Guitar Lessons On iPad
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Get started with tons of well explained guitar lessons! More lessons will be continually added to this app and we take requests! We’ve covered a good variety of music and experience levels. So whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there will be something on this app for you and more on the way!

36 Lessons and 7 Jam Tracks!

• All lessons custom to this app only. Not links to YouTube or outside sources.

• Something for every level of guitarist!

• Learn from knowledgable full time instructor/touring musician!

• Lessons are intuitive and easy to understand!

• Leave requests and get customer service right from the app!

App tutorial at: www.SmashTownMedia.com

This release includes lessons for:

Guns ‘N Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
The Script – Breakeven
Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah
AC/DC – Back In Black
Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia
Beatles – Hey Jude
Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn
Beethoven – Ode To Joy
Dave Matthews – Crash (Verse/Chorus)
Dave Matthews – Crash (Post Chorus)
Plain White T’s – Airplane (Intro/Verse)
Plain White T’s – Airplane (Chorus/Bridge)
Bruno Mars – Lazy Song
Eagles – Hotel California (Guitar Solo + Jam Track)
ACDC – Thunderstruck (Intro + Jam Track)
ACDC – Thunderstruck (Guitar Solo + Jam Track)
ACDC – Thunderstruck (All rhythm riffs)
Black Sabbath – Iron Man (Guitar solo + Jam Track)
Black Sabbath – Iron Man (All sections covered)
Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water
Pentatonic Boxes – (Soloing Tips + Jam Track)
John Mayer – Why Georgia (Intro, Verse, Pre Chorus)
Jessie J – Price Tag (Verse/Chorus + Jam Track)
Jessie J – Price Tag (F Major Pentatonic Lesson)
Beatles – Come Together (Verse/Chorus)
Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (V/Ch)
Pink Floyd – Money (Guitar Solo + Jam Track)
Beatles – Day Tripper
NEW LESSON: Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (Guitar Solo)

All songs on Stairway To Lesson are officially licensed through ASCAP.

———— Troubleshooting FAQ ———–

*VIDEO WON”T LOAD – First, Make sure you have solid 3G or Wifi signal. Secondly, very very rarely, our video server could be down temporarily, in which case, please try the app again later, and you should be golden!

*AUDIO ONLY – In some cases if you’re on a cellular network with weak signal you may see the screen go black and hear only audio. This means you have a weak network signal and you are streaming the Audio Only Stream. This app works best with strong 3G or Wifi.

*APP WON”T OPEN/INSTALL – In some cases, if you downloaded the app through iTunes maybe from your computer and transfer it to your device, it may not open. Make sure you have the latest software update for your device, and you should be golden!

*NO SOUND (MUTE) – Since recent updates, the mute switch on the side of your device will mute audio to some video apps. Simply flip the switch and you should be golden!

*NO SOUND – Some devices come with a setting that will mute sound to video. If video doesn’t have sound, open Settings> General> Use Side Switch to: (check Lock Rotation) then home button to exit settings. Then home button twice to reveal recent apps at bottom. Swipe apps to right at bottom. Make sure speaker icon does not have slash through it. You should be golden!

Get it for $7.99

iPad Garageband Lessons
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iPad Garageband Lessons

Learn Garageband in 30 days is for all you aspiring rock stars and music producers out there. Mahalo is here to start you on your way to recording, editing and modifying your own songs with GarageBand. For both iPhone and iPad.

Garageband Lessons For iPad and iPhone

Mahalo Learn Garageband In 30 Days Screenshot

This app will help you do the following:

✓ Learn to auto tune your voice
✓ Create a song without knowing how to play music
✓ Create a ringtone for free
✓ Use the built-in guitar, piano, synths and drums

Through a series of 81 HD video lessons, audio expert Joey Biagas will show you how to setup and use external hardware, make and employ loops, and use Magic GarageBand and Learn to Play features on the desktop version of this Apple software.

Joey is an audio engineer with a degree in Audio Recording from California State University Dominguez Hills. He picked up his first guitar at age 16 and has been working on musical projects ever since. He wrote, produced and recorded two solo EPs under his band Setting Sunrise and wants to help you do the same!

Learn Garageband In 30 Days is available for $4.99

WhoSampled For iPhone
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Find Samples With A WhoSampled App

How about an that app scans your music library, tells you if a song was sampled, and answers the question (you guessed it) “who sampled it?”. It can also tell you “Who covered my favorite artists?” and “What remixes were made for this track?”. From the creators of the popular website www.whosampled.com it’s WhoSampled.WhoSampled is a unique music DNA discovery app that lets you explore the music connections in your music collection. Access the world’s largest database of sample-based music, cover songs and remixes, and discover who your favorite artists have sampled, or whether your favorite songs have been covered or remixed! It’s a truly essential music discovery tool if you’re into Hip-Hop, Electronic music or any other genre.

Go on a journey of musical discovery built around your own music collection. Scan your music library and discover amazing connections for the tracks in it.

Beautiful, ad-free, clean interface. Simple and intuitive navigation makes music exploration easy.

whosampled app screenshot

whosampled app screenshot

Features include:

The ability to compare tracks side-by-side and listen to full‐length tracks, streamed through YouTube.

“Now Playing” feature – double-tap from your music player to WhoSampled to discover all the musical connections for the song you’re listening to right now.

Easy access to the world’s largest and richest database of music DNA, with 150,000 tracks, 50,000 artists and continuous daily additions.

Highly detailed information on any sample (sample timing, sample type, part sampled) lets you pinpoint where the sample was used and compare it with the original.

