Waldorf Nave iPad Synthesizer
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Waldorf Nave iPad Synthesizer

Waldorf Nave iPad Synthesizer

Nave is Waldorf’s first synthesizer App development – created by chief engineer and 
director Stefan Stenzel, NLog mastermind Rolf Wöhrmann and Design Guru Axel Hartmann.

The Nave sound engine includes two novel Wavetable oscillators, leaving every previous attempt in wavetable synthesis far behind. The spectrum of a sound can be transposed independently of its pitch. The waves are being rendered periodically to noisy. Especially sounds with an accent on formants can be reproduced easily, which made us integrate a speech synthesizer for the easy creation of wavetables.

The clearly structured UI invites both beginners and advanced users to experiment, and the large display of 
the iPad makes Wavetable creation and editing a blast. Besides Speech Synthesis, Wavetables can also be made by analysing audio files. Further stretching, rotating and shifting in spectral domain allows Wavetables to be further refined or distorted.

All factory Wavetables from Microwave, Wave and Blofeld are included, complemented by new ones that make extensive useof the enhanced possibilities.

In addition to the Wavetable Oscillators, Nave offers an oscillator module featuring the novel Überwave that can fatten your sound by up to eight detuned oscillators.

The filter offers the familiar outstanding Waldorf sound, featuring lowpass, bandpass and highpass with either 12dB or 24dB slope.

The Drive section offers different characteristics, and it can be positioned in the signal path: before or after the filter, or as a summing overdrive before or after the equalizer – for those who prefer harsh screaming sounds over delicate Wavetable sweeps.

An extended modulation matrix and diverse real time control functionality is waiting for animating Nave sounds in any desired direction.

Besides the classic virtual chromatic keyboard, Nave can be played with the “Blades” that allow for dynamic triggering of polyphonic modulation by sliding the fingers in x or y direction.

The 4-track recorder can be used to build your own Nave songs or to simply sketch your music, inspired by the sounds of Nave.

Nave Specifications per Voice:
· Two independent advanced Wavetable Oscillators
· Osc module with up to 8 oscillator Überosc with sawtooth, triangle, PWM, white or pink noise
· Two Ring Modulators
· Multimode Filter with LP,BP and HP, each either 12 dB or 24 dB
· 3 Envelopes
· 2 LFO
· 10 Modulation Matrix Entries
· Drive with adjustable curve, depth and position

· Modulation Effect with either Chorus, Flanger or Phaser
· Modulation Delay
· High Quality Reverb
· Three band parametric Equalizer
· Compressor

Additional Features:
· Keyboard with adjustable size, scrolling and glissando modes
· Blades with musical scales and optional chord mode
· Polyphonic X/Y finger modulation on keyboard and blades
· Modulation Wheel and Pitch Bender
· Up to 3 X/Y Control Pads
· Four Track Recorder with clip based editing
· Core MIDI in / out support
· MIDI device manager for external hardware and virtual connections
· Sync to MIDI Clock or WIST
· MIDI Learn
· Audiobus compatible
· Background Audio
· Arpeggiator
· Polyphonic Unisono
· Speech Synthesizer for Wavetables
· 3D Wavetable Editing
· Generation of Wavetables from external audio files
· BeatMaker & Sonoma Audio Copy / Paste Support
· Patch Management with unlimited user banks and categories
· Import / Export audio and sound patches from iTunes

Requires iOS 6 or later

Nave is available for $11.99

Nlog Synth For iPhone
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NLog Synthesizer For iPhone

Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer supporting Core MIDI, WIST and interfaces from Akai, Line6, IK Multimedia & others

Most versatile iOS synth with professional grade virtual analogue low latency sound engine:

– Play it from on-screen keyboard
– Use MIDI keyboards & controllers via MIDI interfaces
– Connect to your digital audio workstation via MIDI interfaces
– Play NLogSynth from other iOS apps like SoundPrism PRO via virtual Core MIDI
– Synchronize via Korg’s WIST to other iOS devices running iElectribe, iMS20 or other WIST compatible apps
– Synchronize NLog to beat-oriented apps like Funkbox running on same device via virtual Core MIDI
– Transfer patches to NLog Audio Unit Mac version
– Make audio or MIDI recordings on the run and share your files
– Export patches & recordings to iTunes, SoundCloud, Email, WiFi, Beatmaker & Sonoma AudioCopy pasteboards

Supports external MIDI input and output via Line6′ Midi Mobilizer 1&2 interfaces, Akai’s SynthStation25, IK Multimedia’s iRig MIDI, iKingdom’s iConnectMIDI or any Core MIDI compliant interface.

Full MIDI implementation for note on/off including velocity control, pitch bend, sustain pedal, modulation wheel, program & bank change and assignable midi controller & MIDI Sync receiving mode.

::: Follow nlogmusic at Twitter! :::

::: Comprehensive manuals & tutorial videos at www.temporubato.com :::

Virtual Core MIDI features require recent hardware like 4th generation iOS devices.

The N E X T L E V E L of IOS musical instruments:


– including fresh new sound set by the producer 7 Skies


– Over 100 parameters
– 3 user banks with 96 slots


– Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality
– 32bit floating point engine
– Highly efficient algorithms

– STAGE safe KEYBOARD implementation

– SLIDING & LOCK option
– Double manual option
– Velocity control
– Different key sizes

– Fully customizable EXPRESSION CONTROL

– Realistic PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL implementation
– X/Y dimensional controller
– 4 customizable PERFORMANCE knobs
– Keyboard with VERTICAL modulation control

– Incredible FAT & RICH:

– New filter implementation for SMOOTH and JUICY control with 7 FILTER types
– UNISONO mode for up to 4 parallel sounds with detune, delay and panning control

=== SOUND editing features ===

– 2 Oscillators with 20 waveforms:
– classic analogue SIN, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE and SQUARE
– 16 additional carefully designed wavetables

– True PWM pulse-width modulation

– Frequency mod

– Ring mod

– Noise generator

– Filter with 7 filter types
– Low, High & Band Passes
– Finest sweeps & smoothest cutoff tuning
– Carefully resonating
– 12 & 24dB option for steepness

– 3 ADSR Envelope generators
– Velocity controlled attack time
– Slope control

– 2 Modulation LFOs
– Sample & hold
– Fade in delay

– Effect section
– Stereo delay with x-feed & filter
– chorus
– distortion

Get Nlog Synth


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