Trooper Synth From Yonac
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Trooper synth from Yonac

Trooper synth from Yonac

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Thick basses, buttery leads, feathery pads — Trooper is a total synth explosion that crams it all and more in a neat little package. It sounds HUGE, yet tweaks easy. It’s coated in analog “fat,” yet bursts with tonal surprises nestled across its controls. Get ready for an all-out sonic assault, because Trooper is here and it’s our meanest, beastliest, user-friendliest synth yet!

Many of Trooper’s parameters are meant to interact and meld together in novel ways. For example, the oscillator volumes —beyond just acting as mere blend knobs— vary the characteristics of the basic signal depending on how far they are “pushed”. The emphasis is on providing warm and round basic tones with lots of variable harmonic content.

The primary oscillators are backed by an audible LFO that is both a sound source and a wide frequency range modulator. This lets FM-based sounds to combine with traditional waveforms. A pink/white noise generator helps out pads and percussions, and insidiously changes tonality when added in small amounts.

A new filter implementation complements the pugnacity of the signal generators. In its middish settings, the resonance can be characterized as “throaty.” The filter is capable of self-oscillating, and can be controlled via the keyboard. The mated ADSR envelope is shaped to provide tonal ‘immediacy’ and smooth frequency shifts. The amount knob has a wide range that changes the feel and shape of the envelope, especially when pushed above the mid-level.

The output stage features a virtual VCA that imparts tones colloquially termed as “fat”. Extra modulation is provided by a non-audible LFO and a dedicated envelope. The LFO offers numerous wave shapes, BPM syncing, and key tracking. Its output is controllable via the mod wheel, velocity, or aftertouch.

The Esprit parameter helps deploy some of the Trooper “special sauce.” Highly interactive with the stages preceding it, Esprit is known to be handy in tightening up bass tones, and in adding the “je nais se quois” to presets at large. The Get6 parameter is a one-touch ticket to big, mix-filling synth sounds. So whenever you’re lost in an empty mix…it’s got your six.

The arpeggiator inspires rhythms with five algorithms, variable note value, octave range, and gate. The “Texturizer” purveys a wide range of modulation effects that include chorus, flanging, variable comb, resonant delay, and stereo imaging. The BPM-syncable two-tap delay has time and feedback controls per channel, and is tuned a little darker than our usual offerings. Trooper can run in monophonic or polyphonic mode, the latter providing up to 12 voices. Legato is available in either mode.

Watch Doug Woods demo Trooper!

The robust MIDI implementation also includes MPE support, and the synth is able to I/O MIDI performance data. The “MagTouch” virtual controller lets you to play and record (in AUv3 hosts so enabled) over the MPE protocol. MIDI learn is made easy via a visual interface, and users can save, patch-link, and share MIDI CC maps. Bluetooth MIDI input is also supported.

The AUv3 implementation lets you to run multiple instances of Trooper in DAWs. Trooper’s fluid UI accommodates a wide variety of screen sizes and view configurations. Feature navigation is designed to be nonintrusive so that parameters can be accessed easily. The iPad implementation supports portrait layout, so that pretty much all is on one screen.

Included are over 250 presets that range from deep basses to weird so-and-so’s, stopping by many other sounds along the way. The powerful YPAT2 system helps you save, catalog, and share presets with ease.

The standalone app provides a “Tapedeck” to record, save, and share your ideas on the quick. It features a built-in looper, and a metronome with configurable time signature. The standalone also features tap tempo, and MIDI clock syncing. DSP is in high resolution 64-bit, with native processing at up to 96kHz.

Get Trooper HERE

TimeVerb-X Type 4 Reverb App
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TimeVerb-X is a new plugin from GSi that combines GSi’s “classic” Type4 spring reverb, first released in 2008, and a new algorithmic digital reverb. The “Type4” spring reverb emulation was originally inspired by an Accutronics reverb tank type 4, like those used in classic Hammond organs of the A100 series, also used in many famous electric guitar amplifiers. The digital reverb, instead, was first developed for the GSi Gemini sound module, but was also included in some Crumar hardware instruments. Both effects have been slightly expanded and further improved for the release of TimeVerb-X, as the spring reverb now features a self-oscillating feedback decay adjustment and a stereo width knob, and the digital reverb includes the early reflections section that was missing in the original project. Both reverbs put together make up a great sound when working in parallel, and create some interesting atmospheres when working in series.

TimeVerb-X app

TimeVerb-X app

TimeVerb-X main features:

– Spring reverb “Type 4” with feedback and stereo operation
– Digital reverb with pre-delay, early reflections and room size adjustment
– Built-in programmer with unlimited number of Programs (comes with 16 factory Programs)
– Integrated user’s manual
– Comes with AUv3 extension

Get TimeVerb-X HERE

Best iOS Music Production Channels
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Creating and producing music on iOS (iPad and iPhone) is very popular and it has been for many years. We know because we’ve been at this since the first gen iPhone. With this comes more and more content creators with Youtube channels for showcasing music production on iOS devices. Here are some of my favorite channels that demonstrate this 10+ year old medium for creating and producing music. Make sure you check them out and enjoy!