Share your amazing finds with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Deep and unique music charts that show you trending and top-rated content as well as the all-time most influential artists and tracks.

Engage with the WhoSampled community from within the app; comment on and rate any entry in the WhoSampled database.

A host of other features and functionality including links to buy tracks from iTunes, personal favorites list plus intelligent contextual recommendations from every sample, cover and remix.

Dig deeper into the music you love. Dig into the WhoSampled app.

WhoSampled is available for $2.99

Fun Game For Learning Guitar On iPad
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Fun Game For Learning Guitar On iPad

Wild Chords makes learning to play the guitar easy, fun and motivating. A real guitar is required to play the game. We are so glad we discovered this really fun app! Great for kids.

Wild Chords is a casual music learning game, suitable for beginners of all ages. It teaches you the most popular chords, and also includes melody and scale exercises for lead guitar playing. The game is played with a real guitar (acoustic or electric), and requires no additional equipment to be played. The iPad recognizes each chord and note you play, and tells you whether you’re playing right or wrong.

To play the first exercises you don’t need any previous guitar experience. Master one level, and you unlock the next one. The following levels are just slightly harder than the previous ones, so you can pass them after a few tries as your skills improve. Some of the final exercises (Demo package) are hard enough to even get guitar teachers to sweat!

Ovelin city has been taken over by escaped zoo animals. Fortunately, the animals can be hypnotized with guitar music, and then lured out of the city (“Modern Pied piper of Hamelin”). Now it’s your task to help Giuseppe save Ovelin city. It’s fun, challenging, and the best thing is, you really learn to play the guitar!

Our vision is to make the world a more musical place, and help people to learn to play a music instrument. Please let us know what you think about WildChords, and if you have any feedback.
– We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly
– What doesn’t work, whats not fun, where did you have difficulties
– What ideas do you have, what wishes (for exercises, features, visuals,…)
– Please also tell us about your success moments with Wildchords, we love to hear those!
– If you dislike the game, please tell us why, so we can improve it. Please don’t give 1-star ratings if you already are a good guitar player and find the levels too easy, or if you don’t have a guitar at all to play the game.

What’s New in Version 1.5

– Screen rotation support added
– Five new free exercises

What’s New in Version 1.7
– All songs included in the main product (no in-app purchases anymore)
– Startup fix (if app wouldn’t start -> switch iPad to airplane mode before starting the game)
– Log-in removed (just start and play)
– Audio performance improvement


Jammit Music Lessons App For iPad
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Jammit Music Lessons On iPad

Jammit is a really cool app for learning instrument parts from your favorite songs. You can choose from Standard and Tab notation. They’ve licensed 300 songs so far from actual record labels. They also got the real multitrack sessions so what you’re learning from and listening to are the real deal. It’s not out yet but stick around to find out more.

Jam with your favorite bands…with Jammit! Isolate or remove an instrument from the mix & jam with the original multi-tracks!

And now: Line 6 and Jammit have partnered to create the ultimate guitar jam-along experience for iPhone® and iPad®. With the Line 6 Mobile In interface and Jammit app, you can immerse yourself in your favorite artists’ original recordings—and play along with incredibly authentic guitar tones.

What is Jammit?
The audio for the individual instruments and voices heard on your favorite songs was recorded separately before being blended into the final mix. These original multi-track recordings are the building blocks for every popular song released over the past 50 years and the same authentic tracks that we use in Jammit.
Yes, Jammit actually allows you to isolate or remove an instrument from the mix, so you can jam with a band’s original master tracks! In addition to instrument isolation, Jammit’s scrolling scores, section looping, variable slow mode and onboard recorder let you experience music like never before. Whether you’d like to emulate every nuance of an incredible player or just take in the musical genius of a great performance, Jammit software allows you to find out what your favorite music is really made of.

Basic Jammit Features:

-True Instrument Isolation: Jammit uses the original multi-track master recordings allowing you to rebalance the mix so you can hear every detail of the original performance.

-Notation and Tablature: The elite team of Jammit transcribers use the original isolated multi-track recordings to give you transcriptions with a degree of accuracy found nowhere else but Jammit.

-Advanced Tools: Use the variable slow down mode and section looping to focus on difficult musical passages.

-Recording: Whether you’re emulating the original part or coming up with your own, you can capture your performance using Jammit’s record feature.
-Line 6 Amp Modeling:

When a Line 6 Mobile In is plugged into your iPad or iPhone, it unlocks the Line 6 amp modeling engine that is built in to the latest version of Jammit. Simply plug your guitar into the Mobile In, launch Jammit and load one of the songs in your library. There are two ways to use the amp modeling in Jammit : Auto or Manual mode.

Auto mode: On select songs (see the complete list of eligible songs below), patches have been created to automatically make your guitar sound like the guitar on the original recording. If the tone changes in the song, so does your guitar, so you can concentrate on playing your guitar, not your pedal board!

Manual mode: Press “manual” on the Line 6 user interface (selecting the Line 6 icon under the USER channel title), and scroll through the available preset patches. In manual mode, the sound patch that you select will remain throughout the song.

How to Get Started on Jammit:

1) Download the free app to your iOS 5 iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
2) Select the “Try It Out” button to download the 30 second demo songs or…
3) Sign up for your FREE Jammit account. Doing this will allow you to download any purchases that you make onto a maximum of three Jammit compatible devices.
4) Browse the In App Jammit Store or the store at Jammit.com for songs you’d like to purchase.
5) Purchases made through In App Purchase or at Jammit.com can be downloaded instantly to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch when you sign into your Jammit account on your device.
6) Load the song from the library page in the Jammit app and enjoy!


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