Stream Audio From Your DAW To Your Phone
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Audreio streaming audio app for iOS

Ever want to check your mix out through your crappy iPhone speakers or iPad speakers without having to mix it down first? Well with Audreio you can do just that by streaming your mix wirelessly to your phone straight from your main DAW. The following video shows you the simple steps.

Audreio is an elegant solution for connecting devices in your music making process. Stream and record full bandwidth audio between iOS devices or iOS and desktop DAWs (running the Audreio plugin). Stream over the local network or remotely, anywhere in the world.

No audio interface is needed. Using your existing router over the local network (or via the standard device cable between iOS and desktop connections), Audreio streams audio from an Inter-App Audio (IAA) application on one device, the built-in mic, or a recorded file to another device. The received audio can then be routed to the speaker, an IAA host, or captured to a file using the built-in recorder.

Audreio’s easy-to-use interface will have you streaming audio in no time. Simply select a device on your local network that you would like to send audio from, and you’re ready to stream. There are no IP addresses to enter and no complicated set-up to deal with.


• Audio streaming (via cable): Stream 32-bit audio between your iOS device and the Audreio plugin—sold separately—running on a DAW (e.g. ProTools, Logic, Live, etc…)
• Wireless audio streaming: Stream 16-bit audio between other iOS devices running Audreio, or between a desktop DAW running the Audreio plugin.
• Recorder: Capture the incoming audio from a remote device, an IAA app, or the microphone.
• Safe Record: When recording from a remote connection, the audio file will not have glitches even under poor network conditions where live streaming produces audible glitches.
• File export: Export recorded files via AudioCopy or iTunes file sharing
• Transport: Control playback and recording on a remote device and IAA host with the transport controls.
• IAA effects hosting: use your iOS device as an effect from another device
• MIDI support with Audreio plugin: use an iOS instrument just like a synth plugin in your DAW


Modstep Tutorials For iPad App Modstep
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We have a few Modstep tutorial videos here compliments of the developer. We hope this helps you on your musical journey.

Introducing Modstep, Modulation Monster and the first full-blown MIDI sequencer for the iPad. Modstep allows you to create music and jam with your iPad and your favorite IAA Apps, Mac and PC software and MIDI hardware as well as the internal drum sampler and synth. Use it as the centerpiece of your setup to create and perform music on the go, in the studio and on stage.

-Full-blown MIDI sequencer with Step Sequencer and Piano Roll
-Unlimited MIDI tracks
-Audio and MIDI streaming directly via charger cable to Mac and PC using studiomux technology
-Up to 128 MIDI CCs per Track can be modulated
-Built-in drum sampler with filter, delay and reverb, fully modulateable
-Built-in synthesizer with filter, delay and reverb, fully modulateable
-Templates to control external MIDI hardware
-Template editor to create your own templates for IAA Apps, desktop Apps and external MIDI devices
-Supports all MIDI interfaces for the iPad
-Core functionality controllable via external MIDI controllers
-Works on all iPads (iPad 1 restricted to MIDI only)
-Trigger out
-Integrated IAA mixer
-Step Sequencer with active steps
-Use third party IAAs as instruments and effects within one app

The Modstep Synth:

Create a drum beat:

Testdrive: sequencing and modulating the Korg minilogue with modstep using the iConnectMIDI2+. All drums are done using the built-in Sampler of modstep. For more info on other features in modstep go here: www.modstep.net/manual

Sequencing hardware with Modstep:


Band Creator and Audiobus Demo Review
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Band Creator

Today we’re going to have a look at an app called Band Creator by Wojciech Janiszewski. Band Creator is a simple drum and bass accompaniment app for iOS. You can play live into it using a microphone or an instrument on the input slot in Audiobus. I chose to put Audiobus to the test. I’m using an app called Real Guitar as an input device and it’s going to Band Creator as in the output slot.

It took Band Creator a few tries to get the rhythmic timing right. I found using an external metronome helped but still even with the metronome and simple spot on playing it had a tough time. It could be something to do with Real Guitar who knows. Perhaps I’ll do another demo using the microphone input and an acoustic guitar. I chose Audiobus this time because this is a new feature for the app and there wasn’t anything online demoing it. We did finally get it right though as you see in this demo. It would be nice to have a metronome built into Band Creator. I had to use an external one. The tempo it guessed was a little slow but it was close enough. Also there is no stop and start from the beginning button just play and pause and you can’t edit the chords or timing once recorded. The sounds are really basic. Would be nice to have access to higher quality realistic sounds.

What’s New in Version 2.3

* Audiobus integration
Band Creator is now compatible with Audiobus, an app that lets you to connect your audio apps! You’ll be able to use generated backing tracks as an input for other apps. Also, you can use another app sound as an input for Band Creator.

* Create Any Backing Track You Can Imagine
Jam to the exact backing track you want. To create tracks we use quality samples that were recorded using real instruments.

Band Creator

* Over 40 Different Styles
Band Creator accompaniments you using different styles: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk and R&B. Each genre has up to 10 different styles you can play to. Choose the one that inspires you and unleash your creativity!

