sides are the longest.

Tap the drone indicator to start/stop drone. Drones are 100% automatic and can be only turned on and off. Tap only once and wait, since drones can have slow attack/release. While transposing, the first drone can be a bit off due to the rebuilding of the generation algorhythms.

Seline HD is available for $9.99

Nlog Synth For iPhone
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NLog Synthesizer For iPhone

Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer supporting Core MIDI, WIST and interfaces from Akai, Line6, IK Multimedia & others

Most versatile iOS synth with professional grade virtual analogue low latency sound engine:

– Play it from on-screen keyboard
– Use MIDI keyboards & controllers via MIDI interfaces
– Connect to your digital audio workstation via MIDI interfaces
– Play NLogSynth from other iOS apps like SoundPrism PRO via virtual Core MIDI
– Synchronize via Korg’s WIST to other iOS devices running iElectribe, iMS20 or other WIST compatible apps
– Synchronize NLog to beat-oriented apps like Funkbox running on same device via virtual Core MIDI
– Transfer patches to NLog Audio Unit Mac version
– Make audio or MIDI recordings on the run and share your files
– Export patches & recordings to iTunes, SoundCloud, Email, WiFi, Beatmaker & Sonoma AudioCopy pasteboards

Supports external MIDI input and output via Line6′ Midi Mobilizer 1&2 interfaces, Akai’s SynthStation25, IK Multimedia’s iRig MIDI, iKingdom’s iConnectMIDI or any Core MIDI compliant interface.

Full MIDI implementation for note on/off including velocity control, pitch bend, sustain pedal, modulation wheel, program & bank change and assignable midi controller & MIDI Sync receiving mode.

::: Follow nlogmusic at Twitter! :::

::: Comprehensive manuals & tutorial videos at www.temporubato.com :::

Virtual Core MIDI features require recent hardware like 4th generation iOS devices.

The N E X T L E V E L of IOS musical instruments:


– including fresh new sound set by the producer 7 Skies


– Over 100 parameters
– 3 user banks with 96 slots


– Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality
– 32bit floating point engine
– Highly efficient algorithms

– STAGE safe KEYBOARD implementation

– SLIDING & LOCK option
– Double manual option
– Velocity control
– Different key sizes

– Fully customizable EXPRESSION CONTROL

– Realistic PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL implementation
– X/Y dimensional controller
– 4 customizable PERFORMANCE knobs
– Keyboard with VERTICAL modulation control

– Incredible FAT & RICH:

– New filter implementation for SMOOTH and JUICY control with 7 FILTER types
– UNISONO mode for up to 4 parallel sounds with detune, delay and panning control

=== SOUND editing features ===

– 2 Oscillators with 20 waveforms:
– classic analogue SIN, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE and SQUARE
– 16 additional carefully designed wavetables

– True PWM pulse-width modulation

– Frequency mod

– Ring mod

– Noise generator

– Filter with 7 filter types
– Low, High & Band Passes
– Finest sweeps & smoothest cutoff tuning
– Carefully resonating
– 12 & 24dB option for steepness

– 3 ADSR Envelope generators
– Velocity controlled attack time
– Slope control

– 2 Modulation LFOs
– Sample & hold
– Fade in delay

– Effect section
– Stereo delay with x-feed & filter
– chorus
– distortion

Get Nlog Synth

Synthmate For iPad
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Synthmate For iPad

Can’t seem to get enough synths for your iPad? Check out Synthmate.

Synthmate : a musical synthesizer with a simple and elegant interface, programable controls including scales, wave type, lfo and yaxis control with a low-latency audio engine.

Features :

• real-time control, low latency
• multi-touch interface, change anything while playing
• 5 note polyphony
• 1 oscilator unit per touch : control pitch, volume
• 1 lfo unit per touch : control speed, amount
• 1 delay unit : control time, feedback
• Y axis assignable control
• edit scales, range, portamento and micro-tune
• load/save all settings


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