Patterning Cloud Kits Coming Soon
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Folks know I love Patterning as most people do. It’s such a wicked drum sequencing app. I’m currently beta testing a new feature that allows users to share their drum kits and patterns via the cloud. I’ve shared my Tempest Industrial kit which is a set I made on a Dave Smith Instruments Tempest drum machine. The following is a video demonstration for my Industrial kit. I made this video a while back before the cloud kit feature was added.

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SeekBeats Drum Synthesizer Sequencer For iPhone
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SeekBeats iPhone Drum Synth

SeekBeats is a drum synthesizer and sequencer for the iPhone. iPhone 4S or faster required. Each drum sound has pitch, filter, and amplitude modulation. You can create multiple patterns and randomize parameters as well.

SeekBeats is available for $2.99

D-Pad iPad Drum Machine
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D-Pad iPad Drum Machine

D-Pad Drum Machine By MyElectronica

The design looks a lot like a Monome. Newly added Dubstep samples!


D-Pad comes with 3 different sections: the mixer, the grid and the effect rack.

The Mixer offers you:

To individually change the Volume, the Pan and the Tune of each track
To play each track in live mode with dedicated pads, where changes and effects also apply
To record in live mode with a quantize functionality

The Grid allows you:

To have a full overview of the rhythm you are creating
To quickly assign events to each track with the multi-touch enable. Just swipe the pads with your fingers.
To easily identify when one or more tracks are in solo

The Effect view allows you:

To control which effect is applied on the whole track
To set each single parameters of each effect. Here again, the multi -touch enable allows you to modify many parameters at the same time.

D-Pad also comes with the great audio Mix-down feature: create a rhythm (with the sequencer or with the live mode) and record it. The corresponding audio file is stored in the document folder of the D-Pad Application.

Complete specifications:

8 track Sequencer (bpm from 40 to 240)
4 bars: sequenced play mode, single bar edit, copy and paste between bars
Swing feature
Live pad mode with recording capability (length up to 32 bars or 64 seconds)
Volume, pan and tune adjustment for each individual track
Manage your sequence through the sequence menu
Kit selection menu
Mixer view, Sequencer Grid view and Effect Rack view
7 effects: Reverb, compressor, Filter LPHP, Delay, Bitcrusher, Phaser and 3 band EQ
Audio Mix-down to reuse your tracks in other audio applications (Wav files)
Info screen (touch the logo) with parameters modifications (mix-down and swing)

Midi export
Midi sync
More effects

Best Drums For iPhone
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iGOG best drum machine for iphone

iGOG – possibly the best drum machine for iPhone. Has touch sensitivity, multi-sampled instruments, a sequencer, and more. Jeez, I remember having a couple different drum machines back in the late 80s early 90s. Now all you need is your phone and this app!

Genuine Touch-sensitive Pads:
iGOG introduces the impossible: touch sensitive pads that respond to how hard you hit them! iGOG accurately responds to your touch. The harder you strike the pads, the louder the drum hit. Finally, a drum machine that plays like a real kit.

Mic Triggering Mode:
iGOG also lets you play other objects, such as a table and turns those hits into real drum sounds while you play! This gives a whole new dimension to “air drumming”.

Drumagog Technology:
iGOG contains a powerful drum sample engine which captures every nuance of a drum hit. Because a snare drum sounds different the harder it’s played, iGOG’s samples are packed with Dynamic Multisamples to ensure a faithful reproduction. iGOG’s Random Multisamples guarantee that no sample is ever played twice in a row, making rolls and flams sound realistic. Hi-hats take advantage of iGOG’s Positional Multisamples, which provide a smooth transition between closed and open styles. Simply slide your finger across the rectangular pad. iGOG also automatically switches between left and right hand samples, making drum rolls sound amazing.


8 velocity sensitive drum pads
Comes with 6 free drum kits. More available through the built-in store
Load your own kits using standard wav, aif or Drumagog .gog files
Hi-hat and Ride pads change articulation as you slide across the pads
Built-in sequencer with standard midi file support
MIDI export: save your sequences to your computer
Sequencer features quantize, metronome, time signature, count-in, tempo and loop
Backing track mode lets you play and record sequences in perfect sync to an mp3 file
Mic trigger mode lets you play drums by tapping on objects, such as a table
Built-in file transfer mode allows you to copy files between iGOG and your computer
Mixdown feature lets you create an audio mix of your sequence

VelAUcity – Just because something is impossible doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

iGOG’s proprietary VelAUcity technology does the unthinkable and turns the iPhone’s screen into touch sensitive drum pads. Play loud, play soft, or play a full-blown crescendo on a crash cymbal, iGOG will capture every nuance of your performance. Just plug in your headphones and start playing.

NOTE: VelAUcity is only available on iPhone devices. if you’re using an iPod Touch, VelAUcity is disabled.

Noteplex iPad Synth & Drum Sequencer
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Create music visually – with chain reactions!

The music happens before your eyes. A plex consists of a network of nodes. Each node has a tone associated with it. When a pulse hits a node, nodes create pulses. The resulting chain reaction creates a noteplex song.

* Multisampled instruments and synths: Three complete drumkits — a Rhodes-like piano — multiple bass sounds — lead synths — strings — and more! Add your own samples to create an even more unique noteplex.

* Online sharing of plexes: Share your best work online and explore what other noteplexers are creating. Favorite your faves and see what’s getting attention.

* A natural interface: Zoom, drag, draw, edit. The editing panels can even be minimized so you can enjoy the display your creations make. noteplex lets you focus on creating.

Everything from drum loops to “Happy Birthday” to extended compositions can be created with noteplex. This radically different paradigm for music will push you to new and unexpected places creatively — and it’s fun, too!

Noteplex is available for $1.99

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