Youtuber Jakob Haq Demos mLFO
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Youtuber Jakob Haq has found a really cool LFO app for modulating your sounds X 16! mLFO was built in Audiokit.

Although mLFO can run as a stand-alone app, the recommended way to use it is as an AUv3 plugin from inside a suitable AU Host app, such as AUM, AudioBus, Cubasis etc.

mLFO AUv3 is a set of 16 programmable MIDI LFOs with a extensive set of features:

– 16 MIDI LFOs.
– Every LFO comes with its own set of parameters, including maximum and minimum values, rate and phase.
– The LFO value range can be varied according to a probability parameter, set by the user.
– Wide rate range, 1/128 to 130442 beats.
– Available shapes: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, ramp /18, ramp 1/4, ramp 1/2 and random.
– 16 assignable outputs so that you can control up to 16 MIDI entities at the same time.
– Assign an LFO to any of the available MIDI CC controller on any MIDI channel on any of the available outputs.
– 2 trigger modes: Host and Manual so that you can sync an LFO to the host’s playback or control it via a MIDI note.
– Most parameters are can be automated via any Host that supports AU parameter automation.
– MIDI Thru.

Download mLFO HERE

New K-Devices LFOH!
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K-Devices LFOH!

Audio and MIDI modulator – LAUNCH OFFER!

Get LFOH! now at just 1.99$/1,99€!
… And all our apps are 50%OFF!

K-Devices LFOH!

LFOH! is an augmented, stunning (as the name suggests!), LFO which enhances the possibilities of the classic cycling envelope by adding control over a set of advanced and unique features.

LFOH! is a single oscillator LFO and has a set of continuously morphable and selectable waveforms that represents the core of its modulation signal. Apart from the classic frequency and phase parameters (which make it capable of all of the classic modulation stuff), the waveform can also be shaped by swinging its cycles, bending its curve, squeezing portions of oscillation in the same period of time, scaled and transformed while exceeding its boundaries. An additional Sample and Hold circuit provides quantization for the resulting signal.

A tool you already know, with the most advanced features: simple and powerful.

LFOH! is both an audio processor and a MIDI modulator: while is capable to send its modulation signal out as MIDI CC (according to the MIDI routing flexibility of the app that hosts it), it can also modulate the amplitude of incoming audio.

*** Please note: LFOH! is an Audio Unit extension (AUv3) – it only works in an AUv3 host app like AUM, Drambo, Cubasis, etc… ***

Get LFOH! HERE https://apps.apple.com/app/id1609270466

Brute LFO Oscillator For CV Input via iPhone
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Brute LFO

The Brute LFO is a powerful low frequency oscillator that modulates your analog gear.

If you have a hardware synth that allows you to use external gear to modulate the pitch, the filter, or any other parameter, just plug the Brute LFO into the CV in and start playing.

It consists of three separate LFOs. LFO 1 and 2 can be controlled using the control elements in the top half of the screen. The big knob in he middle sets the rate of both the LFOs. Additionally you can change the waveforms of the LFOs, detune LFO 2 and change its phase. The amount knob in the top half also sets the overall amount of the modulation.
The elements on the bottom half (LFO 3) can be used to modulate the frequency of LFO 1 and 2.
And the brute switch destroys everything.

Brute LFO is available for $3.99

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