* Multiple Controls
You can adjust volume separately for each instrument and control the master volume. You can change the tempo and even alternate it to play in double time!

* Practice and Songwriting
Band Creator has 3 banks for each session. You can record different song parts (verse, chorus and bridge) and change it automatically in the right moment.

* Audiobus integration
Band Creator is compatible with Audiobus, an app that lets you to connect your audio apps! You can use generated backing tracks as an input for other apps. Also, you can use another app sound as an input for Band Creator.

Band Creator

Free Sleigh Bells Samples Recorded With Shure MV88
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Fere Sleigh Bells Samples iPad

Welcome once again to the sound mix lab. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy new year and all that. Here are some free sleigh bells samples for you to use in your wintery holiday sound works. In the video I used a Shure MV88 microphone and an iPad. First we get a nice straight recording THEN we get a bit experimental with the app called Borderlands.

DOWNLOAD SLEIGH BELLS SAMPLES HERE: http://ipadloops.com/free-loops/free_sleigh_bells.zip

Music in this video made with Rytmik Ultimate http://ipadloops.com/rytmik-ultimate-ipad-sounds-preview/

Borderlands is a really cool app. Check it out here http://ipadloops.com/borderlands-granular-v2-for-ipad/

I hope you like this video. Please subscribe for more!

Rytmik Ultimate iPad Sounds Preview
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Cinemax announced Rytmik Ultimate for iPad. Rytmik was originally for the Nintendo DS. The Ultimate version includes all of the sounds from previous versions of Rytmik and then some hence ULTIMATE. The following video is a first impression sounds walk through. I spent about an hour with the app and had a lot of fun listening to each sound so I decided to show you what you can expect from Rytmik Ultimate. Most of the demos I heard were more about the 8 bit Chiptune sound so hopefully this will give you a better idea as that what the OTHER sounds in this app are about. I plan to spend a lot more time with this app. Version one does not feature Audiobus IAA or MIDI support. You can export your work as a wav file.

Don’t want to hear me talking over the sounds? Download the audio stream from Rytmik here: http://ipadloops.com/free-loops/Rytmik_Ultimate_Audio_Stream.wav

Hello and welcome to thesoundmixlab I am your host Dj Puzzle reporting for ipadloops.com and today we’re going to have a look at Rytmik Ultimate by Cinemax Games. Or is it Cinemax? Hmmm Anyway Rytmik Ultimate is fun groovebox type app that originated on the Nintendo DS.

Ket features:
Share and collaborate via the Rytmik Cloud
Export your music in the WAV format
More than 750 musical instruments
A drawable waveform synth module
Advanced effects like the ADSR Envelope, Digital Delay, Noise Shaper, Sample Offset and Loop Definition and more

MORE INFO HERE http://ipadloops.com/rytmik-ultimate-ipad-groovebox-app/

Almost every effect parameter can be modulated via the step sequencer

Here are couple short ideas I put together after spending an hour with this beast. Rytmik Ultimate is a complex app with a hint of the old school tracker vibe. Here you can layer 4 tracks of patterns. Any pattern can go anywhere here in one of these four rows on the timeline. The 4 rows are not instrument specific. Patterns can be color coded. There are 8 color groups with 24 pattern slots in each. Select a pattern and go to the clip editor to access the step sequencer. Each pattern has 4 notes of polyphony total each note has it’s own separate sequencer so you can combine different instruments in one patern OR use the same sound in all four slots to create chords. I know seems a bit confusing. Took me a bit to wrap my head around it. You get a maximum of 16 steps. The top row contains your volume faders and the bottom your pitch faders. There is a shuffle feature here at the top. I’ll play with that later. Let’s dive into some of the sounds that come with Rytmik Ultimate. You have six groupings of sounds each taken from earlier versions of Rytmik for Nintendo DS with some new ones including Draw Synth hence the Utlimate in Rytmik Ultimate. You get all of them in one. Sounds are broken down by type and there are up to 18 different sounds per category and not all have 18 sounds some have less. For example here we have 13 kick drums in the Dubstep column. Now it sounds like there is an effect on the snare so I’ll go into the FX section and turn off the vibrato effect which is causing a slight pitch modulation on the snare samples.There is a nice piano roll interface for finding the right pitch. There are some lovely world sounds here as well as some wicked hip hop drums but wait let’s go back to those world sounds ah just lovely. Draw (doctor ?? lol) Synth is quite nice. You can select from basic waveforms as well as draw the waveform and add effects. There is also an ADSR section. Let’s check it out on the piano roll. And here is our pattern with those changes. Let’s move on to some preset demos. Use these preset loops for inspiration as a starting point. Simply go into the clip editor and move notes around or swap out the instruments for something else. I found that looking around and playing with the demos helped me learn how to use this app. Here you can mute and solo tracks within each patter as well as change pitches and add shuffle. The visualizations are a nice distraction.

Rytmik Ultimate

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