  • Perplex On
  • Perplex On is a munich based electronic music and new-media-artist who uses iPhones and iPads in his work.

  • Adam Hardyman iOS MM.

  • IOS Music Maker who likes to make Audio/Visual videos of how he works using iOS and an iPad. Adam is always experimenting with new apps and ideas within iOS. Electronic music in many styles. iOS Music Production and the future of music making.

  • makes music inspired by the countries he travels to & teach aspiring musicians how to better their craft via how-to tutorials and studio vlogs with Garageband and Maschine. If you’re looking for a reason to start making music, to improve what you already have, or even find the motivation to continue being an artist, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Garageband Guide
  • GarageBand Tutorial, GarageBand for Beginners, GarageBand Mac for Beginners, GarageBand iPad for beginners, Learn to use GarageBand, Patrick Baird, GarageBand 101, GarageBand noob, GarageBand lessons, Learn GarageBand

  • Dj Puzzle (Jason Donnelly) is an award winning content creator and Youtuber. Donnelly has produced content for numerous apps and software packages. He got his start working for Sonic Foundry in the 90s. In 2009 he was hired by Sound Trends a leading app developer to produce all the loop content for their app Looptastic. Donnelly has free loops and samples, tutorial videos, beat making videos, reviews and so much more. He started this iOS music blog back in 2010!

  • Bolo Da Producer
  • RIAA certified 12x Platinum Producer & curator of cool videos 🤟🏾

  • Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel
  • is a musician, producer, world traveler and dad to two young kids. He be talks about making music on-the-go using mainly iOS and iPad-related tools as well as his adventures traveling the world with his family. There are app reviews, songwriting and production tips, conceptual music lessons, field recordings, travel tips, and homeschooling discussions as well as much more. Please subscribe if you like it!

    Stick around as I’ll be adding more content creators to this list! Want to be added to this list? Use my contact form and let me know what you’re up to.

    Vatanator Pro Groovebox App
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    Vatenator Pro Groovebox App

    Vatenator Pro Groovebox App

    Vatanator Pro is an advanced multitrack music sequencer with integrated drum machine, sampler and functionality to load external AUv3 instruments and effects. Support full future MIDI and MPE. Vatanator Pro is an all-in-one music composer for instant results.

    Intro price $22
    In-App Purchases: Groove Charge $0.00


    • Audio Unit Extension Host
    • Advanced multi-track music sequencer
    • Edit and record patterns in real-time (with options for quantization, undo and more)
    • Integrated real-time drum sampler with individual effects and XY pad
    • On-screen piano keyboard for playing/recording AUv3 instruments
    • Isomorphic keyboard with option for selecting different scales
    • Full MIDI implementation (Bluetooth MIDI, Network MIDI and USB MIDI)
    • MIDI Learn implementation
    • Integrated drum repeater and instrument arpeggiator
    • MPE support
    • Parameter automation (AUv3 and internal parameters)
    • Song arranger
    • Performance Mode (use multi-touch to control patterns)
    • Drum kit editor (with ability for rearrange/remove/add samples)
    • Sample recorder and advanced sample slicer
    • Audiobus, Ableton Link, Ableton Live Set Export and Inter-App Audio support
    • Import Audio/MIDI files from Files app
    • Audio track support
    • Multi-channel mixer
    • Odd-time signature support
    • Option to autosave/load last project

    Vatanator Pro HERE

    Rainbow Delay Harmonizer Effect
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    Rainbow Delay is a polyphonic harmonizing delay

    Rainbow Delay is a polyphonic harmonizing delay

    Rainbow Delay is a polyphonic harmonizing delay effect unlike any that you’ve played before. Harmonize full chords with multiple different intervals at once to create colorful soundscapes you didn’t know your guitar could create. Program your MIDI controller to control your harmonies and delay in real time. Switch it into Mono mode for vocals and other monophonic instruments.

    F e a t u r e s:

    • Fully polyphonic harmonies – WORKS ON ALL CHORDS
    • Separate harmonies for real time input and delays
    • Delay with feedback, filter, time division and tempo sync
    • Creates harmonies above and below the input signal – mix and match them to taste
    • All parameters are MIDI programmable
    • The stripe in the middle contains buttons that can switch modes, shift intervals and sync to the host tempo
    • The colored knobs adjust the volume of the harmonies on the input and the delays
    • The gray knobs adjust the delay parameters
    • Shift intervals on the fly with automation or MIDI input for greater control over your harmonies
    • Mono mode for vocals or monophonic instruments
    • Bluetooth MIDI compatible
    • iRig BlueBoard compatible
    • AUv3

    Get Rainbow Delay HERE


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